Why I Couldn't Flip My Lid

Plus, a bevy of culinary opportunities with Magical Dining, Epcot Food & Wine Fest, and The Ravenous Pig.


In the midst of my “I’m sitting in the dark, writing a blog” hurricane rant of September 13, I documented my struggle with the impossible-to-open lids on Talenti gelato. Well, apparently I was not alone, with a multitude of blogs, tweets and Instagrams coming out that very same week, all bemoaning the valiant battles. In response, the company actually issued a response from its Minneapolis headquarters:

“Our lid-capping machine experienced an issue that caused some lids to be particularly tight and we fixed the machine as soon as we found out about it. While there are still some tight lids out there, there will be fewer as new pints roll out. We apologize to our customers for this inconvenience and encourage them to contact our customer service team at talentigelato.com or 800-298-4020 if they have any concerns.”

Citizen action at work.

Talenti, by the way, is named after the father of Italian ice cream, Bernardo Buontalenti, who lived from 1531 to 1608, learned sculpture from Michelangelo, painting from Bronzino, designed the city walls of Naples and was in service to the Medicis for his entire life. All that and gelato, too … 

The things you learn here!

The Even More Opportunities to Eat Dept.

* More than 100 of the restaurants originally participating in Visit Orlando’s Magical Dining promotion have extended through October 12 because of the storm. Thanks, Irma!

* The Epcot International Food & Wine Festival (which I believe will be appended with “Neverending” next year) runs through November 13 in this, the 22nd Fest and 35th anniversary of the Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow. You can still find a nice piece of chicken with cornbread and red-eye gravy at the Farm Fresh Marketplace; vegetarian Madras curry at India; the iridescent, black-light Glownut at the Light Lab; and a tender braised beef “Stroganoff” (no, I don’t know why the quotes) with spaetzle at The Cheese Studio. There’s a Tasting Sampler available for eight food or beverage items ($65), and in my mind the best days to go are October 16 and 17 when Post Modern Jukebox are playing (is playing?) the Eat to the Beat concert.

* The Friends of the Pig Anniversary Dinner, marking the tenth year of local groundbreaker Ravenous Pig is on Sunday the 8th. Chefs Rhys & Lexi Gawlak from Swine & Sons, Clayton Miller (DoveCote Brasserie), Rusty Spoon Chef/Owner Kathleen Blake, Brandon McGlamery (Luma on Park, Prato, Luke’s Kitchen & Bar), the eponymous Kevin Fonzo Foundation Chef/Owner Kevin Fonzo and The Pig’s own James and Julie Petrakis and Nick Sierputowski will be cooking. There’s every likelihood that this will sell out, but check in, you never know.

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