Top 7 Best Registered Agent Services In New York 2023

By Kristina Knight 
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A registered agent is a crucial requirement for people who wish to start a limited liability company (LLC). With the right registered agent, your company gained confidentiality and increased effectiveness. It is, therefore, essential to pick a registered agent that provides efficient and timely services. This is especially the case for people who are only sometimes physically present at their business places.

This article discusses everything you need to know about registered agents and highlights seven of the best companies offering this service in 2023.


What Is A Registered Agent?

Also referred to as “statutory agent,” among other terms, a registered agent is a person or organization tasked with receiving formal correspondence for a given business. In most states, business owners are required to list their designated registered agent in their Articles of Organization. 

The primary qualification for being a registered agent in most states is that the person in question must be an adult and be physically resident in the business location. House addresses of registered agents, rather than mailbox addresses, are usually required. This means that anyone, including the business owner, can serve as a registered agent if the person meets the criteria.

The registered agent receives official documents for your business, such as court summons and other legal documents, tax notices, and more. Please complete all of these documents to avoid serious negative consequences for your business. For example, courts may pass default judgments against your company if you do not respond in time to a court summons. After receiving these documents, the agent will transmit the same to the business owner. 

When registered agents carry out their duties efficiently, the businesses they serve can stay informed of relevant developments concerning them and are placed in a better position to take timely, appropriate measures.

How To Pick The Right Registered Agent In New York?

Designating a registered agent is necessary when setting up an LLC in New York. However, while in most states, business owners are allowed to select their registered agents right from the start, the system in New York is different. The Division of Corporations, also called the New York Department of State, automatically becomes the registered agent for all newly registered companies in the state. However, the company owners can add an address to which correspondence meant for the business can be sent through the new york secretary of state. This detail is non-mandatory and is typically represented on the business’ Articles of Incorporation or Articles of Organization, depending on the adopted business structure. Here are some factors you should consider while choosing a registered agent in New York.

Go for the Professionals

While it is certainly more cost-effective to designate a family member or friend living in the area where your business is sited as a registered agent, choosing a professional firm that offers this service is more beneficial for several reasons. 

For one, non-professional registered agents may have to temporarily leave town for various reasons, leaving your business vulnerable to missing notifications and official correspondence. This problem only arises with professional registered agency firms who are always available. Moreover, the confidentiality of your official correspondence is guaranteed with a professional registered agency firm. 


Check out the reputation of any registered agent under your consideration. This can be done by looking up their service reviews on various customer review platforms. Furthermore, if you know any people who have previously used these companies’ services, you can ask such people for a review of the company’s services.

Scope of Service Reach

It is advisable to use a New York registered agent service with offices in all the states in the country. You may need to open up new branches of your business in other states. 

While it is possible to use several different firms, using the services of a single registered agency firm for all the states in which your business operates will help make your business expansion easier, seamless, and more efficient.

Other Considerations

The right registered agent for you should have an office in New York that is always open during working hours. They should know the state’s relevant laws and regulations and have the means to dispatch your correspondence to your company without a hitch. 

Top 7 Best Registered Agent Services In New York 2023

  • Northwest Registered Agent: Best Overall
  • Zenbusiness: Most Affordable
  • IncFile: Best For Startups
  • LegalZoom: Best Premium
  • Harbor Compliance: Best For Businesses In Highly Regulated Industries
  • Rocket Lawyer:  
  • MyCompanyWorks: Fastest Turnaround Times

Top 7 Best Registered Agent Services that Worth Your Money 2023

Northwest Registered Agent Image3


  • Good customer support
  • Easy and quick process of service 
  • Customer data protection 
  • Best Value


  • Difficult-to-use website
  • High service charge

Northwest Registered Agent is a good option for businesses needing a registered agent. The company’s good ratings across various online customer review platforms bear eloquent testimony to the quality of its services.

Customers commend the company’s customer support service for their knowledgeability and quick response to complaints. Northwest Registered Agent reportedly responds to customer complaint emails within a day of receiving them. Furthermore, apart from necessary parties such as attorneys, the firm does not give or sell its clients’ data.

However, some of Northwest’s customers complain about its relatively higher service charges. Some also complain that the company’s website could be more user-friendly.

Zenbusiness Image6


  • Extended money-back guarantee period
  • Personalized services
  • Low-cost services
  • User-friendly online interface


  • The standard package does not contain some services.

Zenbusiness is a reliable partner that offers excellent registered agent services at reasonable prices. This has led to the company amassing high scores on customer review websites. Furthermore, their process of service is streamlined for easy use.

Zenbusiness‘ services are widely hailed for their effectiveness. The company uses 

Unlike most registered agency service providers, Zenbusiness has a payback window of up to sixty days. Furthermore, the company’s services are individualized to help customers reach their unique goals.

IncFile Image7


  • Cost-effective services.
  • Free registered agent services for a year.
  • Provides a free business guide for entrepreneurs.
  • Affordable prices


  • Difficulty in reaching customer service representatives.

IncFile is a good option for setting up a business online and getting registered agency services. IncFile makes these processes easy and quick. Moreover, at $119, the company’s registered agency charges are comparatively lower than that of its competitors. 

IncFile offers registered agent services for a year at no cost to its customers. It also helps them navigate through the process of business formation. The company offers several service packages, including its Silver, Gold, and Platinum options. Customers commend the efficiency with which Incfile provides its registered agency services. 

While some customers report that they found it hard to get in touch with a customer care representative on the phone, Incfile generally replies to messages within a day of the reception. Furthermore, Incfile provides resources to guide its clients on tax calculation and how to start-up businesses. 

LegalZoom Image8


  • Multi-tiered services
  • Legal advice and assistance offered
  • Experience


  • Relatively high prices

LegalZoom is an excellent choice for business owners who require an experienced and competent registered agent. The company is reputed to provide some of the best quality services as registered agents.

Since its foundation in 1999, LegalZoom has carved a niche for itself as one of the leading registered agency services providers. 

Today, it is one of the most recognizable brands in the business, with positive reviews on several review platforms. Importantly, LegalZoom has qualified attorneys who can guide businesses on legal matters.

Harbor Compliance Image1


  • Secure website
  • Discounts available for committed clients
  • Great customer reviews
  • Personalized service


  • No post-service refunds are available.

Harbor Compliance is the company for you if you want a knowledgeable team to care for your company’s registered agency needs.

The company offers specialized services at competitive rates.

Harbor Compliance renders high-quality personalized services to its customers.

Clients engaged in Harbor’s services for several years are eligible for discounts. The same applies to customers using the company’s services in several states. 

Customers do not have to worry about their data getting stolen as the company protects its website with powerful anti-hacking software. 

Harbor Compliance’s excellent credibility is demonstrated by the fact that the company has primarily positive customer reviews.  

Rocket Lawyer Image5


  • Great customer support.
  • Good reviews.
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Excellent ongoing legal services


  • Credit card details required for unpaid trial

Pocket Lawyer has established itself as a reputable registered agency firm with millions of customers and fifteen years of service. 

The company has one of the best customer support services around. Clients can reach Pocket Lawyer’s representatives through phone calls and email, among other means. Furthermore, getting legal advice from this company means customers can avoid paying large sums to engage the services of lawyers.

MyCompanyWorks Image4


  • Short turnaround time
  • Wide experience
  • Great client reviews
  • Great customer service


  • Relatively higher service rates

MyCompanyWorks provides New York registered agent services guided by its comprehensive experience and well-trained personnel. A robust and knowledgeable customer support system backs this up.

The company has garnered plenty of experience serving thousands of businesses. With this knowledge, they have perfected several ways to provide hitch-free registered agency services.  Furthermore, MyCompanyWorks is known to provide quick services, getting documents processed on the same day you submit them. 

How Can You Start A Business With a Registered Agent?

First, you need to select a suitable agent. Then you can contact the company through its website. Most business services companies have websites available through which clients can access their services. 

Why Should You Use Registered Agent Service?

Incorporating a Business in Another State

Business owners can choose to form their companies in states rather than that in which they reside. In such cases, a registered agent is necessary to receive official correspondence in the state. 


A registered agent’s office is where your correspondence can be received and transmitted to you confidently.


Business owners may have to take frequent trips out of their business location. When this happens, having a registered agent reassures you that they will well handle your correspondence in your absence.

Address Changes

Your business may have to change locations in the future. If this happens, you would have to pay the state to recognize your change of New York business address. However, if you work with a registered agent, you would only have to inform your agent of your business’ relocation.

Final Thoughts

Hiring the services of a professional business services company to provide registered agent services for your business gives you several benefits, including greater peace of mind. However, it is necessary to conduct informed research before selecting a company.


Q: What do registered agents do?

A: They receive important notices and letters from the state, such as tax forms and court notices, and relay the same to your company.

Q: Can I act as my own registered agent?

A: If you have a physical address within the state in which your business is formed, you can do so. However, opting for this is associated with several risks, as discussed in this article.

Q: What are the consequences of mishandling one’s official correspondence? 

A: In certain legal matters, default judgments can be passed in cases where a respondent fails to respond appropriately to summons or other legal notifications. This might result in your company paying fines or serving other punishments.

Q: Is it compulsory for my business to have a registered agent?

A: While some states have this as a requirement, others do not. In New York, the state’s  Department of State acts as the registered agent for every newly formed company by default. However, business owners can add an address as a “secondary point of contact.” 

Q: Can I use different business services companies for registered agent in different states?

Yes, however, it is more advisable for a single company only.

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