Disney Dining: Cítricos at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort

The restaurant sparkles with new life since reopening in July.

If it’s been a minute since you’ve visited Cítricos, it’s time to book a table.

And I know it’s been a minute—because the restaurant, located  at Walt Disney World’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa—just reopened for the first time since the COVID shutdown shuttered many of the resort’s fine dining spots.

I recently had an opportunity to dine there and experience the new decor and menu. There’s so much to see and taste that we’re eager to share it with you!

Let’s jump right in with a photo tour.

The Atmosphere

Make your way to the second floor of The Grand Floridian and check in at the round podium. Victoria & Albert’s, still currently closed, is just to the left.

Citricos Interior 2

Check In (Brooke Fehr)

Picture windows offer lovely, sweeping views of the lush grounds below.

Citricos Interior 1

Views (Brooke Fehr)

During the shutdown, the signature dining spot underwent a bit of a refresh, and returns to the Orlando dining scene sporting a subtle Mary Poppins Returns theme. Touches from the film can be seen throughout the whimsical decor, from corseted upholstery to butterfly-bedecked chandeliers.

Citricos Interior 3

Inside the Restaurant (Brooke Fehr)

Citricos Interior 5

Corset Detail on a Chair (Brooke Fehr)

In the restaurant’s wine room, we spotted Mary’s hat, carpet bag and umbrella—plus a few fun friends.

Citricos Interior 6

Mary Poppins Has Been Here (Brooke Fehr)

Gorgeous light fixtures and light grey paint have given the space a decidedly feminine, airy touch.

Citricos Interior 7

Lovely Lights (Brooke Fehr)

Light fixtures have been updated with whimsical butterfly cutouts.

Citricos Interior 8

Butterfly Lanterns (Brooke Fehr)

As beautiful as the setting is, however, the food and drink are the real draw.

The Dishes and Drinks

Sommelier Israel Perez and Chef Andres Mendoza, along with Pastry Chef Kristine Farmer, have created a sumptuous menu celebrating the bounty of Florida cuisine touched with Mediterranean influences.

As we were seated, Israel greeted us and shared some highlights of the menu. We were excited to see non-alcoholic craft mocktails at the very top of the list.

Craft Mocktails

Citricos Menu

Drink Menu (Brooke Fehr)

We had the opportunity to sample a few and found them to be every bit as celebratory and special as  traditional alcoholic libations. First, we tried the London Dry Juniper Seltzer. A mix of cinchona bark, smoked rosemary blended with citrus, lemongrass and juniper aromatics, it’s reminiscent of a gin and tonic.

Citricos London Dry Juniper Seltzer

London Dry Juniper Seltzer (Brooke Fehr)

If you’re looking for a drink that says, “I’m on vacation!” have a go at the Paradise Punch. Made with melted sugar and Caribbean spices mixed with vanilla, orgeat, strawberry and citrus, it has the vibe of a rum cocktail without the alcohol.

Citricos Paradise Punch

Paradise Punch (Brooke Fehr)

Tempting Starters

Next, we tucked into a vast array of starters. The Strawberry Salad was a feast for the eyes, with macerated strawberries and chamomile-infused goat cheese. I could have happily made a meal out of this lovely dish.

Citricos Strawberry Salad

Strawberry Salad (Brooke Fehr)

But then, the Corn Bisque arrived, perfectly creamy and velvety, poured table side for extra drama.

Citricos Corn Bisque

Sweet Corn Bisque (Brooke Fehr)

Next, we tried a show-stopping Citrus-Cured Hamachi, with passionfruit nuoc cham, compressed star fruit, pasilla oil and blood orange puffed tapioca. It’s tempting to simply stare in wonder at such an artistic dish.

Citricos Ceviche

Citrus-Cured Hamachi (Brooke Fehr)

Berkshire Pork Belly arrived to the table alongside a delicate croquette of boniato and plantain, accompanied by salsa verde and shaved jicama, which both offset the richer components of the dish wonderfully.

Citricos Pork Belly

Pork Belly (Brooke Fehr)

The Main Attraction

We then moved on to main dishes, which offered a tempting array of options, from a hearty plant-based entree, to beautiful fish and meat dishes.

To begin, we sampled the sumptuous House-made Rigatoni, featuring Bolognese, seasonal vegetables, roasted hen of the woods mushrooms and “egg yolk.” The sauce is made with a meat substitute, and the “yolk” is actually a tomato. This is one of the most satisfying plant-based dishes I have ever experienced.

Citricos Rigatoni

House-Made Rigatoni (Brooke Fehr)

Next, we sampled two fish dishes: The first, Domestic Golden Tilefish, was served with a Jupiter Rice chorizo “risotto,” Key West pink shrimp and confit tomatoes.

Citricos Tilefish

Tile Fish (Brooke Fehr)

But my favorite dish of the evening had to be the Butter Poached Cobia, served with mashed potatoes, asparagus, local mushrooms and accompanied by a lovely grapefruit beurre blanc.

Citricos Cobia

Cobia (Brooke Fehr)

For meat lovers, the Guava Barbecued Shortribs offered a sweet and tangy version of a favorite, served with creamy cheese grits.

Citricos Guava Shortrib

Shortrib (Brooke Fehr)

We also enjoyed a trio of sides, including Smoked Cauliflower, Grilled Marble Potatoes, and Truffled Mac and Cheese.

Citricos Cauliflower

Cauliflower (Brooke Fehr)

Citricos Potatoes

Marbled Potatoes (Brooke Fehr)

Citricos Truffle Mac

Truffled Mac & Cheese (Brooke Fehr)

Again, we were so impressed with the complexity of each dish.

Sweet Treats

When it came time to bring the meal to a sweet ending, we were once more tempted by a wonderful array of dishes.

The restaurant’s custom-blended coffee arrived in these small individual pots, and the cup was a bold offering, the perfect complement to each dessert.

Citricos Coffee

Coffee (Brooke Fehr)

As we all sampled the desserts (isn’t it best to share, so you get to try lots of things?), I found that each was better than the last. It was hard to choose a favorite!

The Orange Blossom Flan was delightful.

Citricos Orange Blossom Flan

Flan (Brooke Fehr)

But then, the delicate flavors of the Blackberry Tartlette, with lemon Bavarian, proved to be enchanting.

Citricos Lemon Tart

Blackberry Tartlette (Brooke Fehr)

More edible art presented itself in the form of the Apple Rose, with marzipan, raspberry jam, and a frozen coconut milk on the side (not pictured.)

Citricos Apple Tart

Apple Rose (Brooke Fehr)

But I truly saved the best for last. The Chocolate Torte may seem innocent enough, but this is one of the best chocolate desserts I’ve had in a very long time. There is a rich, delicate complexity that makes the chocolate truly…enough. No fancy sauces. No bells and whistles. Just a perfectly executed chocolate dessert that hides a secret inside of Morello cherries.

Citricos Chocolate

Chocolate Torte (Brooke Fehr)

If you’re anything like me, you will have no desire to share.

The Takeaway

What can I say about Cítricos? Not enough. While it’s been around for quite some time, it tends to rest in the shadow of other signature restaurants, like California Grill (currently open) and Flying Fish (we’re still awaiting a reopening date for this one.)

And it shouldn’t, because this is some of the finest dining that you’ll experience—not just within Disney, but throughout all of Orlando.

Beyond the beautiful setting and incredible food, expect impeccable service from a group of professionals that only Disney can deliver.

Be Our Guest, indeed. We’ll see you again real soon, Cítricos. Promise.






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