Wedding Programs

I like to receive a program when I attend a wedding. It satisfies my curiosity about who the bride and groom have selected to have in their wedding party. Wedding programs have long been a staple for the wedding ceremonies, allowing guests to know the order of events and the attendants. I have seen some brides and grooms elect not to have programs, especially for non-traditional weddings or weddings in locations (like the beach) where a program isn’t conducive to the environment or occasion. I’ve also seen some that are lengthy, telling everything from how the bride and groom met to the upcoming menu at the reception. The key to a good program is balance. Make sure they offer enough information but their also short enough to keep guests focused on the event. In most cases, if you’re getting hitched at a church, they will print the programs for you if you give them the details to plug in. Otherwise, you will need to find someone to design your wedding program and have it printed. If you don’t have a friend or family member that’s a graphic designer I would recommend going online. Microsoft has templates you can use to create your own programs There are also other websites that allow you to create and print your personalized programs online.  Another easy and cost effective way is to just use a local FedEx, Kinkos or Sir Speedy to have your wedding programs printed.