Mind Lab Pro Review: Best Nootropics & Brain Booster Pills Of 2022


A lot of people experienced nootropic issues that did not allow them to stay focused, and they tended not to be able to concentrate throughout the day on the activities they were supposed to conduct.

However, many brands have been established to create supplements that can help improve their focus level to enable them to engage in their day-to-day activities without losing concentration.

One of the best products available on the market is the mind lab pro formula. The manufacturers of these products are known to be an opti-Nutra limited company.

This company is quite popular in the industry because they are well known for the quality of their products. Many customers in the industry are also aware of the quality of this particular supplement.

Nootropic is majorly known as something that helps to relax and calms the mind so that it can be in a healthy state to allow you to focus and concentrate. Unfortunately, in the present day, it is difficult for you to obtain any form of nootropic supplements from local pharmacies.

However, it is easy for you to purchase the product from the pharmacy. Still, the difficulty surrounds this stigmatization that you will be subjected to when people discover that you use a nootropic product.

This particular supplement is very effective in helping to improve focus and concentration levels, and it has been used by many people worldwide.


Brand Overview: Mind Lab Pro Brain Boosters

The manufacturers of this product have steadily stated that it is made using natural and organic ingredients that are very effective in improving your cognitive skills, without using stimulants or synthetic ingredients. This product is also safe to be used by people who are vegetarians because of the formula used in blending the ingredients.

The manufacturers of the products do not include any form of additives or gelatin in the combination of the ingredients when making the product.

In addition, using this Mind Lab Pro product will not result in any psychoactive effects, and you do not have to present a prescription from your doctor before the nootropic supplements are sold to you at the pharmacy. However, this product is majorly sold on the brand’s official website, which is meant for users to avoid purchasing scam products.

A supplement such as this one that is highly nootropic will help improve your intelligence level instead of decreasing it. Furthermore, you will experience a boosted brain capability, and your mental energy levels will improve.

However, before you begin to experience the positive effect of those supplements after using them, you might have to wait for a couple of hours or minutes for the product to sink into your system. The average time that has been noted amongst the customers who have used this product and experienced positive effects is 30 minutes after using the product.

This product is an effective nootropic supplement meant to help reduce anxiety levels, improve clarity, enhance cognitive functions, and does not support weight loss. The facility where this product is being manufactured is located in New Jersey, United States of America.

All of the operations of this brand have been approved by the FDA to be conducted in that facility, and all fractions of the facility are certified by the GMP. Before the manufacturers of this product use any ingredients in making their products, they ensure that every ingredient is clinically tested to prove that they are active and of the best quality.

To purchase this product on the market, you will have to spend at least $75 to purchase just one container of the products. The product is quite expensive compared to others in the market, but it makes up for the high price in the value it provides to customers. In addition, customers who subscribe to the quarterly program enjoy free 30-day supplies for three months.

The formula used to combine all of these ingredients allows the Mind Lab Pro product to be very effective in providing a nootropic quality experience.

The manufacturers have also operated with a high level of transparency by ensuring that customers are aware of their ingredient list and concentration levels, the results of third-party lab testing conducted on the product are available on the official website of the brand, and various policies have been created to ensure top-notch customer shopping experience.

However, it is essential to understand that further research has yet to be conducted on these products to check if it is genuinely compelling. Still, the quality of the ingredients stated to be used in making the product helps us think it is very effective.

What Products Are Similar To Mind Lab Pro?

  1. Noocube – Natural Nootropic Supplements To Boost Memory
  2. Focus Factor – Effective Brain Boosting Pills For Focus

Pros and Cons

As with every product in the market, there are pros and cons attached to these products, and customers need to understand each of them to help their decision-making process.


  • This nootropic does not contain any stimulants such as caffeine
  • the effectiveness of the supplements is at a high level in ensuring that optimal brain chemistry is improved
  • The supplement is effective in preventing the degeneration of brain cells and improving the total Wellness of your brain
  • supplements naturally improve your cognitive function, mental alertness, mental clarity, and concentration levels
  • you will experience less mental fog or sluggishness, and you would be less Moody as your mood would brighten up
  • third-party labs have tested this Mind Lab Pro product, and it has been verified to be safe and of the best quality
  • the manufacturers employ a formula that ensures the product is safe to be used by vegetarians
  • the probiotic capsules do not contain any form of gelatin or cellulose
  • the supplement is available in different packaging to provide you with varieties of deals that you can afford
  • Customers have the option of triggering the 30-day money-back guarantee if they are unsatisfied with the product


  • This supplement is relatively more expensive than the other supplements that can be found on the market
  • you can only purchase this supplement from the official website of the brand; it is unavailable in big stores such as Amazon and Walmart

=> Click here to visit the official website “Mind Lab Pro”


While conducting our review article on this particular supplement, we will be delving into the quality of the ingredients that have been stated to be used in making this potent Nootropic product.

An essential ingredient that helps these Mind Lab Pro products to be at the best level is the amino acid, which is very beneficial to students or professionals who would like to maintain an increased focus level, memory, and improved learning ability.

Another ingredient that is quite important in the formula is the 100MG of l-theanine. This ingredient contributes highly to helping the mind remain calm and also ensures that you remain relaxed regardless of the situation.

Some of the other ingredients that contribute to the improved level of brain function include maritime pine bark extract, lion’s Mane mushroom, And bacopa monnieri.

Bacopa Monnieri

This ingredient is also known as water hyssop. This ingredient is the plant that has always been used in producing traditional medicines. It contains intense compositions that help improve the user’s cognitive, memory, and learning ability without increasing inflammation within the brain.

Some studies on the quality of these ingredients have stated that it helps improve cognitive function and are very effective in improving memory ability. However, in-depth research is still needed on this ingredient to get the full view. There is about 150MG of these ingredients in the mind lab pro supplement.

Vitamin B6, B9, And B12

All of these vitamins are appropriately known in the medical world to help to improve your mood and energy levels and ensure that maximum protection is provided to your brain. This will, in turn, help to improve your brain health and function level.

In addition, these vitamins allow your body to break down the amino acid homocysteine. One of the significant factors that have been noted to cause adverse brain functions and conditions such as dementia and Alzheimeralzheimer’s is the high presence of homocysteine.

When your cognitive functions experience a slight decline, and you start to experience more mental sluggishness, this is because of your reduced level of vitamin B in the body.


This product contains a 250MG dosage of citicoline, a natural compound that can be discovered in different blood cells.

However, this ingredient contributes majorly to improving the mental performance of the user, improving their brain energy, and ensuring that they can pay more attention and be focused on situations needed.

It also contributes to the quality of brain cell membranes that are formed. All of these will help to improve the learning ability of the user.


This ingredient is available at a 100MG concentration level in this particular nootropics. This ingredient effectively ensures that anxiety levels are reduced, the tendency to be overstressed is reduced, and you are not likely to experience a lesser cognitive performance.

You will always experience a better sleep routine. This ingredient is active in green tea and helps improve your focus to be adequately alert without stressing your brain. It has been discovered that these can also help to prevent your tendency to experience any form of stroke.

N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine

This particular ingredient helps to improve dopamine levels in the body. This will, in turn, improve noradrenaline and reduce the tendency to experience oxidative stress related to intense memory issues.

This ingredient is naturally found in fish, eggs, dairy products, beans, and others. The presence of amino acid is to help to improve your attention level to ensure that you remain focused and do not suffer from deficiency disorder, narcolepsy, and depression.

Lion’s Mane Mushroom

This ingredient has been quite popular in the Chinese medicine industry and has been consistently used in traditional medicine. This ingredient has not been thoroughly tested, but the findings from the small test show that it helps to prevent dementia, anxiety levels will be reduced, and depression levels will also be reduced.

However, once you begin to experience lots of oxidative stress and inflammation, this will contribute negatively to the cognitive health you already possess and might result in neurological disorders. In addition, some people may experience a rash or problem related to breathing after using this product.

Maritime Pine Bark Extract

This ingredient helps to provide the bodies with various extracts that will scavenge free radicals. The ingredients are effective in ensuring that inflammation does not occur and is a very effective antioxidant.

When you are experiencing an attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, this is one of the best products for you to use to ease yourself out of the disorder.

It is also suitable for you to use when you have issues with your blood flow, you are asthmatic, all you are experiencing some level of diabetes.

However, if you continue using these ingredients long-term, you might experience nausea, improved stomach upsets, dizziness, or headaches.


Several studies have been conducted on these particular ingredients, and it has been proven that it helps to contribute to the improvement of brain power. It also helps prevent mental decline and ensures you do not lose your memory.

In addition, users of this Mind Lab Pro product do not have to experience chronic stress because of its effectiveness.

This will help to prevent users of these products from experiencing dementia, issues related to the brain and their heart, and other possible diseases. This particular ingredient also contributes to your ability to communicate cognitively and functionally.

Rhodiola Rosea

This is an essential ingredient that helps with sleepiness during the day. You may not be able to sleep during the day due to outstanding issues, such as being exhausted and having a reduced level of motivation; you can quickly provide solutions to any of these by using these ingredients.

This is why many athletes and bodybuilders have used these supplements to improve their total Wellness. This ingredient is also effective in improving energy levels, mental capacity, and stamina levels, and it also ensures that the tendency to be fatigued is not stressed.

Who Should Use Mind Lab Pro Nootropic Supplements?

This product was mainly created to be used by just anybody regardless of how old they are or the kind of profession they are engaging in.

The product is mainly meant for people who want to experience better cognitive function. They feel that the product will help them focus and concentrate better. The product can be used by just about anybody.

However, you need to consult your medical practitioner or doctor before you start using any form of new supplements.

The ingredients of the supplements may not match up with the ingredients of your already prescribed medications. This might result in severe side issues affecting your heart or liver.

How Does This Mind Lab Pro Nootropic Work?

This product can improve users’ brain function because of its proper combination of 11 nootropic ingredients. All of the ingredients that have been used in making this product combine forces together to improve the cognitive functions of the brain.

This means that each ingredient has been combined at the proper concentration level to ensure that the specific need is provided to the brain. This is much more helpful when you Consider that all of these ingredients are combined to provide comprehensive improvements to your brain functions and cognitive abilities.

One of the most potent ingredients amongst all of the ingredients used in making these products is citicoline. This ingredient can be naturally inorganically found in human and animal tissue cells and is mainly found around the brains and other vital organs. It helps to contribute to your brain’s total Wellness.

This ingredient also contributes highly to your cell membrane synthesis and also provides the ability for your body to repair. In addition, the ingredient is highly neuroprotective in several animals used to research neurological diseases. Some of the other ingredients that have been used in making these products are known as adaptogens.

These ingredients include Rhodiola rose and lion’s mane mushroom. These ingredients are majorly natural and organic and help ensure your body is free from stress. This will, in turn, ensure that your tendency to get over stress will be reduced, and you are less likely to experience cognitive impairment.

After all these ingredients have been blended in a highly potent formula, a top-notch nootropic supplement is created. It helps improve the brain’s cognitive functions and ensures that users do not experience brain damage.


There are a lot of ingredients that have been used in making mind Lab pro supplements. All of the ingredients used in making the products help improve your mood, eradicate any form of brain fog, improve your memory concentration levels, and increase your cognitive functions.

People interested in using this product to combat any form of brain disease can purchase the product from the brand’s official website, and they have the liberty to return the products within 30 days after purchase if they are unsatisfied.

For you to enjoy the positive benefits that the manufacturers have stated, you must adhere to the dosage recommendation from the manufacturers. Users are expected to not take more than two capsules daily before breakfast; the capsules are meant to be taken with a beverage.

In addition, customers can decide to consume another two capsules during the lunch period If they like. However, users must understand that they should consume at most four capsules within 24 hours.

The customer reviews that have been read about those products online show that customers that have used this product believe that it was very potent and helped them to overcome their negative health issues. In addition, unlike most other nootropic products available over the counter, this one does not result in any severe side effects.

Also, independent laboratories are allowed to conduct third-party lab tests on the products to ensure they are of the best quality and will provide enough customer benefits.

Some of the benefits that have been noted on the official website of the brand are:

  • Improved cognitive function: one of the significant benefits of using this product is its improvements to the brain’s cognitive functions. One of the primary ingredients that help to contribute to better cognitive function is citicoline. During a clinical trial conducted in 2000, it was found that this particular ingredient helps improve verbal fluency and memory in people with previous experience with brain injury.
  • Supporting brain health: this supplement effectively improves cognitive health by providing neuroprotection. It also helps to promote brain regeneration so that more benefits can be provided to improve the total Wellness of the brain. One of the key ingredients used in making this product helps to ensure that inflammation does not happen and that users of the products do not have to experience oxidative stress.
  • Enhancing memory and recall ability: one of the research projects conducted on vitamin B’s ability to improve the brain’s cognitive functions showed that it helps ensure that memory retention is improved. In addition, the brain issues that come with aging do not affect people who use this product.
  • Increasing mental energy and focus: the combination of various ingredients that exist within the ingredient list used in making this Mind Lab Pro product helps to produce ATP, and that, in turn, improves the energy level, which allows users to be more focused and concentrated. The product is also impressive in how it contributes to reducing stress tendencies and also ensuring that negative impacts are not experienced. You must use the supplements according to the recommended dosage; you will experience better brain function.
  • Protecting the brain from damage: the effectiveness of all ingredients combined does not allow your brain to be damaged. In addition, the supplement is also effective in improving your brain’s repairing ability, allowing it to maintain membrane fluidity.

Side Effects

This supplement is not meant to be used by people that want to lose weight or burn out excessive fats. The supplements will only be effective in people who have issues with their brain health and want to improve their cognitive functions.

Pregnant and breastfeeding mothers are advised not to use any form of nootropic. This is because some of the nootropic pills sold on the market contain stimulants or synthetic ingredients that might have severe side effects on the unborn child.

It is also essential for people under 18 not to use this product because it could hinder some developing parts of their bodies.

Before you engage in using any of the supplements meant to improve your focus and concentration levels, you should consult a medical practitioner to help understand if the ingredients are likely to trigger any severe side effects in your system.

In addition, if you have a pre-existing medical condition, you should avoid administering these supplements on yourself without a prescription from your doctor.

Some of the other side effects that are likely to be experienced without any severity are:

  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • gastrointestinal issues
  • sleep disturbance

Who Should Refrain From Using Mind Lab Pro Pills?

The Mind Lab Pro product should not be sold to someone under the age of 18. and we also are aware that we’ve said that the product is meant to be used by just anyone, but it is advised for pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers to stay away from the product due to the unknown effect it will have on their unborn child.

Dosage & Tips To Start:

Customers who want to use this product to improve their cognitive functions are expected to consume up to four capsules daily.

The proper dosage recommendation is for users to consume two capsules before breakfast, and if they like, they can consume another two capsules before launch.

It is advised that you should consume the capsules using a beverage or water. The positive effects that should be experienced will be expected within 30 minutes to an hour.

Where To Buy & Guarantees

This product is available to be purchased on the brand’s official website, and customers can subscribe for a quarterly subscription.

However, this product is sold at $69 per bottle. When you subscribe for their three-bottle subscription, the manufacturers will help you to include a fourth bottle.

The Mind Lab Pro product’s price will also be reduced to $51.75 per bottle. When you also purchase three bottle orders, the manufacturer will ship the products to you for free.

The company also has a money-back guarantee available for unsatisfied customers to ignite whenever they want to return the product.

However, the manufacturers have stated that the highest refund that we will be given to the customer is $69. customers will also have to cover the cost of shipping the products in return.


Mind Lab Pro Review: High-Quality Nootropics For Cognition

This product is regarded as one of the most expensive products in the market. It is understandable because of the high-quality ingredients used to make the supplements.

This supplement does not contain any form of caffeine or other stimulants that will help prevent your brain’s degeneration.

The Mind Lab Pro supplements help to resolve issues regarding focusing, lack of mental clarity, and brain fog that might not allow you to engage in your day-to-day activities.

In addition, the formula used in blending ingredients is safe for vegetarian usage. The formula also allows the ingredient to be blended in proper concentration to improve your brain health, cognitive function, and overall mood.

The company also operates transparently by providing third-party lab testing results on its products. It shows that quality ingredients have been used to make the products and are safe for usage.

When you read the customer reviews posted online, you will discover that customers rate this product highly. The product is worth the price it is quoted on the market.


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