15 Best CBD Oils Taking Over 2020

Learn more about the best of the best CBD oil brands on the market in 2020.

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No matter how long you have been taking CBD, choosing the right product can be tricky. You may already know how this exciting and powerful substance can help you feel your best no matter what the day brings, but the lack of regulation on the market has led to an explosion of products that are just not dependable.

Some companies are simply careless, cutting corners and choosing not to invest in third-party testing. They make CBD with cheap hemp sourced outside the United States, where agricultural regulations are questionable, unwittingly exposing consumers to toxins and heavy metals in their finished product.

Other companies are downright deceptive, as they often put misleading labels on their packaging. They tend to use them to make bogus claims about the amount of CBD or THC present, or the efficacy and safety of their products.

Several signs indicate that a CBD brand is worthwhile. The first is their transparency. This includes their willingness to share information, such as third-party lab tests and where their hemp is sourced. Another important element is the quality and freshness of their ingredients. Too many brands cut corners and pack filler into their ingredient lists. Finally, they should make customer service a top priority, rather than an afterthought.

We made the following list of brands that fulfill all of the qualifications mentioned above. Keep reading to learn more about the best of the best CBD oil brands on the market in 2020.

1. Penguin CBD

Penguin Cbd

Penguin CBD

Featured as the best CBD brand in Merry Jane, Observer and Maxim, Penguin CBD’s broad-spectrum CBD oil has been making waves. With five tantalizing flavors, they offer CBD oils in three strengths for all of your dosing needs. Whether you’re just getting started with CBD oil or are already a connoisseur, Penguin CBD has what you’re looking for.

Penguin CBD’s chill vibe inspires all of their products. They want to make sure you have the balance you need to handle whatever life throws your way, and their entire line is perfect for supporting your sense of calm.

The hemp Penguin CBD uses for all of its products is grown on sustainable farms in Oregon, and the company uses a special CO2 extraction process to produce the best CBD on the market today. When you go with Penguin, you can be confident that you are getting pure organic goodness, with no fillers, toxins, heavy metals or additives. Click here to learn more about their CBD oil.

2. Kushly



Based in Kentucky, with all of their hemp grown on farms right in the Bluegrass State itself, Kushly is a brand for those who want high quality full-spectrum extracts at a reasonable price. Since 2018 this company has specialized in a range of different CBD products, including oils, topicals, capsules, gummies, toothpicks, bath bombs and more.

Their CBD oil formula comes in five great flavors: mint, vanilla, natural, cinnamon and lemon. They are also available in strengths of 300mg, 600mg and 1000mg. For additional savings, you can buy their bottles in packs of three for a 25% discount. All of their oils, along with their other products, are safe and guaranteed to have less than 0.3% THC.

3. Joy Organics


Joy Organics

Joy Smith, co-founder of Joy Organics, was tired of dealing with the disappointment of CBD products that did not provide dependable results, so she and her family started one of the most respected CBD companies on the market. Joy Organics focuses on transparency in their products, and their customer-service team goes the extra mile to ensure that all of your experiences with their CBD products are completely satisfying.

4. Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte's Web

Charlotte’s Web

When the Stanley brothers learned of young Charlotte Figi’s battle with debilitating seizures, they wanted to help. They went to work developing a special, potent strain of hemp that had just the right blend of terpenes to support natural healing and health. Now Charlotte’s Web is recognized as one of the first major hemp-derived CBD oil brands on the market, and the founders never stop making improvements to their products. They have a purpose of making the world a better place, and they support this goal with a full portfolio of philanthropic contributions. Making a purchase from Charlotte’s Web means that you are also supporting charities that help improve the lives of people everywhere.

5. PureKana



PureKana’s mission is to provide some of the industry’s highest-quality, most trusted CBD products, and the brand’s customers are the benefactors. This company gets rave reviews, their website is full of educational material and they offer some of the highest doses of CBD on the market. Their gold-label CBD oil packs a full 5,000mg into each bottle, delivering 167mg per dropper. It’s the perfect solution if you need a very high dose of CBD, or if you want to be able to get your full dose in a few drops instead of a whole dropperful.

6. NuLeaf Naturals

NuLeaf Naturals


NuLeaf Naturals is the first company on this list to offer just one CBD product. Their intent is to make the best full-spectrum CBD on the market, and their reputation speaks for itself. In addition to multiple sizes of their 50mg per dose CBD concentration, they also offer one lighter concentration option to help your pets stay calm and healthy too. NuLeaf Naturals is GMP and ISO 8 certified, meaning you are guaranteed a safe, consistent product every time you purchase their CBD oil. Ordering is super simple since your only decision is how much you want to buy at one time.

7. Medterra



Medterra makes a full line of CBD products, but the variety within their CBD oils may be the most interesting part of their offerings. Their CBD isolate formula provides the powerful benefits of pure CBD and nothing else. Broad-spectrum CBD provides the perfect blend of cannabinoids for that famous health-boosting entourage effect. And the most unique product, their 1:1 CBG and CBD blend, includes the component that some refer to as the “mother of all cannabinoids,” CBG, for maximum health results that will keep you feeling your best.

8. Lazarus Naturals

Lazarus Naturals

Lazarus Naturals

Lazarus Naturals wants to make their CBD products affordable and accessible to everyone. Most of the CBD in their products is derived from hemp grown on their own farms. The company is employee-owned, and Lazarus Naturals offers deep discounts to veterans, as well as people with disabilities or who live in low-income households. They are among the few companies that make high-potency CBD isolate oil, and their broad-spectrum CBD oil is among the best in the industry.

9. Plus+CBD



Founded in 2012, Plus+CBD was one of the first hemp-derived CBD companies to enter the market. Their focus on science, advocacy and education make Plus+CBD an enduring brand, and their fun, entertaining website is packed with informational material; even the most experienced CBD user will learn something new. Their Gold Formula drops offer the highest concentration of CBD out of all their oils, but take a look at their Raw Formula and Total Plant Complex oils as well. Plus+CBD has something unique for everyone’s needs and tastes.

10. CBDistillery



CBDistillery’s mission of education and accessibility started with the #CBDMOVEMENT, and the company is working hard to put itself out there as the premier resource for information and quality CBD products. Their popular Ultimate CBD User Guide has over 37,000 downloads, and they tout an unrivaled number of verified reviews for their products. They offer one of the widest ranges of CBD doses in their oils, with both CBD isolate and broad-spectrum CBD concentrations, ranging from 250mg to 5,000mg per one-ounce bottle.

11. Sabaidee

Sabaidee CBD

Sabaidee CBD

Sabaidee takes their commitment to quality the extra mile by testing their own products in-house before they send each batch out to a third-party lab to be tested for purity and quality a second time. They have a mission of bringing the calming happiness of high-quality CBD to a million people, and they intend to plant a million trees in the process. For every purchase made, Sabaidee will ensure that one tree gets planted. Their oils are simple and straightforward. The Good Vibes formula has 250mg of CBD, the Super Good Vibes formula contains 1,000mg of CBD, and the Mega Good Vibes formula packs a powerful 2,500mg of CBD.

12. cbdMD



cbdMD offers the highest dose of CBD on this list. A bottle of 7,500mg of CBD means that every dropper contains 250mg of CBD, for the most potent experience available. cbdMD has oils with doses as low as 300mg as well, and all of their selections contain nothing but pure CBD oil and MCT oil for maximum absorption. The company keeps a careful eye on every step of the process from farm to bottle, and they run quality testing throughout to ensure that you get the cleanest, most beneficial product you can find.

13. Royal CBD

Royal CBD

Royal CBD

Royal CBD is proud of the customer service they provide, and they are always happy to help you find the right products. Their full-spectrum CBD oil contains over 80 different cannabinoids (but less than 0.3 percent THC) for one of the most complete entourage effects on the market without the high. When you want the royal treatment, try Royal CBD.

14. Balance CBD

Balance CBD

Balance CBD

Founded by a doctor and a fitness professional who also works in medicine, Balance CBD is a well-rounded company that offers customers the opportunity to talk with a real doctor about how CBD can help them with their problems. They have an interesting selection of CBD, with special blends that contain added terpenes for precisely the effect you are looking for. Through Balance CBD, you can find formulas infused with Charlotte’s Web terpenes or Harlequin terpenes, and both come in full-spectrum as well as THC-free options.

15. Green Roads

Green Roads

Green Roads

Green Roads’ co-founder Laura Fuentes had been a practicing pharmacist for 20 years when her friend came to her with health issues he just could not get relief from. They started experimenting with CBD, and once they discovered its almost magical powers, there was no turning back. Now, Green Roads offers CBD oils suspended in a proprietary blend that is formulated for the fastest and most efficient absorption possible. You can take their online quiz to find out which products are perfect for you, and their oils come in broad- or full-spectrum formulas to meet all your CBD needs.

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