A Look at the New Plant-Based Humbl Burger

It comes from James Beard Award nominee Chef Matthew Kenney.

Humbl Burger (HUMBL)

It would have been impossible to imagine 10 years ago that vegetables would ever be as hot as they are right now. Disney launched a whole vegetarian dining campaign and Taco Bell has a vegetarian menu—there’s even a line of ice cream called Peekaboo with “hidden cauliflower.”

The world is full of burgers Impossible, Awesome and Beyond, and new fast casual hangout Humbl is taking on the plant-based crowd with their own, unhumbly called Humbl Burger. With a 17-ingredient blend (mostly oat bran, veggies, sunflower seeds, and “secret ingredients” that I am assured do not include nuts), the patty avoids the faux-bleeding and ground beef textured-like model taken by others, with a nice smoky grilled flavor and a mouth feel that’s a cross between beet salad and bean patty.

Windermere-based Humbl is the child of James Beard Award nominee Chef Matthew Kenney, whose last foray in the area was the raw food Café 118. He now offers a menu of pizza (one with shitake bacon, fennel farro sausage, cauliflower and nut-based cheeses), bowls and organic single-source wines and beers. And there are good fries, coconut-based ice cream and cupcakes from Valhalla Bakery. Who needs meat?