Sweet Success

Local Kissimmee couple David and Elaine Duran compete on the latest season of Next Great Baker on TLC.

David and Elaine Duran have discovered that life’s challenges can end up being pretty sweet. 

Warehouse worker David lost his job after suffering a heart attack in 2010, and Elaine switched from her Disney manicurist job into what she calls “survival mode,” which included a lot of baking. A cake decorating class and exposure on YouTube led to a call from the TLC network and the offer to appear in Next Great Baker’s fourth season, which began airing in June. 

Competing against nine other teams, David and Elaine, both 38, made over-the-top desserts like a Paris-themed wedding cake and a 600-pound, 6-foot high candy tower, but were eliminated in the fifth episode during a “scary Ingredient” challenge (adding blue cheese to red velvet cake was outside their comfort zone). The Durans had won the Carrabba’s dessert challenge the week before, placing their Divine Pineapple Poundcake in 240 of the chain’s restaurants for a limited time. 

The flamboyant Kissimmee couple run an online custom cake business, Enticing Cake Boutique, and have been known to sport leopard-cuffed tunics and create cakes decked with purple rhinestones and gold leaf. “Never a boring cake,” is their motto. Elaine says the next dream is to open their own shop. 

“Our high,” Elaine says, “was being on the show and winning that challenge. The low was going home before the finale. But hard work always pays off.”

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