Your Wellness Guide: 14 Keys To Wellness

Yoga On The Dock, Photo By Roberto Gonzalez


Take care of yourself. It’s a sentiment we often hear from our loved ones when they sense we’re feeling overwhelmed or stressed. In that moment, we may silently say, “Easier said than done.” However, there are simple, delicious and enjoyable ways in which we can nourish and nurture ourselves, both physically and mentally.

Experts say—and common sense tells us—that we need to keep our bodies moving to maintain good physical health. That can be through walking (hiking outdoors is even better), exercise classes, or a fun activity, such as paddleboarding or bicycling.

Of course, eating a healthy diet is a must. It’s a no-brainer: reduce sugar intake, find ways to savor your veggies,  and choose whole foods that fuel your body without sacrificing taste.

The other essential element of self-care is learning to balance a busy life and find peace of mind with a regular meditation or mindfulness practice.

We all want to stay healthy and well, no matter what life throws our way. It just takes a little conscious effort.

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