Wedding Jewelry: Finding Your Sparkle

From colorful stones to delicate cuts to sparkly accents, there are countless ways to make your engagement ring speak to your personal style.
  1. Platinum – Keep it classic with a clean platinum setting. Shown: The True engagement ring with a white diamond by Tiffany & Co. $1,350.
  2. Rose Gold – Rose gold works well for both warm and cool skin tones. Shown: James Allen’s petite diamond engagement ring. $1,102.
  3. Gold – Yellow gold offers a romantic feel in this bold cut. Shown: Ritani’s vintage hexagonal band in 18k gold. $3,040.
  4. Stackables – Mix it up with multiple bands. Shown: Tiffany & Co.’s Soleste band with diamonds, True yellow diamond ring, Nesting band and V band, all in 18k gold. $6,900.
  5. Halo – Adding diamonds to the perimeter makes the gem appear larger. Shown: Tacori’s petite crescent in white gold. $4,990 (center stone not included). 
  6. Colorful Stones – Add color with unusual gemstones. Shown: The Theda ring with a center opal and white diamonds from Anna Sheffield. $8,690. 
  7. Creative Cuts – Unique cuts give your ring a modern feel. Shown: The knife-edge ring in 18k gold with a heart center stone by Ritani. $815.

Additional Rings

  1. The platinum bow-tie channel-set diamond engagement ring by James Allen. $1,387.
  2. The Amore 14k rose gold vintage engagement ring by MiaDonna. From $801.
  3. Polly Wales’ 18k gold pinched ring with a sawn cetahedron diamond with diamond baguette side stones. $3,740.
  4. The True engagement ring in platinum with a diamond; Metro ring in platinum with diamonds; and T True wide ring in 18k white gold, by Tiffany & Co. From $7,050.
  5. MiaDonna’s Paris 14k rose gold stackable ring set. From $1,556.
  6. The Venetian 14k white gold stackable engagement ring with a champagne sapphire from MiaDonna. From $970.
  7. Anna Sheffield’s Celestine petal ring with a rainbow moonstone and white diamonds. $3,700.

“Much like a pair of red heels can brighten any outfit, adding a piece of gemstone jewelry can take your look to the next level. Right now, we are seeing colored quartz, cabochon emeralds, opals and colored sapphires taking the lead on social trends.” —Stacey Papp, Bay Hill Jewelers

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