The Tomahawk Experience at The Boheme at Grand Bohemian Orlando

Indulge in a sumptuous steak that comes with a healthy side of grand theatre!

When is a steak an experience? When you visit The Boheme. Recently, we were invited to try the restaurant’s Tomahawk Experience—and it was a showstopper.

The restaurant, located in Orlando’s Grand Bohemian Hotel, has long been a favorite spot in the city for indulging in a sumptuous brunch, or for grabbing a pre-show drink at The adjacent Bösendorfer Lounge before heading to a performance at the Dr. Phillips Center.

The Boheme Exterior

Grand Bohemian Hotel, Orlando (Brooke Fehr)

With the introduction of the new Tomahawk Experience, however, guests have a new reason to dine. Today, we’re sharing a little about the extravagant experience that’s perfect for your next date night.

The Atmosphere

There’s no denying: The Boheme is one sexy spot. Walk into the hotel’s rotunda from Orange Avenue, and you’re immediately transported—to another time, another continent. Paris in the 1920s springs to mind.

The lobby houses an Imperial Grand Bösendorfer, one of only a few in the world. You really must visit to appreciate the sheer magnitude of this nine and a half foot massive piano, which features 97 keys, and is considered by many to be the “Rolls-Royce” of pianos.

The Boheme Interior 3

Grand Bohemian Rotunda (Brooke Fehr)

Enter into the the intimate space of The Boheme, and you’re surrounded by dark, sensuous colors and textures. Seating is comfortable, and many tables are perfect for a quiet conversation.

The Boheme Interior 1

The Boheme Restaurant Seating (Brooke Fehr)

The restaurant’s art, which features a collection of both paintings and pencil sketches, make you feel as though you could be dining after hours in an art gallery. It’s really a lovely experience.

The Boheme Interior 4

Paintings in The Boheme (Brooke Fehr)

The Dishes & Drinks


We began the beautiful meal with a cocktail that’s an experience itself: the Beluga Gold ($38). Made with premium Beluga Gold Vodka and Bianca Vermouth, the simple drink is served extravagantly over gold leaf-laced ice cubes, for an elegant start to your evening. It’s like the smoothest, fanciest martini you’ve ever consumed. Served on gold-laced rocks.

Even James Bond isn’t this suave.

The Boheme Cocktail

The Beluga Gold (Brooke Fehr)

To Begin

Next, we tucked into one of our favorites, an exceptional Tomato & Burrata Salad made with locally-grown tomatoes.

The Boheme Burrata

Burrata and Tomato Salad (Brooke Fehr)

I must explain that the use of “exceptional” here is not hyperbole. This salad is truly delicious in its simplicity, because Chef Laurent Hollaender is passionate about offering the best ingredients available. He remarked to me that the tomatoes were grown locally in Sanford. You could taste the sunshine.

While we didn’t have them on this visit, you will not go wrong with their Beef Carpaccio, the Lobster Crab Cake, or the Mushroom Flatbread. They’re all fantastic.

However, we kept it light on this visit, since we knew the main event would be substantial.

That Steak, Though

Speaking of, let’s talk about the steak you’ve all been waiting for. Behold the Tomahawk Experience. The 40-ounce—yes, you read that correctly—butter-poached 1855 Angus Beef Tomahawk is grilled to perfection.

The Boheme Tomahawk Pre Flame

The Tomahawk Pre-Flambe (Brooke Fehr)

When it’s time to dine, the chef appears table side with your steak and flambés it with cognac for a theatrical and delicious twist. In our case, Chef Laurent did the honors.

The Boheme Tomahawk Flambe

Chef Laurent Hollaender Flambes the Tomahawk Tableside (Brooke Fehr)

Then, he carves the beautiful steak and serves it with a Porcini mushroom sauce that was so good, I asked for the recipe.

The dish also comes with two shareable sides, making this the perfect dinner to share with a loved one (or your favorite steak lover).

The Boheme Tomahawk And Sides

The Tomahawk, Carved and Sauced, With Sides (Brooke Fehr)

We opted for the asparagus and fries finished with truffle oil and Parmigiano-Reggiano.

Happy Endings

If we had stopped right there, that would have been enough. However, we couldn’t resist something sweet. And the Black Bee Honey Cheesecake fit the bill deliciously. The dessert represents a partnership between the Grand Bohemian and Parramore Kidz Zone.

The Boheme Black Honey Cheesecake

Black Bee Honey Cheesecake (Brooke Fehr)

For every cheesecake sold, the hotel donates $1 back to PKZ, which produces the Black Bee Honey that’s used in the cake. And believe us—doing good has never been more delicious.

The Takeaway

The Tomahawk Experience is a meal to remember.

Truly, it’s not just about the food, though. The staff at The Boheme is attentive and gracious. Chef Laurent clearly loves great ingredients and values community partnerships. And yes. That steak is a showstopper (and so, by the way is the salad, Porcini sauce, and the cheesecake.)

What a lovely way to spend an evening.

Book your Tomahawk Experience ($140) through Open Table, or by calling The Boheme. Bon appetit!

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