WEDDING DRESS ART: You can memorialize the look of your wedding dress as a beautiful piece of artwork. Local Orlando artist, Laura Pruett, applies her love of drawing and painting to create original and custom artworks of wedding gowns. These portraits (see picture for sample of her work) are not exact replicas but an artistic and whimsical interpretations of wedding dresses. Pruett gives the option of having a sketch/illustration done on Bristol paperboard with Prismacolor markers, archival ink and pencil; or a painted portrait (seen here) done on canvas with fine acrylic paints. I think this is such a special and personal memento in addition to wedding-day photographs. It’s perfect gift for any bride, especially art lovers. Ordering is easy and can be done online. Send in 3 clear photos of your gown, then select the portrait size and background color. Allow 3-4 weeks for completion on standard sizes; larger sizes might take up to 6 weeks. For pricing and additional information, please visit <>


TASTING TABLES AT RECEPTIONS: Every bride wants to create unique wedding-reception experiences for guests, oftentimes implementing new and unique reception “attractions.” I recently heard a bride describing bourbon tasting tables she was going to have at her reception – her husband-to-be and friends and family were huge bourbon fans. Tasting tables are a fun and unique way to personalize your reception or throw in something special for your guests. I’ve seen this done and blogged about similar concepts previously (see Bridal Blog Archives April 2011) with candy and desserts. This would also be a wonderful idea for wine lovers, which could be themed around a particular type of wine (reds, whites, regional, global). Work with your caterer and venue to accommodate the additional tasting tables, as well as any extra glasses, supplies and drinks needed. If your caterer or vendor can’t handle special requests, ask if you can bring your own, and order them in plenty of time. You may want to consider providing write-up cards wit each sample or having a professional speak about each one. There may be additional costs associated for a professional. It’s a great complement or alternate to traditional cocktail hours, entertaining guests while you’re getting your pictures taken. Let us know what cool “attractions” you’re planning for your reception: Email