Changing Course

This Honest Food refocuses, while lobster rolls out of O.C. Brewers. Plus another Cooking With Friends experience.


Get out those red pens. . .

Sad to say, but whenever you amass a compendium of the cool and unusual like our current Food Adventures 2: A Taste Odyssey issue, chances are things will evaporate before you’ve had time to turn the page.

Such is the case with one of our Spotlight features, Dawn Viola and This Honest Food. Dawn is a dedicated and enthusiastic champion of people with food allergy issues, and her little shop in Clermont was designed to teach people different ways of looking at food. Unfortunately, the realities of running a small business and keeping cooking classes filled became too much of a challenge, and Dawn closed the physical shop on October 14. As she says on Facebook, “We're proud of what we built, and so glad we gave it a try. Sometimes business concepts don't work well in certain areas—it happens.” However, This Honest Food remains, and Dawn is still teaching, still conducting workshops in various venues, and still, as she says, “opening up new worlds.”  

One of the entries in the “One Of a Kind” section has moved on: Red Claw, serving pizza and lobster rolls at Orange County Brewers, has left the building. No word on their plans. Taking over the spot is a second location for Pizza Bruno, the darling of the newly coined Curry Ford West district. Up ahead, Slice by Pizza Bruno, an old-fashioned New York by-the-slice shop that chef Bruno Zacchini has been talking to me about for months, opens in a former tattoo/acupuncture space at 1011 N. Mills Ave. early next year.


As part of their ongoing Cooking With Friends series, Joseph and David Creech and the chefs of Hunger Street Tacos join forces with Kevin and Maria Ruiz of pop-up specialists Papa Llama for a Peru-meets-Mexico collaboration to celebrate Día de Muertos. It happens on Friday, November 2 at event space/revolving food hall/social experiment/cool hang The Heavy in Winter Park. Tickets and more info here.

The menu (tix give you tastes of all entrees and one dessert) includes pinchos of grilled octopus, ox heart, chorizo, purple Peruvian potato and salsa criolla; Peruvian beans and rice tacu tacu fritter with chicken thigh and mole; crispy potatoes with Mexican maíz, pepper sauce and queso blanco; and sirloin stir fry with grilled nopal cactus. Desserts are Peruvian alfajor shortbread with dulce de leche; and a sweet bread called pan de muerto, which I think is a great band name. Hunger Street’s Joseph Creech says, “We have been waiting for the right time to cook with Papa Llama. …When the opportunity presented itself for us to host our first Día de Muertos celebration at The Heavy, we felt like now was the time. We have collaborated to create a menu that highlights the diversity and exceptional cuisines of both Mexico and Peru.”

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