Work It Out

Fun exercise routines and new places for the right fitness gear.


By now, the New Year’s Resolution crowds at the gyms are starting to thin out probably as much as your interest in free weights and machines. To get out of the workout rut, change your fitness routine. Here are a couple workouts that can cure boredom while burning calories:

Instructor Kendra Pelletier leads a class at The Bar Method

On Your Toes

You won’t have cocktails at The Bar Method, but you can pick up a six-pack of abs. Sure, the one-hour workout at a ballet barre includes an occasional relevé or plié, but this routine isn’t so much about ballet moves as it is about strength training and stretching exercises that target hard-to-reach spots. “It integrates interval training, isometrics, dance conditioning and physical therapy to quickly and safely reshape your entire body,” says franchise owner Karen Moreno. “It’s so effective that clients see their muscles changing within just a couple of weeks.”

Women praise its figure-reshaping abilities, while men dig its fast track to well-sculpted abs. Workouts are intense, and sore muscles are the norm, but it’s a burn-so-good kind of feeling. Moreno recommends three to five sessions per week for the best and quickest results. A class costs $22, with packages also available.

Water zumba at RDV with group exercise leader Leah Hendrickson

Take the Plunge

Zumba, the energetic dance-exercise workout done to a mix of Latin tunes, started out on land, but now there’s an aquatic version. And this isn’t your grandmother’s pool workout routine. Aqua Zumba is more like a dance-fitness pool party. It includes all the music, dance elements and fun of terrestrial Zumba, but without the stress on joints, thanks to water buoyancy. The water also adds resistance, increasing the aerobic workout’s impact. The workouts target the body’s core, as “it controls the body in the water and is the foundation of each movement,” says Ericka Ramirez, group exercise instructor at the RDV Sportsplex in Maitland. “The limbs are also used to complement the movements targeting all major muscle groups for a total body workout.”.

RDV Athletic Club membership costs $86 per month; you can apply online for a free three-day guest pass.





If you’re a runner, cyclist, dancer or yoga enthusiast, you know that the proper attire and equipment can make all the difference in an effective workout. Certain fabrics can prevent skin from breathing or cause rubbing burns, while improper footwear for certain activities can cause everything from blisters and corns to more serious injuries of the feet, legs, lower back, muscles and joints. The following specialty stores can equip you with athletic wear that helps you get the most out of your fitness routine:

Fit and Function

Looking good at the gym doesn’t hurt, unless, of course, you’re wearing ill-fitting clothes that snag machines or cause your pyramid pose to come tumbling down. Choosing proper activity-specific attire will enhance comfort and performance. There are plenty of synthetic breathable fibers that wick away sweat and keep your body cool. Check out lululemon athletica in The Mall at Millenia, which carries a variety of high-performance running and yoga-inspired apparel, accessories and equipment for men and women.

Double Down: The Ta Ta Tamer II has wide straps and chafe-resistant seams for full support and comfort while running or working out; $58.

Fast & Furious: The Run Swiftly Long Sleeve Tech Top allows muscle movement and features thumbholes to keep sleeves in place and wrists warm; $68.

Floor Show: The Mat is made of natural rubber with a polyurethane coating for well-cushioned, no-slip yoga routines; $68.

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