What’s The Latest Therapy? Infrared Sauna

Looking to shake up your wellness routine? Try stepping into an infrared sauna.

Perspire’s infrared saunas have the added benefit of chromatherapy. EMILY JOURDAN

For years, the sauna has been considered a pleasant post-gym session or spa treatment. Now, thanks to technological innovations, the infrared sauna is finally getting the credit it deserves as a standalone body therapy.

While traditional Finnish saunas produce heat in the air via a physical source like hot stones or a wood-fired stove, this new alternative utilizes specialized heaters that emit infrared energy. “These rays penetrate deep into the cells, joints, muscles and tissues, speeding oxygen flow and increasing circulation while removing impurities that build up over time,” explains Julie Wordell, owner of Perspire Sauna Studio, with locations in Winter Park and Lake Mary.

Besides sweating out toxins, your body reaps numerous other benefits as well. Most people burn 200 to 400 calories per session, which can lead to weight loss with regular use, making it an ideal add-on for your regular fitness routine. It also promotes skin cell turnover thanks to its purifying properties, leaving you with a lit-from-within glow.

Owner Julie Wordell. EMILY JOURDAN

“Our clients also experience stress relief, muscle recovery, improved sleep and an enhanced immune system since the body carries off metabolic waste,” says Wordell. “When I came across this concept, I quickly became passionate about bringing the unique health benefits of infrared sauna therapy to my friends, family and neighbors,” she adds. “The Central Florida area was lacking anything even remotely similar to what Perspire offers, so I wanted to fill the void.”

Each of Perspire’s individual infrared saunas have chromotherapy too, which uses a visible spectrum of colored lights to help soothe various ailments. Chromotherapy can help reduce swelling and inflammation, relieve pain, accelerate healing, improve circulation, and regulate sleeping patterns and moods. As an additional perk, each sauna is outfitted with a smart TV, so you can catch up with your favorite shows on Netflix or Hulu as you sweat.

After one session, you’ll feel—and see—immediate results, but regular visits one to three times a week is when you’ll really start to witness the holistic healing powers of the infrared sauna. “Our goal is to help our guests feel better than when they arrived,” says Wordell. “Self-care is so important: Caring for your body, mind and spirit is our greatest responsibility. It’s about listening to the needs of your inner soul and honoring them.” Wordell’s sentiment is exactly why she’s trying to educate others about sauna therapy. “It can really be life-changing for people,” she continues. “I have seen it first-hand and continue to be motivated by our guests who have experienced these major health improvements.”

Sweat it out

Interested in checking out all the benefits of infrared sauna? Visit one of Perspire’s locations in Central Florida.

  • 1903 Aloma Ave., Suite A, in Winter Park
  • 1210 South International Parkway, Suite 138, in Lake Mary
  • A new studio is in the works to open in the Dr. Phillips/Windermere area next summer.
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