8 Can’t Miss Orlando Haunted Houses

Support local businesses this year and experience one of these truly unique local haunted houses.

This year, experience one of these truly unique local haunted houses. From alien-themed haunts to captivating tales of the undead, these unique, local attractions are sure to put you in the Halloween Spirit.

A Petrified Forest | Altamonte Springs

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October 1 – October 29. A Petrified Forest has become a Halloween staple in Altamonte Springs. This year, experience three petrifying trails for one price.

Old as time itself, known by different names in every culture, she is the guardian of the land, sea, and sky. Eons ago she put safeguards in place to protect her three realms.

She hid one stone fathoms below in a dark and treacherous ocean. Another was buried deep underground in the thickest, most perilous jungle. The last was concealed out of reach, way up in the sky among the stars. If the three stones are left undisturbed all will be well and kept in harmony, but the insolence of mankind has gone beyond her forethought. Now that her three stones have been disrupted she is turning rotten and cruel, and her murderous wrath is coming for all!

Tickets for all three trails are $31.98 per person!

Face The Fear House | Longwood

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Four Nights In October: Face the Fear doesn’t use the blood and gore you’d expect from a haunted house. Instead, this haunted attraction offers an intriguing backstory and plot. Last year’s theme was the tale if SILENCE. For 2022, it’s NOPE & NEVER!

Tickets are $14.00 for adults | $8.00 for children.

SCREAM-A-GEDDON Horror Park | Dade City

September 26 – October 31: SCREAM-A-GEDDON is Florida’s Premier Horror Park featuring several haunted house attractions. The houses are HUGE, visual marvels, and the actors are top notch. This event is not for the faint of heart. Don’t say we didn’t warn YOU!

Tickets start at $30.95 per person depending on the day.

Scream N’ Stream | The Florida Mall


Select Nights October 1 – October 31: The Scream n’ Stream haunted drive is experienced from the comfort of your car. Scream n’ Stream has been operating since 2020 with an excellent safety record.

They attribute this safety record to our carefully considered guidelines:

  • Monsters approach you on the sides of your car only, never in front of or behind the vehicle.
  • Monsters NEVER touch or make contact with your car in any way.
  • Strict speed limits of 3MPH inside the experience.
  • Onsite security and surveillance at all times.
  • Clear signage and traffic guidance assist drivers throughout the experience.

Tickets start at $22.00 per person.

Sorosis Club of Orange City | Orange City

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Select Nights In October: In 1978, the ladies of the Sorosis Club came up with a fundraising idea that has grown into our Annual Haunted House. It was an instant hit for the residents in our community and they look forward to coming back every year. Many local residents have come through as children and are now sharing the experience with their own grandchildren! This year’s theme is Our Wicked World.
Grab your friends and prepare to experience a lifetime of horrors when you enter Our Wicked World! Once you escape the twisted maze, watch out for terrifying surprises and dangers at every turn. Clowns and spiders are plentiful. Beware of the undead…it is rumored that a mad scientist has kept his lovely wife’s head alive in the hopes of one day finding her a new body! Hang on for dear life if you run into Granny! She has incredible hearing so don’t scream if you wish to make it out alive!!

Tickets are $12.00 for adults and $6.00 for kids 10 and under.

Mortem Manor | Kissimmee

Journey through Mortem Manor, two floors an old Victorian themed haunted attraction filled with scares, thrills and fun. Featuring live actors, animatronics and state-of-the-art special effects. Mortem Manor is open year-round just outside Orlando!

Tickets are $18.00 per person and can be purchased at the gate.

Manor of Madness | Leesburg

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Select Nights In October: Manor of Madness is Leesburg’s premiere haunted attraction. A walk through haunted attraction that takes place inside the Melon Patch theatre on select nights in October. This year’s theme is Manor of Madness.

Tickets are only $5.00 per person!

The Haunted Shrine | Apopka

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Here at the Oasis- as we affectionately know it as- we would like to welcome you to the new patient orientation! We know it can be a little scary, but we are all very proud of you for coming to us with your otherwise irrational fears and deranged addictions. We promise you a most enlightening experience as we help guide you through your horrors.

And let us assure you, we’ll be with you- every step of the way.

The following days and times are available for tours of Ward 1. Tickets are $10.00 per person.

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