Your Wellness Guide: Digital Detoxing

Take a break from your phone and see how great you feel!
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From working remotely to Zoom happy hours, our brains have been in digital overload since the pandemic started. While this surge in screen time is wholly understandable, it’s not necessarily a good thing. “This constant overstimulation affects our mood, our ability to problem-solve, our behavior and, long-term, even the quality of our relationships,” says Dr. Amber Fasula, clinical psychologist and director of Neurogenesis Center of Florida in Maitland. Because of its addictive quality, technology makes it harder for our minds to slow down when we’re trying to relax or sleep, which is why now, more than ever, you can reap the benefits of a self-imposed digital detox.

While it’s unrealistic, especially during COVID-19 times, to go completely off the grid, consider laying out tech parameters for yourself outside of work: Try setting a limit on your total screen time, or choose a time during the day when you allow yourself to scroll aimlessly. Apps like Moment and Flipd make it easy to track online time while keeping you accountable.

“Many people don’t realize how long they stay on, even if they intend to check something quickly,” explains Fasula. She also recommends putting your phone away so you aren’t tempted to reach for it out of habit. If it’s inaccessible, your focus will shift to other things. “When we put tech away, our creativity increases,” Fasula says. “We think outside the box and find that stimulation in other ways.”

Without an inbox or Instagram feed to check, you may finally find the time to come up with that side hustle idea or rediscover your love of gardening. So go ahead, log off and see what happens.

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