Exercise in Utility

Looking to get in shape in 2011 (but not motivated enough to stick with a gym routine)? Hit the ground running with fitness accessories and workout equipment for home use.

1. The Life Fitness G7 home gym provides multiple exercise options for a customized workout. It includes two 160-pound weight stacks with pulleys that adjust to 20 positions, a multi-position pull-up/chin-up bar and a removable bench for a total-body workout that targets every muscle group. $2,999-$3,499; Busy Body Gyms to Go near The Mall at Millenia. 407-370-2558; gymstogo.com

2. FitKit Home includes an exercise band, resistance tube, jump rope and stability attachment, along with a pedometer with safety alarm, reflective armband and ID tag for when you venture away from home. The FitKit also provides access to an online library where you can find home-specific exercises, as well as nutrition, fitness and safety tips. $29.99; fitkit.com.

3. Tone your thighs, calves, butt, abs, shoulders and arms all at the same time while on the Landice E7 ElliptiMill Elliptical Trainer. The machine comes in four models, each with a different display option, including an integrated 15-inch LCD TV with DVD player. Select a workout program and watch the LED display show your speed, time, distance and calories burned while a monitor tracks your heart rate. $2,895-$4,095; Exercise Systems, 6881 Kingspointe Parkway, Suite 10,
Orlando. 407-996-8890; exercisesystems.com

4. Walking regularly can improve circulation, boost the immune system, combat depression, burn off extra pounds and help prevent osteoporosis. All you need is a good pair of walking shoes and you’re ready to go. The physician-designed Balance shoe by Dr. Andrew Weil Integrative Footwear is specifically shaped for walking. $124 at Shooz, 303 Park Ave. N., Winter Park and 8015 Turkey Lake Road, Orlando

5. Tennessee resident Steve Ferrusi invented the FitDesk as his answer to sedentary computer use. It’s a compact, collapsible exercise bike that boasts a no-slip platform where you can perch your computer or paperwork while pedaling. $289.99; fitdeskbike.com

6. Kettlebells are compact and adaptable to a variety of weight-based exercises. Fitness company GoFit and trainer Bob Harper (The Biggest Loser) have teamed to introduce Contoured Kettlebells that comfortably rest against the wrist and forearm. Weights range from 7 to 25 pounds and cost $24.99-$59.99; gofit.net and Target


For some people, swimming makes the best sense as a fitness routine because it is easier on the joints than running or working out on some cardio machines. But unless there is an Olympic-sized pool in your backyard, swimming as exercise is best done at an aquatic center. If you’re a swimmer, Finis has all sorts of nifty aquatic gadgets to help you train and keep track of your progress while in the water. With its figerglass blade, the Trainer I Monofin (top; $169.99) is ideal for helping you lengthen your stroke and improve body balance and core muscle conditioning. While you’re in the pool, the Swimsense watch (left; $199.99) keeps track of pace times, distance swum (meters/yards/laps), stroke count, stroke rate, distance-per-stroke and calories burned. finisinc.com

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