Orlando Magazine - February 2009

Junior Achievement

Three decades after he led Boone High’s football team to one of its best seasons ever, Mark Hutsell watches his sons leave their marks as winners.

O-Town Originals

If anyone has said that Orlando’s denizens lack style and sophistication, we’re here to prove them wrong. Meet eight of Orlando’s most fashionable residents. You’ve seen them on stage, at charity events or at hot spots around town. These folks like to break the rules—or else they know how to make the latest looks reflect their personalities. This is our ode to great personal style.

Alan Grayson, Super-Achiever

Alan Grayson grew up in a high-rise apartment in the Bronx with views of Yankee Stadium and the Manhattan skyline. His parents, both public-school teachers, strongly supported his academic achievements. He graduated from Harvard in three years and went on to get a law degree from the prestigious university. As an attorney, Grayson, 50, gained wealth and recognition from his lawsuits against Iraq war contractors, claiming they had defrauded taxpayers. He and his wife, Lolita, moved to Orlando 12 years ago because they wanted to raise a family here. In November, Grayson, a Democrat, unseated Republican Ric Keller in the 8th Congressional District race. He will split time between Orlando, where he and Lolita live with their five children, and Washington.

Recipe [Kashmiri Naan]

Naan is a simple white bread native to India. Kashmiri naan—the same bread filled with fruits and nuts—is a sweet and rich variety from the country’s Kashmir region. Since kneading isn’t necessary, this bread is easier and less time-consuming to make than typical Western varieties. Amit Singh, owner of Orlando’s Aashirwad restaurant, shares his recipe here, which can be baked in a regular oven instead of a more traditional tandoor, or clay, oven. The bread is delicious on its own, with curried meats or vegetables, or with “pickles,” which are flavorful Indian condiments often made with cilantro or onion as the main ingredient.