Stasio's: Delicious Dynasty

Maria and Louie Palo arrived in Orlando 35 years ago, with a 1-year-old son and no restaurant experience. Since then, their passion for Italian food has created Amalfi’s, Carnevale d’Amalfi and Louie & Maria’s (you might remember the merry-go-round horses out front).

The Palo family now find themselves proprietors of Stasio’s Italian Deli & Market, bringing the senior Palos and their children—Al, Diana and Michael—together in a tasteful and taste-full temple of Italian pleasures. Bronze die-cut pasta comes from Amalfi (Louie’s birthplace), and fresh pasta arrives from Sassano, Salerno, home of Mama Maria.

Shelves are filled with Mulino Bianco cookies from Emilia-Romagna, sweet salciccia sausage and smoked Levoni capocollo; Connecticut creamery Liuzzi supplies fior di latte mozzarella and aged caciocavallo cheeses. The deli case holds family recipes like chicken pesto meatballs, fresh-baked lasagna, porchetta and salame, while popular sandwiches include ribeye steak, superb eggplant Parmigiana, and “The Stasio” of prosciutto, capocollo, soppresata and fresh mozzarella. Louie bakes the bread every day.

Maria calls Stasio’s crisp design and mix of market and deli “old school, yet new.” You’ll agree, it is the best of both worlds. 210 N. Bumby Ave., Milk District. 407-277-7755


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