Capa at The Four Seasons Resort Orlando Adds New Dishes With Their Autumn Menu Refresh

The steak and tapas hotspot has added a bevy of comforting flavors to their already stellar menu.

Looking for a place to celebrate? Whether your occasion is an anniversary, birthday, or the fact that you made it through a random Tuesday, Capa is calling your name.

Capa Int 1

Capa (Brooke Fehr)

Recently, we sampled a few new dishes—and some fabulous returning ones—and we’re eager to share them with you. Let’s dig in.

Capa: The Four Seasons Resort Orlando at Walt Disney World Resort

If you haven’t had the pleasure of visiting Capa, you’ll find it high atop The Four Seasons Orlando, nestled into the Golden Oak community. While the whole resort is chic and modern, there’s a decidedly adult vibe to Capa, with its sleek furnishings and dramatic black and red backdrop. While we saw multigenerational families and guests dressed in resort wear, we definitely felt like this was a special night out, and worth getting a bit dressed up for.

Sips to Savor

We began our date night with a few drinks. I enjoyed Capa’s signature GinTonic, made with Coarunn Gin topped with Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic, and garnished beautifully with apple, juniper berries, lime and marigold.

Capa Drinks

GinTonic and Cava (Brooke Fehr)

I love the presentation here, complete with ice sphere and the low, stemless glass. The drink was light enough that I nursed it through the first few courses. My husband toasted the evening with a refreshing glass of Cava.

Fresh and Light

Following drinks, we tucked into two new salads. And here’s where I give a shout-out to produce: it’s all well and good to excel at the proteins, but when you can make fruits and veggies so good that they join the clean plate club, then you’re on to something.

We both really enjoyed the Ensalada de Endive, a crunchy mix of Belgian endive, Granny Smith apples and thinly sliced celery, with cubes of Queso Valdeon and walnuts to make things interesting.

Capa Ensalada De Endive

Ensalada de Endive (Brooke Fehr)

The Ensalada Verde featured bits of Serrano ham and sliced olives, but the fun ingredient here was the thinly sliced carrot that had been roasted with za’atar.

Capa Ensalada Verde

Ensalada Verde (Brooke Fehr)

Starters to Share

Our appetizers ran the gamut from surf to turf. The Pulpo ‘A La Gallega’ featured charred octopus served over fingerling potatoes and accompanied by romesco. It was a lovely treatment of a trendy ingredient.

Capa Pulpo A La Gallega

Pulpo ‘A La Gallega’ (Brooke Fehr)

But the real showstopper for this course (for us, anyway) was the Cerdo. The beer-brined pork belly sat atop a bed of house-made apple butter, and was crowned with a brittle of pistachio.

Capa Cerdo

Cerdo (Brooke Fehr)

The sweet-salty-unctuousness of the dish hit every flavor and texture note superbly. This is fall on a plate, my friends, and it was utterly delightful.

The Rest of the Menu

We also had an opportunity to try three new entrees.

The Paella with chorizo, escabeche peppers and red wine was absolutely beautiful, with its garnet hue. We really enjoyed savoring this one.

Capa Paella

Paella (Brooke Fehr)

Our favorite entree of the night, however, was the perfectly prepared Blackened Chilean Seabass. Served with hen of the woods mushrooms and saffron barley, the real star of the dish was the incredible shrimp reduction served alongside the fish.

Capa Pescado

Seabass (Brooke Fehr)

I wanted to dip everything on the table into that little bowl.

Our final dish was a Chicken Breast, nestled on baby artichokes and served atop a creamy eggplant puree.

Capa Pollo

Chicken with Eggplant and Artichokes (Brooke Fehr)

I really appreciated the attention to detail, and that the culinary team strives to provide a thoughtful presentation for each dish.

Desserts that Delight

Finally, we ended the evening on a sweet note, with Capa’s delicious Churros, served with dark chocolate and dulce de leche sauces for dipping.

Capa Churros

Churros (Brooke Fehr)

And thanks to the generous serving, we surprised two happy children at home with the leftovers (which travel extremely well, in case you were wondering.)

The So What

Capa—and indeed, The Four Seasons Orlando—is open for business! This is the second time that I’ve dined at The Four Seasons in the past couple of months (one as a civilian, and one in the line of my culinary duty) and I can assure you: They’re doing everything right. From the extra cleaning measures that we observed, to the attentive service (I love that they bring you a bag to place your mask in while you dine), we enjoyed this night out, which felt more like a mini-vacation than anything.

If you’re on the fence about dining at Capa, it’s time to hop off, and to try some of the new dishes on offer. You’ll be glad you did.

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