Top 10 Sites to Find Out Who Called Me From This Phone Number

If you are regularly getting missed calls from unknown numbers, they may be from a genuine caller but could also be from a scammer, tele-marketer or prank caller – so how do you find out?

Today’s technology makes it easy to find out who is calling from an unknown number. This article looks at the top 10 sites offering phone number lookup services so you can check who is calling you and avoid time-wasters and troublemakers.

The 10 Best Sites to Check This Phone Number

There are many websites offering reverse phone lookups these days, and it can be difficult to choose the best one for your needs. Here are 10 reverse phone lookup sites, recommended as the best options for finding out who is calling you from this number:

1. WhoCallMe: Unveil “Who called me from this phone number” with one click
2. Spokeo: A reliable people search tool to find a person based on a phone number
3. CocoFinder: Your first choice for identifying unknown callers
4. USPhoneLookup: The best 100% free phone lookup service online
5. NumLooker: A most trusted phone number lookup platform with instant results
6. USPhoneSearch: Provides accurate and comprehensive phone search results
7. Truecaller: A leading global call filtering and blocking platform
8. Instant Checkmate: The best public records search service for background checks
9. WhatIsThisNumber: The top rated website to check who is calling me from this number
10. WhoseNumber: A fast and free phone lookup service to know whose phone number is this


1. WhoCallMe – Unveil “Who called me from this phone number” with one click


WhoCallMe is a reliable reverse phone lookup service that assists you in unveiling “Who called me from this phone number” with one simple click. It provides vital information about the caller, including their identity and location, thus allowing you peace of mind and convenience.

WhoCallMe has an easy to use interface. Users just need to enter the phone number in the search box and start phone searching with one click. With a constantly updated database that includes millions of public records, WhoCallMe can offer accurate and reliable phone search results.

Additionally, WhoCallMe’s extensive landline and mobile phone number database can tell you if the number belongs to an individual or a business, and provides all details, such as name, address, companions, other phone numbers and social media profiles linked to the phone number. You can then decide to either call back or block the number to avoid further calls.


  • Extensive database for both landlines and mobile phones
  • Service available 24/7
  • Accurate and up to date search results


  • Size of database means some searches can be slow to complete

When you want to know “who is calling me from this number”, try WhoCallMe as your first choice >>


2. Spokeo – A reliable people search tool to find a person based on a phone number


Spokeo is a people search tool that allows users to find details about a caller using their name, mobile number, residence or email address. The platform searches a database of over 12 billion records, including both public and private sources and can provide a complete profile of the person.

Spokeo accesses location and contact information, as well as personal details on relatives, associates, and social media accounts.

Spokeo searches all publicly held records, such as court and criminal records, birth and death certificates, so that you can find complete information about the person of interest.

Spokeo is great for checking out a new acquaintance, a new neighbor, or a potential business partner.


  • Huge database including all public records
  • The user can choose simple reverse phone lookup or more extensive search
  • User friendly searching, easy to download information


  • Basic search is free, detailed people-finder information requires paid subscription

When you need to check someone out, check out Spokeo >>

3. CocoFinder – Your first choice for identifying unknown callers


CocoFinder is a great people search site that can help provide information about any person by using their contact details, such as phone number, address, email etc. and is ideal for both private and professional use.

If you need to check out who called me from this number, CocoFinder’s free reverse phone lookup service can reveal their identity. You can also use CocoFinder for an address search to find out who is living near you, for example, and if they have a criminal background.

CocoFinder can also use a phone number, address, or email to run a background check on anyone, filtering through millions of publicly held records to check for court records, social media accounts, or any relevant information.

CocoFinder is a completely legitimate search service, since it uses databases that are already available to the public.

One of the reasons that CocoFinder stands out from the competition is its user support team. They are readily available to assist should you encounter any problems, ensuring quick resolution of any issues.


  • Reverse phone lookup integrated with people search service
  • Completely free services without unnecessary ads on website
  • Simple, intuitive UI


  • Some users mention slow speed of searching

Whether it’s personal or business, CocoFinder reveals everything there is to know about anyone >>


4. USPhoneLookup – The best 100% free phone lookup service online


USPhoneLookup is a free and secure online phone lookup service giving you background information on any caller by just checking their phone number. The information answers the question “who is calling from this number” and includes their identity, contact information, residential address, and even some details about their associates.


Retrieved from a database of official public records, the information tends to be more accurate than many alternative reverse phone lookups, and the service is quick and efficient, taking only a few minutes to get the full background report you need.


You can also use it to check your own profile, to see what information people will see if they run a check on you. This is helpful when applying for a job or other professional situations, and you can take corrective action if there is anything you are unsure about others seeing.


  • Fast searching, typically within seconds
  • Completely free and safe
  • Highly accurate search of public records


  • Basic platform, specializing in reverse phone lookups


Use USPhoneLookup, the easy way to find out who is calling you >>


5. NumLooker – A most trusted phone number lookup platform with instant results


NumLooker is a popular online reverse phone lookup tool that helps you find the identity of a caller when you want to know who is calling me from this number. NumLooker is a completely free service and there are no hidden fees or subscriptions. You don’t need to create an account on the site, which means that all searches can be anonymous and confidential.


On the NumLooker website, you will find special filtering options that can cut down your search time. You can also get NumLooker to notify you when any changes are made to the target’s details or any new information is added, so you can be assured of its accuracy and reliability.


  • Special filtering options
  • Safe and confidential searching
  • Keeping you informed about updated information


  • Previous users report that customer service can be unresponsive sometimes

Head to NumLooker for precise and confidential phone number searching >>


6. USPhoneSearch – Provides accurate and comprehensive phone search results


USPhoneSearch is an accurate and reliable online reverse phone lookup service that allows you to enter any phone number and receive a report showing the identity of the caller, their location, and relevant details such as their email address and social media profile.


USPhoneSearch has three main features. One is the reverse phone lookup, which basically finds the identity of who is calling from that number. Secondly, you can use the phone number to access public records about a person and find out about their background. The third feature is location tracking, so you can see where the person is calling from.


USPhoneSearch has access to public databases such as telephone directories and voter registers. It also collects data from cellphone companies and information provided by phone users during promotional surveys, among other methods.


  • Easy to navigate site, whether beginners or experts
  • All search information is treated confidentially
  • Comprehensive reports from detailed databases


  • Customer support only by email, no phone contact on website


Run your first reverse phone lookup today on USPhoneSearch and find out who is calling you >>


7. Truecaller – A leading global call filtering and blocking platform


Truecaller is an app for mobile phones that basically monitors all your calls, filtering them  to make sure you only receive genuine calls.


The caller-I.D. feature checks all calls, whether local or international, and automatically identifies who is calling, the name of the person and their location, so you can decide if you want to take the call.


Constantly running in the background is the Spam Blocker, automatically identifying and blocking calls and messages from telemarketers, scams, and more. Another feature, the Truecaller Assistant, can answer your calls and detect spam, letting you know if the call is worth answering.


The Truecaller app also has a phone number lookup feature, so you can enter a number and find the name attached to it, plus any other available information, including a profile picture.


  • Best feature is caller I.D. and spam blocking
  • Filters all local and international calls


  • The basic version with ads is free, there is a premium ad-free version with more access to features


Download Truecaller for Android or iOS and stay in control of all your incoming calls >>


8. Instant Checkmate – The best public records search service for background checks



Instant Checkmate has an online web service and a mobile app that allow users to search public records and carry out background checks on anyone. 


This completely legitimate service provides access to databases that include phone numbers, email addresses, postal addresses, social media accounts, and criminal histories, so you can comfortably find all the background information about a potential partner, a new neighbor, or an organization you plan to do business with.


To search, you just need a name and phone number or email address, and you can find information on social media accounts, criminal records, employment records, and many others.


There is no free version of Instant Checkmate, and it does not have a free trial period, so you can either sign up for a one month or three month plan. However, the service has been found to be very accurate and reliable, so you may think it worth paying for the information.


  • Convenient mobile application
  • Access to multiple databases
  • Reliable background information on anyone


  • No basic free version
  • Users mention slow report preparation


Use Instant Checkmate to get all the background information you need >>


9. WhatIsThisNumber – The top rated website to check who is calling me from this number


WhatIsThisNumber is a completely free reverse phone lookup service, enabling you to find out ‘who is calling me’ at any time. Unlike many of its competitors, WhatIsThisNumber is a simple and basic online service without too many bells and whistles, but it does one thing very well when you need to know how to find the owner of a phone number.


This free service can give you the name, location, and any other details linked to the phone number, such as a social media profile and email address. All searching is 100% confidential. The site does not store information about searches and is fully safe and secure.


  • Information sourced through thousands of databases
  • Straightforward, easy to use UI
  • Fast searching within a few minutes


  • US numbers only, does not work with international phone numbers


Try WhatIsThisNumber for free when you want to know how to find the owner of any phone number >>


10. WhoseNumber – A fast and free phone lookup service to know whose phone number is this


WhoseNumber is a reverse phone number lookup platform that lets you easily check who is calling from that phone number. This free service allows you to screen calls and identify the caller, so you can decide if you want to call them back or just block the number to avoid further calls.


WhoseNumber has access to a large number of public records, including government databases that are regularly updated, so you can be assured the information is accurate and current.


In addition to the identity of the caller, you can also get other information such as their location, business address, criminal history, and linked associates. The WhoseNumber website also offers a 24/7 customer support link to help you with any queries or difficulties.


  • Access to all public records
  • Confidential and secure platform
  • Simple, easy to use interface


  • Previous users mention occasional glitches on website


Quickly find who is calling from this number with WhoseNumber today >>

What Is a Reverse Phone Lookup Service?

A reverse phone lookup service is a tool that allows users to find information about the owner of a phone number by inputting the number into a search field. These services search through extensive databases and publicly available records to identify the name, address, and other relevant details related to the given phone number. 


Reverse phone lookup services are particularly helpful for identifying unknown callers, tracing spam or scam calls, and verifying the contact information of people or businesses.


There are many such services available, most of them free of charge, and by simply inputting that phone number into the search box on their website, you can get not only the name of the caller or the business entity calling but a whole variety of details about the caller in a 100% confidential search.

What Type of Information Can You Get From Reverse Phone Lookup Services?

This generally includes their full name, location, and other information linked to the phone number, such as their email address, social media accounts, residence, and other publicly held information, including  criminal history and previous addresses and numbers, so you can check someone out completely.


All such information is completely legitimate since it comes from various public sources, including government databases, and is ideal for background-checking a new neighbor, potential partner, or business acquaintance.

Frequently Asked Questions About Checking a Phone Number

1. What is the best way to find out who called me from this phone number?

The best way is to use a reverse phone lookup service that is an easy way to identify who owns the phone number, plus additional contact details, public record information, and any social media profiles linked to the phone number.

2. How does a reverse phone lookup help to find out who called me?

You just go to the phone lookup website, input the phone number into the search box, and you will get an almost instant report on the caller and any information held on a large number of databases, including government agencies.

3. What are other ways to check this phone number?

You can try Google, although this is not usually reliable, or you can simply call the number and ask, or try using a phone directory. Another way is to contact the phone service provider, but often they are constrained by privacy concerns.

4. How do I know if a phone call from an unknown phone number is spam?

Spam callers can be very clever in “spoofing” genuine numbers, but a reverse phone lookup service will reveal the real identity of the caller.

Final Words

The 10 sites we have recommended cover not only reverse phone lookups but also sites for people searches and background checking, although many of them do many functions, and all are trustworthy and accurate.


When choosing a service for your individual needs, you need to decide the most important feature: you want to know who is calling from that number, or you need background information on a potential partner, neighbor, or acquaintance.


Whatever your needs, you will find a suitable and reliable platform listed above, so you can conduct your search with complete confidence and security.


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