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Q: How much fat has Buddy Dyer cut out of city government?

A: Sorry, but Answer Man has no idea—he couldn’t find a set of body-fat calipers big enough to fit around City Hall. But if you want an example of some real belt-tightening, just look at the guy who sits in the mayor’s chair: Buddy Dyer dropped 35 pounds in four months last year through a combination of doctor-supervised steps (including vitamins and fat burners), a South Beach modified diet and working out. And he has kept the weight off, fluctuating today between 195 and 198. “I weigh less today than I did in high school,’’ says the 53-year-old mayor, who stands 5 feet 11.
Dyer works out four to five times a week with a trainer, focusing on weights and body core exercises (he acknowledges he needs to pick up the aerobic activity a bit). He also attends a yoga session once a week. And he has six small meals during the day rather than three big ones and just says no to starchy carbs.
“I’ve gotten to where I can have a taste of something I enjoy without having to splurge on it,’’ Dyer says. And he will tell you proudly that he went from a size 38 waist to a svelte 33. Not that he’s trying to throw his weight around or anything.

Brian Feldman sat in a “skill crane” arcade game for 16 hours during last year’s ArtsFest. Photo by Helen Henny.

Q: Why is performance artist Brian Feldman moving to Washington, D.C.?

A: Feldman is a bona fide Orlando institution, having entertained us with avant-garde offerings such as jumping off a 12-foot ladder 366 times in 24 hours to celebrate leap year, or turning a simple meal with his family into a staged performance. In all, Feldman has logged 100 out-of-the-ordinary projects in the past decade.
 However,  Feldman, 31, departed our city in February, choosing Washington for its larger arts community—but mainly because his girlfriend recently moved there. He plans to do the same sort of experimental art in the nation’s capital and predicts that many of his locales will be “monumental.’’
True to his bizarre form, Feldman bid Orlando farewell with “Under the Covers,’’ in which he performed a cabaret act under the covers of a bed in a hotel room, with an audience watching (although they never saw him).
Feldman already has a return show planned for Orlando, at City Hall. Although the details are a bit vague, he says, “It’s ready to go. I just need to have access to the building.’’ So mark your calendars now for the performance of “Hello, Orlando’’—tentatively scheduled for July 2025.
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