Wed Tech

Fun, new ways to add a techie touch to your wedding day.


Does your fiancé have a memory like a sieve? Alaska Jewelry has created the ultimate wedding ring for the forgetful man. Using a built-in microchip and a microthermopile that converts body heat to electricity, this ring will make sure your husband never forgets your anniversary. The date is set when you order, then, 24 hours before your anniversary, it heats up to 120 degrees F for 10 minutes every hour on the hour all day long. The Remember Ring is waterproof, impact resistant and comes in seven styles—all of them for men. $760.


Incorporating a QR code on your save-the-date cards and invitations gives a digital assist to your guests. The codes can automatically add your wedding date to their calendar, link them to your wedding website, even connect them with your bridal gift registry. You can do it yourself, of course, using any of the code-generating apps, or you can let the printer do it for you. Los Angeles-based Paperspring has a full line of QR cards and invitations called Paperlinks for everything from weddings to birthdays to baby showers. You tell them the “what and when,” and they create and print the cards and codes. Cards start at $1.29 each.



Your guests can take home personalized flipbooks as keepsakes with Flip Book Creations at your wedding reception. The local service provides a mobile studio, some props and a video camera. Each group of guests takes a turn in front of the camera, approves the video clip, and then waits 90 seconds while frames from the video clip are printed, cut and bound into a personalized flipbook. Prices start at $800.


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