Update: Cindy Relives That Horrible Day

Cindy Anthony was on the stand all morning (Tuesday, May 31), describing the chain of events that led her to make three 911 calls on July 15, 2008. During this morning’s riveting testimony, Cindy wiped away tears as she relived what had to be some of the worst days of her life. When we listened to the final 911 tape, the one in which she was in a panic over the whereabouts of Caylee, Cindy buried her head into her lap. The jury sat intently listening, with heads bowed. At the end of that tape, several of them turned to look at Cindy. She was an emotional wreck, and the mood in the courtroom was tense. . I could sense the agony in the room. Judge Perry called for a short recess. The judge was right to call a short time out.




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