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The idea that a pill can augment human intelligence and make an individual brilliant appeared to many like a concept from a science fiction movie. But when a few dietary wellness best nootropics supplement manufacturers announced the launch of such “wonder” pills, industry watchers across the United States sat up and took notice, while the commoners scratched their heads in disbelief.

This “wonder” pill, best nootropics, stirred up quite a storm, turning the nation on its head, and within days of its launch, the product caught the Americans’ fancy for what it promised to deliver, i.e., to ameliorate various visages of cognition.

Nootropics, commonly known as brain-boosters, are wonder substances found naturally in our bodies. These are truly amazing cognitive enhancers. Modern science has succeeded in artificially manufacturing these chemicals, using some natural ingredients, and making these substances available in the pill or powder forms for all and sundry.

In this article, we will attempt to review these best nootropics supplement brands and their products, threadbare, which will give you a conclusive idea of why we have chosen them from the labyrinth that throngs the American supplement market.

Best Brands Of Nootropic Supplements: 2023

#1. NooCube — Overall Best Brand Of Nootropics For Brain Health

#2. Mind Lab Pro Universal Nootropic — Trusted Work Performance Booster For Professionals

#3. Focus Factor — Best Brain Supplement For Focus, Memory & Critical Thinking

#1. NooCube — Overall Best Brand Of Nootropics For Brain Health

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An Overview

NooCube helped Emily J become organized, balanced, and on the ball. She would earlier start and stop tasks almost every day at work. There are hundreds and thousands of Emilys in the US who have benefited from taking NooCube. Many of them are students, while others include professionals, businessmen, athletes, and performers of different hues. The best nootropics brand’s beneficiaries also include elderly citizens.

To people living with deadlines, NooCube has been almost a consistent companion, a partner in their wellness for the past decade. The company says that NooCube helps the brain’s cognitive functioning in a safe and effective manner.

NooCube, supplied and manufactured by Glasgow-based Wolfson Brands (UK) Limited, has taken the US market by storm after leading the British supplements industry for over a decade. This best nootropics supplement quality is impeccable and is manufactured using 100% effective ingredients at FDA-approved facilities.

It is a pioneering and well-researched formulation, curated by Europe’s top neuroscientists, combining 13 natural ingredients proven to be helpful in boosting human cognition.

Another MooCube customer, Jeffrey P, had tried many other nootropic supplements before becoming committed to this best nootropics brand. Products from the other brands made him feel sick to his stomach. He tried NooCube on the recommendations of one of his co-workers and liked the product. It helped him remain focused all day at work and made the work feel easier. He now recommends NooCube to others.


  • Made with award-winning functional ingredient lutemax® 2020, making it a super nutrient for human brains.
  • A comprehensive daily nootropic formula.
  • No prescriptions required to buy or use NooCube.
  • All ingredients are tested, effective, pure, safe, and clinically proven to boost human cognitive skills.
  • These ingredients are sourced mainly from nature.
  • Doesn’t contain stimulants (not even caffeine!)
  • Extremely conducive for men and women of all ages.
  • Simple dosage; two capsules daily, at least 30 minutes before your work.
  • Sold in a container containing 60 capsules, i.e., enough to last a month for a single user.
  • Lutemax® 2020 was found to improve attention span, boost memory, reduce mental stress, and improve the brain’s processing speed.
  • Legal in all countries worldwide.
  • Most sought-after product among parents, athletes, high achievers, students, and adults over 55.
  • Besides lutemax® 2020, NooCube’s ingredients include Huperzia Serrata, a herbal extract from a Chinese moss, and Bacopa Monnieri, a natural adaptogen.


  • May help gain razor-sharp focus
  • May improve users’ problem-solving skills
  • Continued use of NooCube often helps boost memory and mental alertness
  • Claimed to protect the eyes from the daily use of blue light.
  • Seen to reduce debilitating brain fog perceptibly.
  • All-natural, vegetarian, gluten-free, and non-GMO
  • Big savings on bundle purchases
  • A 100% satisfaction guarantee with a 60-day money-back assurance
  • Helps fight brain fatigue and stress
  • Soy-free and grain-free
  • Shipped free of cost, globally.
  • Safe payment system


  • The effects are not instantaneous (but which natural product has such effects, anyway?). You need to give it at least 30 minutes for it to start working.
  • The best nootropics company free global shipping is slow. Buyers in Canada have to wait for 15 days to receive the product, and the brand takes about five to eight days to get it delivered within the United States.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Noocube

#2. Mind Lab Pro Universal Nootropic — Trusted Work Performance Booster For Professionals

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An Overview

Mind Lab Pro innovated Universal Nootropic because it found many other brands are rather ‘narrow-minded’. The other nootropic supplements available on the market appear to target only two or three brain pathways helping augmentation of either the memory or just the focus. Mind Lab Pro felt pained by this limitation of the other brands that did not try to address the full powers of human brains.

Mind Lab Pro developed Universal Nootropic to offer Americans a nootropic supplement that will function as a whole-brain optimizer, help everyone perform better, and meet the ever-changing mental performance demands.

Mind Lab Pro Universal Nootropic is a holistic brain-boosting supplement that contains 11 nootropics capable of optimizing six brain pathways from multiple angles. It, unlike the other brands, is designed to unlock 100% brainpower helping people in their studies and learning, augmenting the performance of all hues, increasing mental processing speed, boosting creativity and abstract thinking, increasing memory and recalling capability, improving communication skills and verbal fluency, and raising the attention span.

Mind Lab Pro claims that if you use its nootropic supplement, Universal Nootropic, you will never need to try any other brand. Mind Lab’s claim exudes confidence, which emanates from the quality of the nootropic supplement it manufactures.

Manufactured by OptiNutra Ltd of the United Kingdom, Universal Nootropic ingredients are some of the cleanest, purest, and most potent. They are of premium quality and are quarantined and tested before entering the manufacturing facility.

Mind Lab Pro Universal Nootropic has been scientifically proven to work. The company claims that its v4.0 is the world’s best nootropic formula that was put under independent and tough double-blind, placebo-controlled trials by Britain’s Leeds University.

This nootropic supplement doesn’t contain any caffeine, yet the brand claims that it can be your perfect companion at the morning coffee table.

The supplement contains ingredients that effectively complement caffeine, enhancing the effect of your morning coffee. Take two capsules with your morning coffee and remain powered up the whole day with clean, calm, jitter-free mental energy.


  • Its v4.0 is the world’s best nootropic formula.
  • A proven nootropic supplement, powered by independent research and science
  • Fresh, premium-quality ingredients procured from leading global suppliers
  • Dosage: Two capsules a day in the morning with coffee, water, or fruit juice
  • Takes about 30 minutes to start working
  • Free of added stimulants, including caffeine
  • Available in bottles containing 60 capsules
  • Tested in a third-party laboratory for purity and safety
  • No proprietary blends — transparent ingredients list
  • No cellulose or gelatin; capsules are prebiotic
  • No unnecessary additives; cleanest and purest brain booster on the market
  • Completely free of allergens, GMOs, microbes, pesticides, and herbicides.
  • One million bottles of Universal Nootropic sold across six continents so far
  • Thousands of happy customers gave the brand five-star reviews
  • Eco-friendly brand; uses recyclable cardboard boxes for shipping
  • Best suited for ambitious professionals, achievers, students, competitive sports personalities, athletes, and active older adults.


  • Pro-vegan, natural, and organic product
  • Free of gluten, caffeine, and racetams
  • Known for boosting mental clarity, memory, and mood, and ensuring long-range brain health.
  • Dosage is easy to remember
  • Consistent use may help you retain your edge, mental sharpness and clarity, brain’s processing speed, focus, and power.
  • Popular for helping enhance motivation, attentiveness, focus, clarity of mind, and creativity
  • Fast & free shipping on all orders worth more than $180.
  • Contains 11 natural nootropic ingredients
  • You can get a free bottle along with bulk purchases (at least three bottles).


  • May be considered expensive by some
  • Not enough information on the brand’s website about the holding company
  • Effects may kick in a little slowly at first; usually about 30 minutes

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Mind Lab Pro

#3. Focus Factor — Best Brain Supplement For Focus, Memory & Critical Thinking

Best Nootropics 3

An Overview

For 20 years, Focus Factor has been on a mission — to improve and enhance Americans’ cognitive skills, focus, attention span, clarity of mind, etc. Over the years, the brand has been raging a relentless war against Alzheimer’s and dementia, saving people from these maladies globally.

With millions of bottles sold already, Focus Factor has stood tall like a lighthouse in the darkness, helping people the world over to improve their memory, focus, and concentration.

Even the best nutritional food often falls short of offering all the nutrients to our brain. And that is the time Focus Factor, one of the finest nootropic supplements available on the market, steps in to fill in the blank, offering our brains the right fuel and in the right quantity.

The brand takes pride in what it does and curates its nootropic supplements using Focus Factor ​Original​ — a clinically tested and proven formula. This formula, the brand says, has changed the lives of thousands from all around the world.

The results of clinical trials that the brand carried out showed Focus Factor ​Original​ improved memory, concentration, and focus of people by about 44 percent after six weeks of administration.​ It is, therefore, a matter of small wonder what Danny R vouched for. In his review of the brand, he said that he experienced a perceptible improvement in his concentration after using the Focus Factor nootropic supplement.

Unlike many others on the market, the product range of Focus Factor is impressively wide. Its adult nootropics, extra strength nootropics, brain boosters for kids, etc., are unique brain-boosting supplements meant for specific age groups. Focus Factor also makes nootropic gummies.

The Focus Factor Kids is available in two varieties – Kids Chewables and Kids Extra Strength. They are unique products designed keeping in mind the specific needs of kids and their still-developing brains. The Focus Factor Kids are available in Berry Blast flavor.

The brand’s Brain & Vision is designed to improve vision and overall brain functioning.


  • These supplements (for adults and kids) contain excellent blends of effective and potent proprietary and natural ingredients.
  • A six-week-long clinical trial carried out by Focus Factor on adult subjects showed encouraging results. The subjects’ memory, concentration, and focus were claimed to have improved by 44%.
  • Nootropic gummies are also available with this brand, i.e., if you’re interested in that option.
  • Perhaps the only brand that produces specialized nootropics exclusively for kids.
  • High in quality, purity, potency, and safety
  • Backed by the brand’s robust quality assurance and real science
  • Ingredients are sourced from all over the world to ensure the best of everything.
  • The kids-only supplements contain the right balance of vitamins and nutrients needed for kids’ evolving brains.
  • Safe for kids as young as four years


  • Also available both online (Amazon retail) and at offline stores, like Walmart, Costco, Walgreens, Target, CVS Pharmacy, etc.
  • 100% free from added stimulants.
  • No known adverse effects
  • All-natural ingredients; 100% pure and safe
  • Global shipping arrangement in place
  • 20 years of experience and expertise in the industry


  • Its seven-day return policy was not a big hit with the customers
  • No refund requests accepted
  • Not vegan-friendly
  • The brand website isn’t the most informative

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Focus Factor

What Made Us So Sure Of These Nootropic Supplements: How Did We Select The Brands?

Curating the list was like finding a needle in a haystack. The market, we found, was awash with dozens of brands. The hullabaloo of their claims was deafening. Trust us when we say that finding the best nootropic supplements was quite a challenge.

Naturally, there has been a rising demand for nootropics across the world, especially in the US — with all the stress and tension of our daily lives. Over the past decade, it has powered the growth and mushrooming of many companies manufacturing such supplements.

But, this sprouting of new companies has been both a boon and a bane.

The market has turned competitive, benefitting the end-users as much as it has added unfathomable confusion. Nootropic supplements have now become affordable, following price wars that came close on the heels of the mushrooming of companies. And, unfortunately, at the same time, the nootropic supplement market has got inundated with sub-par products. Alarmingly, one out of every three brands available in the market makes lousy products but claims them to be the best ever made!

The cacophony of advertisements has added to the confusion. Besmirched buyers are ending up buying rubbish products and are finding themselves mired in trouble.

The use of nootropics may indeed be propitious, but the condition is to use the best supplements. The use of sub-par products can land you in some serious trouble with your health. So much so that instead of making you sharper, a poor-grade product could turn you into a dumb cluck of the worst kind.

No one wants that! So, you need to be careful.

In a market that is flooded with nootropic supplement brands, it can be quite arduous to find one that is genuinely good and efficient.

So, to make your search simpler, we have undertaken extensive search and research, rummaging through the market to come up with these three brands of nootropics that have actually lived up to all our criteria, conditions, and expectations.

After hours of research, analysis, and deliberation, we decided to recommend them to you.

But we were determined. Our approach was quite simple but effective.

We created a few yardsticks and measured nearly all the brands, painstakingly.

Our criteria included different aspects of products and brands, such as ingredients, quality, purity, safety, brand reputation, price, shipping and refund policy, customer service, customer reviews, etc.

#1. Ingredients

Right from the beginning of our screening process, we decided to avoid brands that didn’t use natural ingredients. To determine that, we meticulously went over all the ingredients of every product sold by the different brands selling nootropic supplements in the United States.

We were particularly fastidious about the ingredients as we believe the quality and safety of edible supplements depend largely on the raw materials used. Nootropics are a special kind of supplements used to reinforce one of the most sensitive and essential parts of the human body. These supplements ought to be made from all-natural ingredients, or else they will either be of no use or, in the worst scenario, be extremely harmful.

The three nootropic supplement brands we chose have used only the best, high-quality, natural, and effective ingredients, and are therefore the safest to consume.

#2. Quality, Purity, And Safety

If not for anything else, we chose these three brands for their product quality and purity of their ingredients. These nootropic supplements are certainly the purest and 100% safe for human consumption. We were very impressed by how much thought and dedication have gone into the selection of these quality ingredients.

#3. Brand Reputation

We decided that we will not consider any brands that are younger than ten years old in the business of making dietary supplements, especially nootropics. Our justification was the firm conviction these brands have and hold among thousands of people across the country. Besides, for good reasons, it is believed that a reputable company or a brand will never launch a sub-par product in the market.

And that was why the three best nootropics brands we chose to include have the experience and reputation that customers usually look for and often vouch for, and can trust almost blindfolded.

#4. Customer Reviews

The customers’ reviews and testimonials also went a long way in helping us formulate this list of the three best nootropics. Their reviews offered us enough insight into the inner workings of these brands and the quality of their supplements. We gathered adequate information regarding their quality, safety, purity, and ingredients’ efficacy, both individually and together.

An overwhelming majority of people appeared pleased with these products and the companies’ services. Many of them were repeat buyers.

#5. Shipping

To have a foolproof shipping arrangement is more than just a formality; it is a necessity. To build a brand reputation, you need to deliver your products on time. It’s one of the pillars of success of an online business enterprise.

A large number of customers, especially those under 35, say that they prefer buying online from companies that guarantee same-day shipping. Most reputable e-commerce companies offer free and fast shipping to keep customers happy and win their loyalty. A move is underway to ensure 24-hours shipping.

Though none of the nootropic manufacturers in the United States offer that kind of shipping yet, the three brands we have chosen for inclusion in our list offer the best, free, and fastest shipping, among others.

#6. Return & Refund Policies

Comprehensive and concise return and refund policies give customers a very strong feeling of security and confidence in the product they buy. The absence of these two policies or policies that are not very customer-friendly often dissuades customers as they don’t feel secure about buying things from such companies.

Marketing specialists say that good return and refund policies often act as guarantees. And, we agree with them completely.

That was why we considered only those companies that have good return and refund policies while choosing the best brands making nootropics supplements. It gives us great pleasure to inform you that the three brands we finally chose sport the kind of return and refund policies the customers would love.

Here’s How You Can Easily Choose The Best Brands Of Nootropics — A Beginner’s Guide

In life, most of us have made at least one or two online purchases that we still regret because we didn’t do our due diligence and bought in a hurry. Our faux pas has taught us lessons and the importance of doing our diligence before buying anything online. Due diligence entails in-depth research into products and manufacturers.

A market survey done a few years ago suggested that at least 53% of buyers do thorough research before committing to a purchase online to ensure they don’t get ripped off and end up repeating the same gaffe they committed earlier, i.e., of trusting the wrong seller.

And it is here the importance of a buying guide comes into play.

You may want to do your research on the product before making up your mind to buy but don’t know how to go about it. This section of the article has been tailored for those of you who are still confused about how to choose the kind of product that is right for you.

Hundreds and thousands of online buyers have benefitted from reading our buying guide. We are sure you will, too. Because online buying demands informed decisions, and that’s what our guide aims to inculcate in you.

Keeping the following factors in mind while buying nootropic supplements online will enable you to make a good decision — one that you won’t regret in the future.

#1. Ingredients

Know the ingredients used in the nootropic supplement you want to buy. Remember, taking nootropics is the best way to enhance your cognition, and its use can be beneficial in hundreds of manners. But you must take the best and the purest one that contains valuable, efficient, and safe ingredients. Otherwise, you could face some serious health problems.

You can get a fair idea about the ingredients from the list provided on the manufacturer’s website and product labels. The manufacturers are obligated to provide customers with such information openly and clearly. Research the functions and efficacy of each ingredient and find out if they are 100% naturally sourced.

#2. Customer Reviews

Nothing offers better insight into a product and a brand than customer reviews and testimonials. But they should be genuine ones — not something concocted by the brands, themselves.

Read as many of them as you can, and read them carefully, especially those posted on third-party forums and social media platforms. At least 90% of online shoppers read these reviews before making up their minds about any product or service they choose to buy.

These reviews will help you to make well-informed shopping decisions and go for the nootropic supplement that other customers have found good and effective. Don’t buy nootropic supplements that customers haven’t liked or have had negative responses to their overall effects.

#3. Scientific Basis

Be informed that nootropic supplements are essentially brain and cognizance boosters. They must have a strong scientific basis for their efficacy and safety.

Stay away from nootropic supplements that are manufactured by companies that do not have modern laboratory facilities or enough scientists (molecular biologists, neurologists, and biotechnologists) on their core team.

Manufacturing nootropic supplements demands continuous research and the involvement of qualified scientific personnel. The three brands we have chosen from the crowd have state-of-the-art laboratory facilities, utilize the latest and the most advanced technology, and carry out intense research to continually modify and improve their product range.

#4. Customer Service

Customer service is how a company responds to queries of consumers and issues faced by buyers. This service plays a pivotal role in reinforcing a brand’s recall value, position, and reputation in the market. During our search for the best nootropic brands, we considered only those companies that had good, proactive customer service in place.

#5. Shipping

Nowadays, customers’ needs have changed. No one has the time or patience to wait endlessly for anything — let alone an item they purchased online, especially if they have paid a dime extra for the shipping. They expect their items to be delivered for free and within 24 to 48 hours at the most.

And that’s natural. Everyone is doing that. And so should nootropic companies. So, it shouldn’t be a problem finding companies that do commit to such quick responses and fast shipping.

So, buy from a company that offers fast and free shipping across the United States. If your preferred brand doesn’t offer that, you may want to look for better options elsewhere. Our chosen three offer fast and free shipping across the country.

FAQs About Nootropics & Their Correct Usage

Q1: Do taking nootropics regularly increase my IQ and improve my brain functioning?

A: Regular use of nootropics over a period of time helps certain gain improved cognitive functions. Its regular use enhances memory, creativity, focus, motivation, and concentration. But we still don’t have any conclusive evidence suggesting that their use increases human IQ. This matter is still being studied.

Q2: Is it safe to take a nootropic supplement daily?

A: Yes, even regular intake of the best nootropics supplement is safe and healthy. But ensure that the supplement you are using contains quality ingredients. Nootropic supplements made from harmful synthetic ingredients can be dangerous. The ingredients used by our chosen brands are all-natural, and their regular use is extremely safe and beneficial.

Q3: Can I buy nootropic supplements without a prescription?

A: Generally, one does not require a prescription for nootropic supplements. But, there are a few that doctors would prescribe to patients suffering from serious medical conditions, such as attention deficiency, Alzheimer’s disease, etc. The remedies that a certified doctor would prescribe are medications that do need a prescription.

Q4: Will I benefit by consuming nootropic supplements a week or two before examinations?

A: Well, maybe. But it is best to take natural nootropics all year round. Only prescription drugs are that fast (a couple of weeks), but you can’t legally acquire them to boost your memory before an examination.

Besides, sporadic use of any substance would only give you limited benefits. Remember, nootropics merely boost your brain’s functions, and, hence, its overall capacity. But they are not magic potions that you can swallow and become a whole different person overnight. It’s best to take nootropic supplements at least six months prior to an examination.

Q5: Can kids take nootropic supplements?

A: There’s no doubt that even kids can benefit from the use of nootropics. And many parents start giving their kids this brain-boosting supplement from the age of four or five.

However, some health experts and medical practitioners would advise you against giving nootropic supplements to kids. They say that the use of nootropics by kids could become counterproductive and should be used when the development of the brain reaches the optimum level. Our suggestion is to consult a doctor before giving this supplement to your child.

Q6: Can anyone take nootropic supplements?

A: Any healthy and normal person, irrespective of sex or age (not below the age of four), can take nootropic supplements, as long as they are pure, safe, and potent, aka purchased from a good brand.

But if you have any preexisting health conditions, especially neurological, we suggest you fix an appointment with your doctor for a detailed consultation and not take any over-the-counter nootropics on your own.

The three brands of best nootropics supplement that we’ve recommended are quite safe and do not pose any adverse effects or health risks. Nevertheless, it is always better to take your doctor’s advice into consideration, especially if you are pregnant, nursing, or have any health issues.

The Bottom Line: Which One Is The Best Nootropics Supplement For You?

The use of best nootropics isn’t new. Neither is it an exclusive innovation of the modern age. Natural nootropic substances have existed for ages. They were believed to have been introduced in Europe in the Age of Enlightenment, i.e., between the 16th and 17th centuries, but remained limited to a certain section of society. It was in 1960 that this amazing brain booster made its appearance in its modern format.

Americans are in love with this brain-augmenting best nootropics supplement. People, young and old, are using it to retain their edge, remember, and remain mentally alert.

However, the American wellness industry is awash with nootropic pills. Dozens of them are available over-the-counter, and many more are sold exclusively online. Irrespective of their mode of selling, they are all unanimous in their claim that they are the best at boosting mental sharpness, alertness, comprehension, creativity, memory, or other high-level brain functions. The market is awfully cluttered, their cacophony of stridency deafening.

We are sure these three brands are the very best brands of nootropics from that rabble. They are way above others in their quality, purity, and safety. So, don’t waste your time on random, unproven products on the market and try these instead. We promise you that you won’t regret this decision.

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