Best Nootropics: Top 5 Most Popular Brain Supplements Of 2022

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While many people look for supplements to help them pack on muscle and lose weight, very few of them look for brain-boosting supplements. Sure, you won’t find many supplements in the market that live up to their claims of boosting your mental capabilities.

However, nootropics aren’t among these fake supplements. Instead, nootropics are ideal for people looking to give their mental capacity a healthy boost. These supplements can improve your cognitive functioning and offer you some awe-inspiring results.

The best nootropics supplements contain natural ingredients and can help you make the most out of what they offer. However, it’s not easy choosing nootropics online when you don’t know where to begin. In addition, there is an abundance of sites online that claim to offer you the best nootropics, thereby making your choice more difficult.

Therefore, we’ve curated a list of the best brands in the industry that churn out high-quality nootropics. In the following sections, we’ve elaborated on these nootropics and brands’ features, pros, and cons. You should look at these before deciding which one to opt for here.

While we found many effective and affordable nootropics in the market, these 3 brands and products impressed us the most for various reasons. We’ve discussed these reasons at length below, so ensure you comb through them carefully.

We’ve elaborated on the pros, cons, and highlights of the best nootropics we found online in this section.

Top 3 Nootropics & Smart Drugs Reviewed

  1. NooCube: Overall Best Nootropics For Mental Health, Editor’s Choice
  2. Mind Lab Pro: Preferred Drug & Supplement For Weight Loss
  3. Focus Factor: Brain Pills For Best Focus & Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

#1. NooCube:  Overall Best Nootropics For Mental Health, Editor’s Choice

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You can search online all you like, and more often than not, you’ll see NooCube featured at the top of a list of best nootropics. This feature is because this formula has so many diverse benefits that it doesn’t make sense to feature it anywhere other than at the top.

We recommend this brand and product for several reasons, including the efficacy of the nootropic and the quality of its customer support services. No one purchasing from this brand will tell you that they didn’t have a smooth and hassle-free experience purchasing from its website.

NooCube contains the best natural ingredients to boost your mental performance shortly after consuming the drug. Among these ingredients is Brahmi and Alpha GPC. Brahmi is a herb used in India since ancient times. The remarkable properties of this herb are the stuff of legends, which is why many nootropic brands include it in their formulas.

Improved cognitive functioning and enhanced memory retention are among the primary benefits of this herb. On the other hand, Alpha GPC boosts the level of a vital neurotransmitter in your brain. With this increase comes an inevitable boost in your mental capabilities in due course.

A good dose of Alpha GPC can help you focus harder and learn better. So, if you’re facing difficulty concentrating while studying, then this ingredient could be the answer to your problems.

Besides, the product comes with fast shipping and attractive discounts, which is always a bonus for most users. Also, NooCube is among the handful of brands that offer international shipping on its orders. Sure, the international shipment takes two weeks or more for delivery, but this is still an imposing feature.

Moreover, you can access a money back guarantee when purchasing from this brand online. This guarantee is for users that didn’t have a pleasurable or helpful experience with the nootropic and wish to receive a full refund on their purchase.

Unlike many other brands in the wellness industry, NooCube’s guarantee includes handling, shipping, and other fees you may have borne when you purchased the product. Therefore, in other words, it’s more progressive regarding customer support policies and convenience than most other nootropic brands.

This feature also indicates that NooCube places a higher degree of reliance on customer relationships than you’d expect. In other words, it doesn’t just produce the best nootropics in the market, but it also has the best policies to ensure a high level of customer retention, which is always a good sign.


Diverse Ingredients: We recommend NooCube because it contains a potent combination of natural minerals and other ingredients. These ingredients work exceptionally well together to ensure you receive the various benefits of what nootropics offer you.

We’re incredibly impressed with the presence of Brahmi in this formula, an ingredient that imparts brain-boosting benefits like no other. Aside from herbs, NooCube also contains L-Theanine, which has a reputation for being a great mood-booster.

Therefore, if you generally feel stressed or on edge during the day or evening, then you should give this formula a go, and you won’t find yourself disappointed. Many customers praise that this nootropic helps them focus and learn better and makes them feel better.

Since there are very few nootropics in the market that offer similar benefits, you can see why this impressed us. Also, the presence of L-Theanine in this formula indicates it helps you relax while also helping you stay focused.

Customer Policies: After extensive research, we found that no other brand offers better customer support policies and services than NooCube. This brand offers users a 100% money back guarantee (including shipping and other charges) and fast shipping options. It also offers international users shipping options at reasonable rates.

Therefore, it makes its products more accessible to a diverse range of users that hesitate to purchase pricey nootropics. In this way, this brand allows users to enjoy the best of both worlds: effective nootropic and excellent customer service.


  • The dosage requirements are more accessible to follow than most other nootropics.
  • It comes with free shipping options.
  • It comes with international shipping, unlike other brands
  • There are no side effects associated with this product
  • It comes with a 2-month 100% money back guarantee
  • The brand used extensive research to manufacture this product
  • It contains powerful minerals and other ingredients that benefit most users
  • It has some of the best and most positive user reviews online


  • It could do with a better customer service team

=> Click here to visit the official website of NooCube

#2. Mind Lab Pro: Preferred Drug & Supplement For Weight Loss

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Produced by Opti-Nutra Ltd., this nootropic contains some of the best natural ingredients in the supplement industry. Moreover, since it’s to help you achieve optimal mental performance, this product offers you various additional benefits. Therefore, you stand to benefit from this nootropic in more than one way if you use it often enough.

This company follows stringent manufacturing standards to ensure its customers receive only safe and effective products. Therefore, you needn’t worry about facing unwanted side effects with this nootropic, even if you consume it every day.

This feature is a definitive advantage for users that wish to make the most out of brain-boosting nutritional supplements. In addition, like NooCube, Mind Lab Pro offers shipping options for overseas users. In other words, this is a global nootropic brand rather than a national one.

You’ll find rave reviews on this nootropic online and for excellent reasons. First, customers enjoy that it helps improve their focus and allows them to concentrate on a single task for hours at a stretch. In other words, it increases their mental capacity to get tasks done like never before.

If you use this nootropic according to the brand’s dosage instructions, then there’s no reason you won’t experience similarly positive effects. According to Mind Lab Pro, you can consume anything between 2 and 4 pills every day if you want to experience the many benefits this product offers.

Also, you can gulp down the pills with any drink of your choice, which is a feature appealing to a wide range of users. This feature displays the caliber of the brand and its willingness to factor customer convenience into its formula. The best time to consume these pills is early in the morning.

If you wish to increase your dosage, you can take an additional pill or two in the afternoon, which many users do. However, according to brand recommendations, you’ll need to take a few days off following prolonged periods of consumption.

For more details on the same, visit the brand’s official website.

Like all great nootropic formulas, Mind Lab Pro contains a good dose of L-Tyrosine. This ingredient is essentially an amino acid that helps you fight anxiety and the effects of stress. Therefore, if you consume it often, you’ll find yourself better able to combat the repercussions of dealing with stressful days.

It also contains Citicoline and other brain-boosting ingredients in reasonable quantities.


Reputed Company: Those familiar with Opti-Nutra Ltd. will likely know that it offers users only safe formulas. This reputed company follows the strictest quality control and safety standards to ensure their products tick all the relevant boxes in this regard.

The reputation this company enjoys is also thanks to the overwhelmingly positive reviews it frequently receives online. These reviews outline the efficacy of the nootropic and the fortunate lack of side effects it causes.

International Shipping And Other Policies: Users worldwide that wish to use nootropics are happy that a brand of Mind Lab Pro offers them the option to do the same. Free shipping is available on some orders, and all orders on the site qualify for international shipping.

Also, the brand offers you a 2-month money-back guarantee and ships its products on the day you order them, so you receive them pretty quickly.


  • It doesn’t contain common allergens like GMOs and soy
  • The company manufactures this product in the U.S. itself
  • Strict quality control procedures are in place to ensure the product is safe
  • Only ingredients backed by genuine scientific research are present in this formula
  • The formula undergoes lab testing by independent sources
  • The dosage instructions are convenient to follow
  • It doesn’t contain caffeine or any powerful stimulants


  • Only large and costly orders qualify for free shipping on the brand’s official site.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Mind Lab Pro

#3. Focus Factor: Brain Pills For Best Focus & Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

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This brand is one of the oldest brands in the industry and uses its experiences to give users access to the best nootropic formula. With about 2 decades of credible experience in the supplement industry, this brand offers you various health benefits.

However, for the sake of being concise, we’ll stick to the mental benefits here. The primary factor influencing our inclusion of this brand is improving your memory. So, if you struggle with your academics or work due to failing memory, this is the nootropic for you.

You’ll find your memory improving in no time once you start using this supplement every day. Also, it’s a great advantage that this company offers fast shipping on U.S. orders. Customers in the U.S. can expect to take delivery within a week from ordering on the site, which is faster than nearly any other nootropic brand in the industry.

However, like the two brands we’ve covered above, Focus Factor offers international shipping too. The most exciting feature of this supplement is that it offers you an app with a free trial if you purchase the nootropic. This app contains activities to boost the functioning of your brain.


Additional Features: Focus Factor goes above and beyond what people expect from a nootropic brand by giving users access to a training app and fast shipping. By focusing on more than one aspect of making nootropics available to users, this brand allows them to benefit from them in myriad ways.

Therefore, you can purchase from this brand if you’re looking for a well-rounded experience featuring nootropics.


  • The brand uses testing to ensure the formula is safe for most users
  • It comes with fast shipping
  • You can access a free trial on a training app offered with your nootropic purchase.
  • The brand is among the most experienced in the industry
  • The pills cause a negligible amount of side effects among most users
  • The brand offers more than a product to suit different needs


  • It contains animal-derived ingredients, so it’s not ideal for vegetarians and vegans.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Focus Factor

How We Made This List Of Brain Boosting Pills For Brain Stem Function

We wanted to ensure you received access to nothing but the best nootropics online to help you boost mental performance. So, first, we looked for nootropics that contained the best natural ingredients. This aspect of the supplements is essential because most people consume nootropics every day or a few times a week.

Therefore, it makes sense to search for brands that value the overall health of their customers by using only natural or organic ingredients. Ideally, these brands should pour in months or even years of research into finding the best ingredients to include in their nootropics.

After all, finding excellent quality, effective ingredients is no cakewalk, and different brands have different philosophies on the products they want to supply to their customers. For example, some brands value accessibility and use only vegan ingredients and their formulas. Therefore, nootropics produced by these brands are ideal for all kinds of users.

On the other hand, some brands emphasize allowing users to follow a healthier lifestyle. Unsurprisingly, these brands steer clear of using artificial additives and common allergens. These common allergens include gluten, dairy, and GMOs.

Brands that avoid using artificial ingredients are generally considered the best in the industry. Consuming nootropics produced by these brands will allow you to steer clear of side effects. We say this because, more often than not, consuming unnatural ingredients every day causes unwanted side effects on most people.

Besides, having good quality natural ingredients in the formula helps users improve their overall health. Think about it, if you consume a good dose of vitamins and minerals every day, then you’re more likely to stay healthy in the long run.

However, ingredients are just one factor we looked for when searching for the best nootropics online. Another major factor we looked for in these supplements is how safe they are. This point is correlated to ingredients because ingredients play a huge role in determining whether a nootropic is safe or not.

The best nootropics contain ingredients ideal for regular use and don’t cause side effects. As a result, all users can benefit from these drugs without fear of compromising their overall health. In addition, the companies producing safe nootropics ideally subject their formulas to third-party lab testing.

This testing dictates whether the combination of ingredients present in a formula is safe and healthy. Therefore, we looked for brands with a history of testing their products and included them here. After all, we don’t want you to consume nootropics that give you great results but don’t take care of your health.

Also, it’s important to note which brands care about the feedback they receive from their customers. While there are many excellent quality nootropic brands in the wellness industry, very few care about how their customers respond to their new formulas and policies.

Therefore, it’s not altogether surprising that these brands cannot maintain a high level of customer retention. Therefore, we wanted to include only brands that value customer feedback and, consequently, customer retention. You can check reviews of any of the brands and products we’ve reviewed below, and you’ll find nearly all positive reviews.

We took the time and effort required to go through every review, so you don’t have to. The feedback we found regarding these nootropics on third-party forums was promising in many ways.

Firstly, most positive reviews indicated that the products gave them astonishing results. Moreover, these products seemed especially helpful for those users who have to face mentally-challenging tasks every day.

Another talked-about feature of these products is how they have long-lasting effects. It’s not common for nootropics to work on your system for more than an hour; our favored products work for more than three hours.

What We Looked For In Nootropics

Safety, testing, and customer reviews are only a few features we looked for in the best nootropics available online. We prioritized other features that played a significant role in influencing our choice of brands and products.

You can go through these features here:

  • The policies offered by each brand regarding shipping, returns, exchanges, and much more
  • The efficacy of these nootropics and how well they worked on different people’s systems
  • The effects of the drugs and how long they lasted on various users
  • The pricing policies created by these brands and whether these were affordable for most users
  • The quality of promotional offers and discounts, if any, offered by the brands to loyal customers

So there you have it: the primary factors we gathered into account while choosing nootropics. If you wish to learn more about how you can choose the best products and benefit from them, ensure you read all subsequent sections carefully.

Buying Guide Of Nootropic Supplement For Mental Wellness

It isn’t enough to rely on brand and product reviews to decide which nootropics you should choose to benefit from in the short or long run. Instead, you should have a clear idea of what you’re looking for in each product before you invest your money in one.

All said and done, and nootropics aren’t the most affordable drugs in the wellness industry.

Bearing the following factors in mind will help you pick the best nootropics for regular use:


The primary reason we recommend reading a product’s ingredient list is that its formula influences every aspect of its work. A nootropic with a cheap price tag but a poor formula won’t work half as well as you were hoping it would. Besides, even with a cheap price tag, nootropics are often pretty pricey.

Therefore, reading about the ingredients present in a formula will help you determine its efficacy and safety. But, first, you should go for a smart drug containing ingredients that can boost brain performance.

Remember, the reason you opted to look for nootropics, to begin with, is to help you cope with some challenging mental tasks and activities. Therefore, choosing a product or brand that ticks all the right boxes doesn’t offer you impressive results doesn’t make sense.

Ensure you read the ingredients list posted online on a nootropic brand’s official site before proceeding with your purchase. A reputed brand won’t shy away from offering you adequate information on the ingredients present in its nootropic. Remember to look for safe, clean, and powerful ingredients.

If you’re confused about what these ingredients are, we can help. The best nootropics contain some form of vitamin B, Citicoline, L-Tyrosine, ginkgo, and L-Theanine. Of course, many other ingredients find themselves in a high-quality nootropics formula.

However, as a good rule of thumb, look for these ingredients, and you won’t go wrong on the efficacy and safety fronts. Besides, many of these ingredients (like vitamin B) offer you health benefits aside from their brain-boosting abilities.

For instance, vitamin B improves your energy levels and promotes a healthy appetite. Therefore, consuming it often enough will benefit you from these features. On the other hand, L-Theanine can help you feel relaxed and regulate your blood pressure levels.

As you can see, you don’t need to pick out nootropics based on their mental benefits alone. The best brands in the wellness industry are careful to use diverse and influential ingredients in their formulas to help users perform better at their routine activities.

In doing so, they ensure you are well-rounded while using nootropics, something that you won’t find with every wellness supplement. Besides, these ingredients should be natural or organic, so you won’t face any long-term consequences from using them.

More often than not, brands that offer you their products for cheap do so because they use artificial ingredients instead of natural ones. Unfortunately, these filler ingredients have negligible effects, let alone benefits, and using them regularly could cause side effects in the long run.

Therefore, it makes sense to look for nootropics with clean and safe natural ingredients to care for your needs and preferences.

Research And Testing

With wellness brands coming up with new formulas every second day, it can be pretty overwhelming to figure out which brands deserve your trust and which don’t. Unfortunately, more often than not, brands claiming to help you achieve extraordinary results with their nootropics aren’t being entirely honest.

These brands are unwilling to furnish you with proof regarding their claims, which is a good indicator of their dishonesty. But how do you determine which brands are worth your trust and which aren’t? It’s not as tricky as you’d think.

The best wellness brands producing nootropics conduct extensive research regarding the ingredients and processes to better their formulas. In addition, these brands are more than willing to go the extra mile to ensure users receive nothing but premium-quality supplements to support their needs.

They enlist the services of the best minds in the field to help them understand how they can improve their products. Each ingredient included in their products is only present because scientific research warrants its presence.

In other words, these brands aren’t adding ingredients for the sake of adding them; every ingredient contributes something unique and valuable to the formula. So, you could benefit significantly from the vitamins, minerals, and more present in these nootropics.

Not only do these brands use legitimate research to back their claims, but they also allow you to access all information relevant to their manufacturing methods and ingredients. So, you can read about the details of the same online to obtain a fuller picture of how a specific nootropic will affect your body once you consume it.

Also, note that reliable brands don’t hesitate to test their products in genuine, reputed independent laboratories. These brands appreciate the importance of customer safety and comfort. The tests used by the labs aim towards identifying the different ingredients present in a nootropic and the quantities in which they’re present.

Therefore, these tests are helpful for users who wish to be more conscious about the safety of the formulas they’re consuming, which ideally should be every user. Also, brands must share the testing information with users via their website. Therefore, a brand that shares such information is reliable.

The lab reports published online by such brands should contain relevant testing processes and results. Also, ordinary users should read these results to be truly useful.

Needs And Preferences

Last but not least, you should opt for nootropics only if you genuinely need them and think they can help you perform better every day. Unfortunately, many people purchase these drugs for the sake of trying something new and face unwanted side effects as a result. Therefore, if you don’t want to face a similar fate, you should be sure of what you want.

Do you want nootropics to help you focus better on your work and studies, or do you want them because everyone seems interested in them lately? If your reason for using nootropics is the former, you can expect a great experience with these drugs.

After all, most people that use them for the proper purposes report achieving some genuinely astonishing results in the process. The ingredients and processes involved in crafting nootropics determine how they can affect you, as we discussed above.

Therefore, you should consider these right after thinking about your needs and preferences.

Since we’re speaking of needs, we might mention that people need smart drugs like nootropics. In other words, no two people might find themselves satisfied with the same nootropic formula since they have varying needs and expectations in this regard.

Therefore, it’s always a good idea to evaluate your needs before you purchase smart drugs (or any drugs, for that matter) online. Nootropics can benefit you in various ways, but it could also cause side effects in the process.

Therefore, you should carefully evaluate what you need them to do for you and whether you’re willing to face the risk of experiencing unwanted side effects. For example, if you need a nootropic with soothing and relaxing effects, you should look for one containing L-Tyrosine or L-Theanine.

On the other hand, if you need a nootropic that boosts your energy levels along with your mental performance, then you could opt for one that contains vitamin B. Better still, if you need a formula that combines the best of both worlds, then look for one that contains a wide array of powerful natural ingredients.

Also, you should bear your preferences in mind while choosing nootropics online. After all, you’ll presumably use these drugs every day or a few times a week at the very least, so you should ideally enjoy using them.

It’s not uncommon to find people benefiting greatly from a smart drug formula rather than stopping because they don’t like the taste! Also, you might be allergic to one or more ingredients present in a formula, so you should think about checking out the ingredients list for these.

Lastly, it would help to consider whether you prefer using a nootropic early in the morning or later on during the day. Different formulas work differently, and some are better for daytime use while others are ideal for use in the evenings.

Depending on your preferences and the timing of your work or studies, you should choose which brand to choose.

FAQs On Nootropics

Following are the FAQs associated with nootropics:

Q – Are Nootropics As Powerful As Brands Claim?

  1. The answer to this question is: yes, and no. In some ways, nootropics are indeed as powerful as many brands would have you believe. But, on the other hand, they only work well for some users while others are duly disappointed.

The experience you have with nootropics depends upon several factors, starting with their expectations. First, you have to remember that nootropics don’t perform miracles. If you’re expecting to get a promotion at work or an ‘A’ grade on academics solely with drugs, then you’re in for a surprise.

Nootropics work in much the same way as other nutritional supplements do. Take, for example, weight loss pills. These pills are highly effective for many people, and scores of people claim they lost considerable amounts of weight thanks to them. But, on the other hand, some users claim they aren’t as effective.

Users who find them practical work out often and follow a healthy diet. The same logic applies to using nootropics. If you don’t put in the required effort and expect them to work, they won’t.

However, if you supplement them with a healthy diet and a fixed schedule for your work and studies, then they could work wonders. How you benefit from them depends on the minor lifestyle changes you’re willing to make every day. Therefore, in other words, nootropics are only as effective as you allow them to be.

Q – Is It Safe To Use Nootropics Every day?

  1. Yes! You’d find yourself surprised at how many people use nootropics a few times a week or every day to supplement their needs and preferences. Think about it; you’d ideally need to use them pretty often if you wish to experience a difference in your work or academics, wouldn’t you?

Therefore, it’s reasonable to expect you can use them every day, and brands know that. Wellness brands producing nootropics bear this in mind to help them design and sell safe formulas. We know such formulas are safe because they contain natural ingredients.

Not only do they contain a lot of natural ingredients, but they’re also free from chemical additives. Consuming artificial additives often can cause considerable damage to your body if you don’t watch out. Therefore, you need to be very careful in this regard.

Ensure the brands you trust to allow you access to the ingredients list. The ingredients lists posted on a brand’s official website should contain the makes of the ingredients and the quantities of the ingredients. Therefore, you would know what’s in a nootropic formula after viewing them.

Knowing the ingredients will give you some assurance over the product’s safety. Also, you should look for formulas that contain ingredients you’re allergic to and actively avoid them. If you’re vegan, look out for brands that use animal-derived ingredients in their nootropics, though this isn’t common.

Lastly, if you want safe nootropics, look for brands that test their formulas using third-party labs. Ideally, these labs should have a good reputation, and the company should be willing to share detailed reports with users. Don’t trust if a brand claims that its products underwent testing but offers no proof.

The same goes for brands that claim not to cause side effects, but their customer reviews indicate otherwise. These brands wish to portray their products as safe and clean, but you should consider it if you find evidence to the contrary.

Q – Will I Test Positive On A Drug Test If I Use Nootropics?

  1. Nootropics aren’t like traditional drugs because they don’t contain THC or other ingredients. These ingredients get you high and cause you to test positive on a drug test. However, since nootropics don’t contain them, it’s unlikely that you’ll fail a drug test if you use them.

However, you should know that this applies to nootropics containing organic and natural ingredients. In addition, you’ll come across several cheap nootropics in the market that contain artificial additives. Sometimes, these additives contain chemical compounds that can cause you to fail a drug test.

More often than not, this happens because the properties of some chemicals are similar to those of THC, etc. Therefore, you can test positive on a drug test even though you didn’t use drugs. The best way to avoid this is to consume only natural nootropics.

Throughout this article, we’ve cautioned you about the dangers of not examining the ingredients lists of the nootropic you’re purchasing. Going through these lists carefully to check for chemical additives and avoid formulas that contain them would be wiser than you think.

The nootropics we’ve chosen above contain natural ingredients only, and you’ll benefit from them in various ways, including clearing a drug test. Therefore, you can use them without reservation and experience their benefits for yourself.

Conclusion: Buy The Best Supplements For Depression & Mental Illness

The best nootropics featured above offer you manifold benefits and help you achieve your mental targets more effectively. These supplements contain potent ingredients that allow users to harness their mental capabilities without causing side effects. Therefore, you can use them without fear or reservation.

Also, these nootropics aren’t unreasonably costly, so purchasing them won’t be a financial burden.

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