Author: Jay Hamburg

A Fine Mess

That’s what Sam Abbitt has gotten himself into with the sloppy endurance event known as Savage Race. And he’s cleaning up.

The Diversity Club

No longer a good-ol’-boys stronghold, the 85-year-old organization has reinvented itself as an exclusive group that doesn’t exclude for the wrong reasons. But will its open-arms approach, and installion of its first female president next month, bring the group back to prominence?

Tim Miller's Search for Lost Souls, Including His Own

Scouring the wilderness for missing persons has helped the founder of Texas EquuSearch find some sanity and peace.

A rotting corpse doesn’t always smell. Tim Miller didn’t learn that gruesome tidbit from one of those CSI crime shows on television. He was looking for a woman who had been missing for about two weeks in Texas when he came upon a blanket bundled up in a field. Using a shovel, Miller gently unfurled the blanket, which yielded decayed flesh and exposed bones but no foul odor.

He would have to remember that—you can’t always rely on the stench of death to locate a body. But that’s a rarity. It was an awful smell, after all, that got the attention of some boys riding bikes across an abandoned Texas oil field, where  the body of Miller’s 16-year-old daughter, Laura, was found. She had been missing 17 months.