Wedding Don’ts

There are a few things, as a bride, you want to avoid the week leading up to your wedding. I’ve seen them all happen and want to make sure you avoid each of them. So, here are my top four Wedding Don’ts: 1) The week of your wedding is not the time to select a new hairstyle. Routine trims and coloring to maintain a current style are OK, but try to schedule them at least two weeks before to avoid any “oopsies.” 2) A facial is a wonderful way to relax but it can be brutal on your skin, so have it done a month or two before your wedding. 3) Don’t hit the beach or spray on your tan on the days leading up to your big day.   The goal is to avoid painful burns and nasty stains on your gown (test spray tans in advance to avoid rashes as well). 4) Crash diets are not the answer to losing a few more pounds to fit into your wedding gown. Not only will you be starving but you risk not getting vital nutrients, therefore, lowering your immune system and catching a cold (a wedding gift you don’t want).