Author: Rona Gindin

Dining Hall of Fame

Orlando magazine honors three individuals, a team and a singular restaurant as Dining Hall of Fame inductees. The Hall of Famers have made lasting contributions to the area’s dining scene.

Chicken Angel


The menu at College Park’s Juliana’s changes regularly, as chef-owner Carl Cherkaoui plays around with different takes on mostly Italian flavors. Guests request Chicken Angel every time it’s taken off the menu, so the eclectic dish inevitably returns time and again. Pasta and chicken are the main ingredients, meaning Chicken Angel is light enough for a warm November night—yet hearty enough for the chillier evenings too. 

Recipe [Kashmiri Naan]

Naan is a simple white bread native to India. Kashmiri naan—the same bread filled with fruits and nuts—is a sweet and rich variety from the country’s Kashmir region. Since kneading isn’t necessary, this bread is easier and less time-consuming to make than typical Western varieties. Amit Singh, owner of Orlando’s Aashirwad restaurant, shares his recipe here, which can be baked in a regular oven instead of a more traditional tandoor, or clay, oven. The bread is delicious on its own, with curried meats or vegetables, or with “pickles,” which are flavorful Indian condiments often made with cilantro or onion as the main ingredient.