Haus Special

Farm-Haus cooks up dinner to your door

Home delivery has long been the domain of Chinese food, sandwiches or an endless variety of mediocre pizzas. But Patrick and Brittany Lyne are trying to change that with Farm-Haus, offering dinners made with locally sourced, seasonal ingredients, delivered from a continually changing menu.

“It seemed a lot easier to bring food to people than opening a restaurant,” says former communications consultant Brittany (pictured above). 

From last September until April of this year, Farm-Haus operated in test mode, primarily in the Baldwin Park area. “All I needed for this business was access to a kitchen and a box to carry everything,” Patrick says. He ended up shopping, cooking and delivering singlehandedly to as many as 24 patrons a day. 

Without formal training (“I have restaurant experience—sort of,” he says), Patrick took inspiration from television chefs and formulated meals such as Korean BBQ chicken with kimchee fried rice; and roasted sweet potato and kale lasagna.

The service is available Monday-Thursday, and orders placed by 5 p.m. arrive ready-to-eat that night. (Adult portions are $12.50; kids are $8.50.)

The delivery recently expanded to downtown Orlando and Winter Park. Access to the commissary kitchen at East End Market, and the addition of new drivers, as well as Ravenous Pig and Smiling Bison alumnus Julian De Garden as head chef, means Farm-Haus will be providing upward of 100 meals a day.

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