Shear Perfection: Five Local Barbershops

Clean cuts, close shaves and top-notch service make these five local barbershops stand out.

Thanks to No-Shave November—the monthlong campaign in which men ditch their razors to raise cancer awareness—beards, mustaches and facial scruff are having a moment right now. The key to pulling off a style that’s more dapper gentleman than unruly mountaineer? Finding a trustworthy barber. Luckily, Orlando has plenty of places that offer impeccable grooming options. Just check out these five establishments that have a barber’s chair ready and waiting for you.

Atomic Barber Co.

400 W. New England Ave. #8, Winter Park  32789
407-636-7685 /

How It Started: While he was working as creative director of a marketing agency, owner Trevor Brown was always coming up with business plans in his spare time. Eventually, he settled on hair, leading him to quit his day job and enroll in barber school. “Dudes will always get their hair cut. Growing up, I remember the smells, the camaraderie, the tradition, the community, the process and the experience of it all,” says Brown. He opened Atomic Barber Co. last February after finding a space to remodel and hiring some of his buddies from barber school.

Atmosphere: “Neo-traditional-tattoo-parlor-opium-den-speakeasy-voodoo-lounge-barbershop,” says Brown of the ambiance. Wall art includes various animal heads—from a boar to a jackalope—along with work from local artists. The music is hand-selected, and there’s a resident 18-year-old cat.

House Rule: Once you enter, all phones and other electronic devices need to be silenced and tucked away.

Pricing: $35 each for head and face, $65 for both. Hot tea tree-scented towels are included.

Ponce da Barber at Gentlemen’s Barber Studio

920 International Parkway, Suite 1040, Lake Mary 32746
407-398-2262 / 
@poncedabarberatgentlemensbarberstudio on Facebook

How It Started: “I started cutting hair when I was 14 years old in Puerto Rico,” says owner Rafael Hernandez. After 26 years in the industry, Hernandez decided to open his own studio. “Over time, I developed long-lasting business relationships with my clients and wanted to provide them with exceptional service. In order to accomplish this, I knew I needed to break away from the crowded barbershop.” It was then that Ponce da Barber at Gentlemen’s Barber Studio was born.

Most Popular Service: Business-style haircuts and fades.

Amenities Customers Can’t Get Enough Of: Besides requesting total privacy, clients can choose from a variety of cold beverage options and coffee and choose music or television of their choice.
Another favorite: His hot-towel shaves.

Pricing: Services range from $25 to $55.

Liberty Barbershop

49 N. Primrose Drive, Orlando 32803
407-590-9330 /

How It Started: Back in 2008, 26-year-old John Duvoisin decided to open Liberty Barbershop for his friends and family. “Anyone who didn’t quite fit in at any other barbershops seemed to fit nicely in here,” he explains. “I wanted to have a place that didn’t judge anyone based on their age, sex, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion or way of a life.”

Atmosphere: A modern take on the traditional barbershop that’s been infused with a punk-rock twist.

House Rule: “We take pride in being reliable and punctual over all else,” says Duvoisin. If you show up late, your service will be tailored to fit within the allotted time left (exactly 30 to 60 minutes depending on what you booked). But, if the barber is behind schedule by more than 10 minutes, your next appointment is free.

Pricing: Services range from $22 to $100.

The Art Of Shaving at Disney Springs

1600 E. Buena Vista Drive, Orlando 32830
407-560-8320 /

Number Of Locations: Over 150 across the country.

How It Started: It began as a mom-and-pop shop in New York City in 1996.

What Makes Their Barbers Different: “Our focus is to give the guys the best experience ever,” says Master Barber Edwin Harris. “Not only do we do that, but we educate you, too. If we see you have dry hair or ingrown, we’ll teach you how to fix it.” All of their barbers also have mastered the straight-razor shave.

Most Popular Service: The Premium Barber Spa Package, which includes a haircut, high-end shave, scalp treatment and facial. “We also will clean up brows and nostril hairs,” says Harris. “We do all the things that women usually point out and tell you to get fixed. I love watching the significant other’s face when we’re done.”

Unique Feature: All the products and services cater to men with sensitive skin.

Pricing: Services range from $30 to $160.

Mr. Man Barbershop & More

2302 Edgewater Drive, Orlando 32804
407-591-0560 /
@mrman32804 on Facebook

How It Started: It was intended to be a men’s retail store. Three months after it opened, barbers were added to complement the theme. It soon became apparent that College Park needed a classic barbershop. One of the barbers, Abbie Garcia, bought it from the original owners and turned it into a full-blown barbershop with retail on the side.

What Makes Their Barbers Different: “I’ve always had a dream about having an all-female-operated barbershop,” explains Garcia. Currently, Garcia and two other women serve at Mr. Man.

Atmosphere: The barbershop has a vintage rustic meets modern vibe. It also connects to the Gallery On The Edge, which showcases and sells the work of local artists.

Amenities Customers Can’t Get Enough Of: “We’re well-known for our hot-towel service, scalp and shoulder massages, and complimentary beer,” says Garcia. Additionally, there are plenty of comfy couches and a coffee bar.

Pricing: Services start at $15 and go up.


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