New Year, New Bites: Lake Nona’s Veg’n Out

From vibrant smoothie bowls to cold-pressed juices, this vegan eatery is changing the perception of plant-based eating.
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A selection of Veg’n Out’s specialties including Vegan Cobb Salad, Pretty in Pataya Bowl and Avocado Toast. (ROBERTO GONZALEZ)

For residents in one of Orlando’s hottest neighborhoods, the pursuit of a healthier lifestyle begins at Lake Nona Town Center. And I’m not talking about the cycling and Pilates studios. I’m talking about the food.

Veg’n Out serves cold-pressed juices, protein bliss balls and vibrant smoothie bowls. The plant-based eatery, led by owner and operator Ashley Swanson-Torres, is the ideal spot to dip your toes into healthier eating—even if you don’t plan to follow a vegan diet.

“We don’t advertise being vegan or plant-based because our name typically leads to that assumption,” said Swanson-Torres. “Everyone would benefit from incorporating more plants into their diet, and we want them to feel welcome to do so regardless of their animal product consumption.”

Instead, Swanson-Torres focuses on the purpose of the lifestyle. When a blood test revealed her husband was a type 2 diabetic, the family switched to a plant-based diet to support his health.

“We decided to build our own brand that encompassed everything we used in our home and on the road to live a healthy lifestyle that leveraged food as medicine,” Swanson-Torres said.

Flavorful Healthy Eating

If you prefer to begin the New Year without a Pinterest board entitled “102+ healthy weeknight recipes for the busy professional,” Veg’n Out is for you. Here, you’ll find an array of juices, oatmeal bowls, salads, smoothies, chocolate mousse and more.

“After months of indulgence, the new year is the perfect opportunity to reset and kick off healthy habits,” Swanson-Torres said. “Our ingredients are thoughtfully sourced and built for your health without sacrificing flavor.”

Think no added sugar or syrup, no fake meat and no processed foods. Sounds healthy, but does it taste good? Simple answer? Yes.

Often, veganism conjures images of meals in various shades of green. But at Veg’n Out, you’re looking at a menu full of offerings with special touches such as walnut chorizo, spicy sunflower seeds and coconut bacon.

Smoothie bowls are among the most popular items, and Swanson-Torres recommends the Pretty in Pitaya, a combination of strawberry, dragon fruit and dark cherries topped with house-made granola, nut butter drizzle, coconut shreds, fruit and chocolate chips.

When the weather is cooler, stop in early to get a cup of soup; rotating flavors include butternut bisque, walnut chili, lasagna soup and more.

Cold-Pressed Juice

Veg’n Out is also known for its selection of cold-pressed juice. Sample Sunkissed, a combination of orange, lemon, pineapple and ginger, or opt for the deep pink Drop the Beet with pineapple, beet, apple and ginger.

The eatery also offers juice cleanses, with one-day, two-day and three-day options, which can be ordered online. “Our juice cleanse is 100% raw, keeps you fuller longer, and won’t lead to that hungry feeling often associated with cleanses,” Swanson-Torres said.

You can find a selection of juices in-store as well as at the Lake Nona Performance Club and at Zaza Cuban Comfort Food in the Orlando International Airport.

As for Swanson-Torres, it’s clear that she’s on a mission. “We want to prove total health is possible when you balance mind, body and nutrition.”

Veg’n Out

6982 Lake Nona
Boulevard, #104



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