Cosmetic Procedures: What's Your Plan?

With each patient's unique expectations and goals, it's important to develop a personalized rejuvenation plan.

Every patient has a unique story to tell. While many come in before (before a wedding, career change, reunion, or beach vacation) and others a­fter (a­fter losing 40 pounds, having children, a divorce, or car accident), every patient is given ample time during a consultation to relay their story and their reasons for seeking a plastic surgical transformation. Great attention is paid to the reason a person seeks plastic surgery and how they perceive it will change their lives.

Dr. Charles Newman, Jr., of Newman Plastic Surgery, believes it is important to develop a personalized rejuvenation plan for each patient in order to reach their aesthetic potential. He takes into account patient lifestyle, activities, and occupation in planning to optimize recovery and long-lasting results. The reason why each person seeks treatment, their expectations, and goals are unique. ­Their treatment plan should reflect this individuality. In most instances, the downtime is relative to the extent of the procedure. Dr. Newman cautions patients to plan adequately for recovery.

Whether considering the face, breasts, or body, it is imperative to understand how these areas complement each other aesthetically. One patient described to Dr. Newman her concerns, “After having three children, my breasts lost significant volume. I exercise and stay active but no matter how much I work out, I have loose belly skin that makes finding outfits difficult.” For this patient, Dr. Newman combined a tummy tuck and breast augmentation to address her concerns. An avid tennis player and native Floridian stated, “Over the last few years, I just look more tired and older than I felt.” For this patient, Dr. Newman restored her to a more youthful appearance with facelift and blepharoplasty (eyelid lift), coupled with volume restoration, laser resurfacing, and skin care.

Understanding the intricacies of aesthetic balance is part of what sets Dr. Newman apart. ­There is subtlety required in all procedures, even when extreme results are sought. “Plastic surgery is much more sophisticated today than in years past,” says Dr. Newman. “There are more options and higher expectations. I fully understand the need to minimize recovery time, yet still deliver the highest quality results.” His passion is to achieve enhanced but natural results. “Achieving aesthetic harmony ensures that people notice you and not the work you have had done. Good work doesn’t look like ‘work.’ There are several areas such as the eyelids or nose where subtlety is the key. In other areas, such as the breast and abdomen, dramatic changes can be achieved through surgical intervention.”  As a plastic surgery practice, we are able to properly assess and offer options that include skin care, laser resurfacing, volume and structural restoration with fillers, and surgery when appropriate.

Dr. Newman is board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. He strongly endorses the American Society of Plastic Surgeon’s “Do Your Homework” campaign. This program encourages patients to make informed decisions about procedures and who is performing them. “It is not the paint or the canvas but rather the artist that creates the masterpiece. It is imperative that patients seek a surgeon with the proper credentials and training to achieve the best results. Understanding your surgeon’s practice philosophy also ensures it is a ‘good fit’ for your goals.” Dr. Newman performs all of his surgeries at an accredited outpatient surgical center or hospital. Dr. Newman also works with his wife, board-certified physician assistant, Dzi Newman. ­The dynamic of the two is an asset to each patient’s experience. “Having her with me ensures every last detail is attended to. Many patients find additional comfort in her presence, both during the consultation and during surgery. Multiple procedures can be safely and effectively performed in one setting,” says Dr. Newman. It is often beneficial in keeping costs down, minimizing downtime, and obtaining proper balance in the result.” Plastic surgery is an investment in yourself that will ideally yield a lifetime of dividends.

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A portion of the information in this article was extracted from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons website,

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