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Just getting started with all the plans for your Big Day? Between the flowers and the food and the entertainment, it can be overwhelming trying to define exactly the look you want. Here’s a fun quiz with results you can actually use to define your wedding style. Answer the questions below and share the info with your vendors for a wedding that is uniquely you.

1. Describe your wedding in three words.
A. Stylish. Classic. Timeless.
B. Antique. Soft. Dreamy.
C. Unique. Intimate. Romantic.
D. Simple. Handmade. Artisanal.
E. Relaxed. Carefree. Fun.

2. Pick your perfect date.
A. Romantic dinner and a walk in the park.
B. Visiting a museum or art gallery.
C. Lunch and shopping on Park Avenue.
D. A bike ride on the West Orange Trail and a casual picnic.
E. Anything outdoors.

3. Describe your dream wedding dress.
A. Strapless ball gown with a sweetheart neckline.
B. Lace with covered buttons down the back.
C. Flowing floor-length gown with tulle and flower appliques.
D. Off-the-shoulder with lace on top and a long flowing skirt.
E. Chiffon sheath with spaghetti straps and a low-cut back.

4. What are your favorite bridal accessories?
A. Pearls and a classic veil with lace trim.
B. My mother’s veil and grandmother’s antique earrings.
C. A flower crown and charm bracelet.
D. A handmade hair comb and customized shoes.
E. Simple jewelry and no shoes.

5. What’s your ideal flower combo for a bouquet?
A. All white hydrangeas and tea roses.
B. No flowers—a brooch and ribbon bouquet instead.
C. Peonies and eucalyptus.
D. Sunflowers and gerbera daisies.
E. Cattleya orchids and poppies.

6. What is your signature drink?
A. Champagne
B. Red wine
C. Martini
D. Gin & Tonic
E. Rum & Coke

Answer Key:

Mostly As—Traditional, Tried & True

You’re old-school classic through and through. You appreciate pearls, lace and timeless traditions that will still look stylish in wedding photos on your 50th anniversary.

Mostly Bs—Vintage Chic

You appreciate the sentiment of family heirlooms and antiques full of character and stories. Your style is often described as shabby chic, and you blend those two extremes together seamlessly.

Mostly Cs—Eclectic Romantic

You’re a hopeless romantic, dreamy but with your feet on the ground. You love the elegance of soft, feminine touches. Details like glowing lanterns, draping fabrics and aromatic florals add an ethereal touch to your wedding designs.

Mostly Ds—Rustic Elegance

You love a good burlap ribbon with loose flowers and homemade details that add a personal touch. Outdoor venues with a slightly more casual feel are elevated to excellence with your pops of color and one-of-a-kind handcrafted accents.

Mostly Es—Easygoing but Up for Adventure

As a laid-back bride, you aren’t too concerned about the fussy details of planning a wedding. Marrying your soulmate is the focus of your big day. You like to keep things simple and comfortable with a heaping side of fun.

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