Wedding Entertainment: New Game Plan

For your wedding shower, consider making it a co-ed event with fun activities everyone can enjoy.
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Make your wedding shower a fun event for everyone in your wedding party with lively games and prizes.

Bridal or wedding showers can be sedate, girls-only affairs with fancy finger sandwiches and champagne toasts. Or, they can be silly, boisterous co-ed parties where everyone gets in on the enjoyment.

Traditional party games like wrapping guests in a toilet paper “wedding dress” or creating a faux bouquet out of the gift ribbon may be passé, notes Karen Norian, wedding coordinator at Simply Eloped. “Brides today are focusing less on traditional games and opening their presents in front of everyone, and more on interacting with family and friends.” The whole shower idea has been updated, often with a party that includes both partners.

“Games are a great icebreaker,” Norian says, “since many showers bring together guests who may not know each other.” They can also serve as an entertaining way to learn more about the bride and groom, while snacking on canapés and sipping cocktails.

Here are some games you may want to consider for your wedding shower—and be sure to have some amusing or delicious prizes for the winners.

What’s in Your Bag?

It’s similar to a scavenger hunt, only you’re using each guest’s purse or bag.

Prep: Create a list of standard items someone might have in their bag—lipstick, emery board, a pack of tissues—plus some less common ones like concert tickets, dog treats, a toothbrush, or even a wrapped condom.

Play: Have the host call out the items on the list and the first guest to show they have all of them is the winner.

Newlywed Game

Just like the TV show, this game puts the bride to-be in the hot seat to see how well she knows her fiancé.

Prep: Interview the groom beforehand and videotape his answers to questions like, “Who asked whom out first?” “Where was your first kiss?” “What is her most annoying habit?”

Play: See if the bride can answer the questions correctly. Then play back her partner’s responses to see how well (or if) they match.

Cake Topper

This is a skill game that tests who can build the best wedding cake out of plastic cups while they are blindfolded.

Prep: Buy a supply of red Solo cups and some inexpensive cake toppers from a discount store.

Play: Each player gets 10 cups and a cake topper. While blindfolded, they have to stack them in a pyramid to build a “wedding cake” and place the topper without knocking everything down.

Garter Toss

This is a bridal version of ring toss.

Prep: Set up a row of sparkling cider bottles.

Play: See how many garters your guests can fling onto the necks of the bottles.

Bride-to-be Bingo

Just like the classic game, but instead of numbers, the squares on the cards are filled with trivia about the bride.

Prep: Create Bingo cards with fun facts in different spots on the boards. These can include places she has visited, favorite foods, pet peeves, etc. Write down each item on folded pieces of paper and toss them all into a large bowl.

Play: Have the guest-of-honor pick out one piece of paper at a time and read it aloud. Guests cross off the matching squares on their cards until someone gets five in a row and yells “Bingo!”


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