Your Wellness Guide: CBD 101

We've got your guide to all things CBD right here.

Certain CBD products can help relieve anxiety and chronic pain and promote better sleep. (ROBERTO GONZALEZ)

If you had to rank trendy ingredients within the wellness world right now, CBD (cannabidiol) would be at the top of the list. From supplements to skincare, this cannabis component can be found in myriad products. But despite its newfound prevalence, many people aren’t exactly sure what it is—or how it can benefit them.

Simply put, CBD is one of the many parts that makes up the cannabinoid plant. CBD often takes a backseat to tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, the derivate of marijuana that makes you feel high. However, medical professionals are realizing just how powerful CBD’s properties are for self-care.

“Its main value is that it’s a potent anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety medication,” explains Dr. Varesh Patel of Medical Cannabis Physicians of Florida. “That’s why it works well in a multitude of diseased states, including anxiety and insomnia. Inflammation is the crux of many diseases, so if we can reduce your body’s inflammation with CBD, the less likely it is that you’ll develop further health issues.”

You’ll want to make sure your product has enough CBD in it to actually be effective. According to Dr. Patel, casual or novice users should aim for 40 to 60 milligrams of CBD to reap its full benefits; however, if you’re suffering from a diagnosed condition, talk to your doctor about a higher dosage. Patel recommends vetting your products carefully, adding, “It’s ideal to consult with a physician who is well-versed in medical cannabis, like myself.”

So, whether you’re looking for a solution for chronic pain management, insomnia, stress or even a topical product for localized pain, CBD might be your ideal salve.

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