Wedding Shoes

The right pair of shoes is almost as important as the perfect wedding dress. There are so many styles to choose from the decision can be difficult – even bedazzled tennis shoes, jeweled flats and beaded flip flops are among growing trends. But there are some things to consider when selecting shoes for wedding day. The height of your fiancé and the length of your gown traditionally dictate how high your heel should be. But if you’re a flats kind of gal, your wedding day probably isn’t the best time to break out into stilettos for the first time. Try to find shoes that complement your wedding dress and your theme. A contemporary pair of shoes may not go so well with a vintage-style gown. Get a clipping of your dress fabric so you can appropriately match the color to your shoes. But be careful with dying because certain hues can look different indoors and outdoors. Most importantly, select comfortable shoes that you can actually walk in; you don’t want to stumble down the aisle or end up with painful blisters. When it comes to walking down the aisle, you should be more concerned about comfort than beauty. Well, maybe a healthy dose of both.