Wedding Cake Trends: Breaking the Mold

Wedding cakes are are an integral part of a wedding, symbolizing a couple’s lifelong commitment and serving as decorative focal points. Cutting the cake is full of tradition and one of the most photographed parts of a wedding. Luckily, modern weddings and the trends have embraced design, variety and even size.
    Brides are going back to butter-cream icing; it tastes better than fondant and can still achieve some of the same looks. Publix Bakery (multiple locations in Central FL) has the best butter cream icing, and the deliciously affordable cakes also rival the beauty of some high-end specialty bakeries, too ( 
    Forget the skyscrapers, wedding cakes are getting smaller. Scale has taken a back seat to style and personality. Sprinkles Custom Cakes in Winter Park has a quality reputation for  delivering artistic confections for numerous occasions and personalities (
   Uniquely personal cakes, like the one pictured here, are a very popular choice this year. Bear in mind, these aren’t always practical and might be made with Styrofoam and other non-edible items so a secondary cake for eating is necessary.
   Some brides are going with “wedding cake substitutes,” such as gourmet cupcakes.  When beautifully decorated then stacked and tiered on a towering stand, cupcakes make quite an impression, even Martha Stewart agrees. They can also be made several weeks in advance, in a variety of flavors and frozen, saving precious time and money. They’re also easier to distribute to guests. Cupcake Crazy in Lake Mary has everything from cupcakes to wedding cakes, for every occasion (, as does Bake Me a Cake Pastry Shop & Bakery in Altamonte Springs (