Kai Asian Street Fare: Worthy Fare

Two engineers walk into a Semoran Boulevard mini-mall and open a restaurant. And the result is no joke.

Kai Asian Street Fare, the product of software engineer Isra Sunhachawi, and co-owner Quan Van, who has the unique hyphenate of telecommunications engineer-chef, were inspired to start a crispy chicken wing place after a trip to Korea. But for Van it sparked a journey  into other realms. Says Sunhachawi, “He’s always cooking when the family gets together [he’s married to Sunhachawi’s sister] and looking at magazines and online for new ideas.”

Van adds twists to dishes, like coating wide, wok-fried chow fun noodles in a Vietnamese sauce with squid, beef and shrimp, or topping crispy fries with Korean bulgogi beef, kimchi and spicy mayo for their “K-Pop and Lock.”

“This is food,” Van says. “Food is supposed to be fun.” The motivating wings are here (photo above), crispy exterior draped in soy garlic, spicy Korean gochujang or whiskey soy, along with chicken, seafood and tofu tacos and a “In Love with the Pho Pho” Vietnamese noodle soup that already has a reputation for flavor. Menu items are $10 and under; tacos are $3.50 each.

“There’s nothing we can’t make,” Sunhachawi says, and he might just be right. 1555 State Road 436, Winter Park. kaistreetfare.com

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