Top 5 Best Registered Agent Services in Delaware 2023: Picks & Reviews

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Are you searching for the best-registered agent in Delaware? Professionalism and expertise are required to handle important issues like service of process and legal correspondence. It’s crucial to hire reliable registered agent service providers in Delaware during your Delaware business incorporation process. 

Claims of being the best in the industry by many online Delaware registered agent services make it challenging to find a reliable firm, especially for new entrepreneurs. To help you on your business formation journey, we have compiled a list of the five best-registered agent services in Delaware with proven records.Let’s get started!

What Is A Registered Agent?

A registered agent — also called a statutory agent or resident agent — is a person or service appointed to accept legal correspondence and service of process on behalf of a business entity. A professional registered agent ensures that every essential legal document, such as service of process, franchise tax deadlines, and other legal documents, gets to you in time.  

All 50 states in the country make it compulsory for a corporation or limited liability company (LLC) to register the name and physical location of a registered agent with the secretary of state during incorporation to make it easier to designate who should receive essential legal and business documents.

Registered agents may also accept subpoenas, tax notifications, and other official letters in addition to litigation. They are in charge of delivering these papers to the right individual at the company or LLC.

That said, according to Cornell law school, “An agent for service of process [registered agent] is the person designated by a business entity, such as a corporation or limited liability company (LLC), to receive legal documents and lawsuits on behalf of the business entity within the state in which the registered office address is located. The person may be an officer of the corporation or a third party, such as the corporation’s lawyer.”

How To Pick The Right Registered Agent?

The best way to pick the right registered agent service is to find service providers that offer every feature your company needs to operate optimally. These factors include outstanding customer service, fast processing times, national coverage,  ease of use,  and a convenient online dashboard.

Consider the cost, customer feedback,  and the range of services offered by your Delaware registered agent services of choice.


Firstly you have to ensure that the registered agent service provider of your choosing offers all the necessary and quality services for your business at a reasonable cost. Before subscribing to them, you should check if their services contain hidden costs and upsell.

Additional features

Business formation is a multifaceted process with various services needed along the line — such as ongoing legal services and LLC formation. So, like most small business owners, you must pick a registered agent offering other critical business formation services.

Customer service

Like in almost every aspect of the corporate world, quality customer service is a vital feature of an excellent registered agent service. You must ensure satisfactory answers to the following questions: Is the registered agent’s customer support team knowledgeable, respectable, and reliable? Will they ensure you have a stress-free business formation journey?

Ease of use

Small company owners need to be more technologically adept and have the time to navigate registered agent service websites. If you are in this situation, choose an easy-to-use registered agent service with simple websites and straightforward prices.

Customer feedback

Customer feedback might be the most effective method of identifying an excellent registered agent service. Whether it’s a family, a friend, or an internet customer evaluation, try to inquire or seek information about the company’s services. What were the ratings and reviews for the service? Were there more favorable or unfavorable reports about them online and from individuals you know? Answering these questions can help you make a better decision.

Image5Top 5 Best Registered Agent Services In Delaware 2023

  • Northwest Registered Agent: Best Overall
  • IncFile: Most Affordable
  • Zenbusiness: Best Wide Range of Services
  • Harbor Compliance: Best For Compliance
  • LegalZoom: Highest Brand Awareness

Top 5 Best Delaware Registered Agent Services that Worth Your Money 2023

Northwest Registered Agent 


  • No hidden costs or upselling
  • Offers guaranteed privacy protection
  • Fast-responding and personalized customer service
  • Have a free registered agent service package


  • Stressful cancellation process

If you find yourself looking for a registered agent service in Delaware — the clear choice would be Northwest Registered Agent service, mainly due to their value and convenient online tools.

Working with Northwest, you will experience the best customer service and data protection service in the industry, all while taking advantage of your easy-to-use website. When you pick Northwest as your registered agent, you will get an online account with access to your essential legal paperwork, mail forwarding, and business address services. In addition, a virtual mailbox service will scan your mail and transmit it to you.

IncFile   Image2


  • Very affordable compared to competitors
  • Free one year of registered agent service
  • Additional features included (mail forwarding online document dashboard)
  • Same-day document delivery


  • Unreliable customer service

Incfile should be your go-to choice for your registered agent service if you’re a small business owner with a tight budget. IncFile is our only registered agent service to offer customers a free LLC formation package.

IncFile provides a registered agent service agent who acts as the company’s primary point of contact, accepting legal documents on the company’s behalf and providing a phone number for clients to reach them.

The service also includes the option for the electronic delivery of important legal documents. Incfile will scan and upload documents received on your company’s behalf to your online account and send you emails and text alerts when this occurs.

Zenbusiness Image3


  • Quick turnaround
  • Excellent online customer reviews
  • Affordable
  • Easy to use


  • High renewal prices

ZenBusiness is a leading registered agent renowned for providing outstanding customer service and reasonable prices. With ZenBusiness, you will enjoy a “complete coverage” feature that includes a worry-free compliance package.

ZenBusiness provides numerous essential business formation and operation services to its budding customer base. ZenBusiness can assist your business with LLC formation, mail forwarding to other businesses, and other support services during normal business hours. 

Besides, ZenBusiness also offers reasonable prices and after-hours customer support service. This makes them one of the few registered agent service providers that can do so, making them an excellent match for a firm that operates at unusual hours.

Harbor Compliance   Image7


  • Reasonably priced
  • Experts in compliance services
  • Excellent customer service
  • Data protection guarantees


  • Doesn’t offer premium services

Harbor Compliance is the ideal choice for Delaware-incorporated businesses needing quality compliance services. This might be useful if you are registered to conduct business in multiple or want to grow your firm.

With Harbor Compliance, you get an actual location in the state of Delaware that will receive business mail and service of process on behalf of your Delaware business during usual business hours. They will also locally scan your documents and send them to an online dashboard you can easily access. Also, they will send out timely reminders on upcoming deadlines to ensure your business entity remains compliant with the Delaware Division of Corporations. 

The corporation also has a sterling reputation, which may be beneficial to your business organization, Delaware LLC, or Delaware branch of your company.

LegalZoom  Image4


  • Highly reputable company
  • They offer ongoing legal services
  • Excellent customer support
  • Has a high customer volume


  • Relatively expensive

LegalZoom is the ideal option if you need a quality Delaware registered agent and a service provider for legal services.

LegalZoom has the highest brand awareness on our list, mainly due to its aggressive marketing and large customer volume. The firm provides a wide range of ongoing legal services, such as assistance with trademarks, patents, contracts, and much more. LegalZoom is the ideal option if you run a business that requires legal services in the future.

While LegalZoom may assist you in filling out paperwork, they cannot act as your legal counsel. However, LegalZoom can put you in touch with local legal practitioners if you ever find yourself in need of legal counsel.

How to Start A Business With a Registered Agent?

You must hire a registered agent service provider to own and operate an entire business entity. Every registered agent company discussed on this list will undoubtedly be with you while providing quality services – some will even provide you with a free year of registered agent services.

The process of starting your business with a registered agent is straightforward. You must select a service provider and fill out an agent form. Afterward, you incorporate your business using their physical location and contact information as your registered agent. Their services include assisting with creating a Delaware limited liability company or corporation and drafting and submitting the necessary formation paperwork and agent forms.

The Advantages of Using Registered Agent Service

Consider outsourcing if you’re a small business owner overwhelmed with the business formation process. As much as acting as your registered agent can save you money, it can also feel like a HUGE time waster, especially when you’re the only person running the business.

So, are you ready to dive into the advantages of using a registered agent service? 

It’s beneficial.

Many company owners and entrepreneurs would instead put their energy into expanding their operations than into administrative work. All they need is the help of a registered agent agency. The registered agent may save their client a lot of time and hassle by providing them with a safe online storage space for their company’s important documents and data.

It ultimately saves money.

If you’re running a business that operates in more than one state, appointing a registered agent may help you stay on top of all the paperwork and expenses. With this method, companies may only spend money on time employees.

An Additional Level Of Secrecy Is Granted

After forming a Delaware LLC, you can avoid having your home address made public by using a registered agent service. In its place, the registered agent service will provide an address where any legal process, such as a lawsuit, may be served.

This Is a Very Reliable System

If issues of state or corporation law are involved, the situation will likely get more complex. Hire a registered agent that has worked with several corporations before. In addition to filing the necessary paperwork with the government, Delaware registered agents may also provide various other legal services that can aid your company’s operations and ensure that it complies with all applicable regulations.

Final Thoughts

After reviewing numerous Delaware registered agent services found online. We can unquestionably say that for the best-registered agent service, Delaware corporations and small business owners should pick Northwest Registered Agent. They are the best-registered agents in Delaware.However, it’s essential to note that you can’t go wrong with any of the registered agents on our list. The best solution for your organization will be determined by your business-specific needs.


What is a registered agent?

A registered agent acts as an official point of contact for your business. Your registered agent will do everything necessary to keep your company in good standing with the secretary of state.

Do I need a registered agent?

Yes, Delaware requires all LLCs and corporations to have a registered agent. If your business is physically located in Delaware, it can act as its registered agent.

How much does a Delaware registered agent service cost?

Delaware registered agent services vary in price, but most charge around $100 per year.

What are the pros and cons of being my own registered agent? 

The most significant benefit to listing yourself is cost. When you list yourself, it’s completely free. However, the downsides are that you risk missing necessary documentation or correspondence and exposing your personal information to public records that will publish the address you list as part of your LLC or corporation.

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