Top 7 Best LLC Services in 2022: Which One is The Best?

By Logan Nguyen

Are you looking for the best LLC service online that will guarantee your business entity is properly formed while also satisfying all legal requirements? thankfully, Various online LLC formation services can assist you with the complete process. These online LLC formation companies have skilled and experienced agents who will assemble and submit the relevant documentation correctly and on time.Image5

Employing the services of an online business formation service can save time and money. A good LLC filing service employs experts that fully understands your state’s business formation processes. They will walk you through the entire process, fill out the application, and double-check everything before submitting. You will save time by not having to investigate state laws and requirements. You also reduce the possibility of your file being rejected because it is incomplete or poorly submitted.

We have narrowed your search to the seven best LLC formation services to save you time. The best online LLC formation service in the business services industry should guarantee a fast, trustworthy, and cost-effective LLC creation process. 

So lets begin!

The Definition and Meaning of LLC

A limited liability corporation (LLC) is a legal framework for a business entity. It combines a corporation’s restricted liability with the flexibility and lack of formality provided by a partnership or sole proprietorship. Any business owner who wants to limit their personal liability for company debts and litigation should consider incorporating an LLC.

That said. According to the IRS, “Owners of an LLC are called members. Most states do not restrict ownership so that members may include individuals, corporations, other LLCs, and foreign entities. There is no maximum number of members. Most states also permit “single-member” LLCs with only one owner.”

However, financial organizations such as banks and insurance businesses cannot be LLCs.

Top 7 Best LLC Service Companies 2022

Top 7 LLC Services That Suit Your Demand 2022

Northwest Registered Agent


Northwest Registered Agent mainly provides registered agent services and assists with company creation. Furthermore, it guarantees that your personal information will never be shared with third parties and works hard to provide excellent customer service from agents across the United States.


  • They don’t trade customer data
  • Excellent customer service
  • They have offices all over the country
  • Affordable Pricing 


  • Rather pricey employer identification number service 

Northwest Registered Agent has helped form over two million companies since its inception, and they presently deal with up to 200 new LLCs and corporations daily, according to information on their website. Northwest Registered Agent costs $39 plus the state filing fee. This includes a free Registered Agent service for the first year. Northwest will confirm the availability of your LLC name and then submit the Articles of Organization with the state authorities and other LLC services.



ZenBusiness concentrates on business formation services, and despite being a new company, it is outperforming its competitors with low-cost plans and high-quality customer support.


  • Affordable plans
  • Quick Turnaround Time
  • Excellent customer support
  • 60-day money-back guarantee


  • No free trial
  • Pricey add-on plans 

ZenBusiness, headquartered in the Lone Star State, is an online incorporation service for new and seasoned company owners. ZenBusiness was established in 2015 by a group of entrepreneurs who had previously encountered the same obstacles as other startups do today. The company’s mission is to streamline and shorten the time it takes to establish a new company. ZenBusiness offers three subscription options to fulfill the diverse needs of your business. You may select the $49 yearly low-cost( plus state filing fees) beginning plan, which features LLC filing, an operating agreement form, and a guarantee of 100% authenticity. The $299-per-year (with state fees) Premium plan is suitable if you wish to benefit from additional services such as a business domain name and a website. When you choose Zenbusiness for your LLC formation, you get worry-free services and the experienced assistance you need in your online LLC services.

Harbor Compliance


Harbor Compliance provides comprehensive solutions for all of your business formation requirements. You may depend on them to register your LLC, get appropriate corporate permissions, and give more compliance services.


  • Excellent customer service
  • Assistance  with compliance for highly regulated industries
  • Compliance software tools are available
  • They take security very serious 
  • They make complicated compliance issues easy to navigate. 


  • There are no refunds.
  • Prices are relatively expensive.

Harbor Compliance offers rapid response times, making them a good alternative if you need to get your business up and running as soon as possible. If you choose to work with them, you will be given a compliance specialist who will handle all aspects of your LLC formation and answer any questions you may have in the future.

This service, unfortunately, is somewhat pricey, costing $399(plus state fees). Harbor Compliance, unlike its competitors, does not provide more economical packages or the ability to personalize services.



If you’re looking for a free LLC service, Incfile is an excellent option. This worldwide service charges just the relevant state fees for required incorporation. It also sends you email compliance reminders for your LLC regularly. The articles of incorporation are also kept in a secure electronic format.


  • Affordable Pricing
  • Free one-year registered agent service
  • Lifetime and knowledgeable customer support
  • Free business tax consultation


  • Slightly unreliable customer service

Incfile, founded in 2004, is a Houston, Texas-based startup that has aided in the establishment of over 75,000 businesses. The organization has an excellent reputation for providing quality service at a lower price than its competitors. Incfile offers a free year of registered agent service included in all its available LLC formation package before charging an annual fee of $119( with state fees) subsequently. They also have a $149 gold bundle with more features than the entry-level offers.

Rocket Lawyer


Rocket Lawyer is a well-known LLC service provider that allows you to form an LLC without hiring an expensive lawyer.


  • Direct contact with attorneys
  • Top notch customer service
  • Free one-week membership trial
  • Free LLC formation for members
  • Good customer feedback


  • Expensive plans 

Rocket Lawyer is an outstanding LLC formation  service that can help you create an LLC and is primarily geared toward consumers who want legal advice. Rocket Lawyer distinguishes itself from its rivals with its subscription-based approach to ongoing legal services, in which premium users get access to legal documents, advice, and other resources. The premium membership is $39.99 monthly and comes with a one-month free trial for all new customers. Furthermore, new members get an LLC filing and a 25% discount on future company incorporations.

It’s perfect if you have a substantial budget and want comprehensive legal and estate planning services. The legal services provided by Rocket Lawyer LLC are also a good fit if you are the owner of a small company and may require advice from an attorney in the future.



CompanyWorks offers a variety of company formation choices. The installation wizard is a distinguishing feature of the company’s product. The setup wizard is a control panel that guides you through the steps of creating an LLC using internet resources.


  • Single-day processing time
  • 100% customer satisfaction guarantee
  • Easy-to-use service
  • Remarkable customer reviews 


  • No registered agent service in lower plans

MyCompanyWorks is one of the largest and most popular providers of business formation services in the United States, including forming LLCs and submitting legally required government paperwork. This LLC structure may suit small company owners who desire to organize many LLCs.

The key advantages of this tried-and-true company formation service include moderately priced packages with a long list of supplementary services such as a personalized operating agreement, a compliance alert system, organizational minutes, and learning material for entrepreneurs, all backed by an outstanding customer support staff and almost faultless customer feedback ratings.



LegalZoom has greater brand awareness than any other business with a national reach in our area. They construct a large number of LLCs and have vast experience. LegalZoom is well-known for its low-cost LLC formation services.


  • Proven track record
  • Huge customer base
  • Industry-leading LLC service firm in matters concerning annual report filing and trademarks
  • Good customer service 


  • Lack of transparent pricing 

LegalZoom LLC’s basic LLC filing services supports you in starting and operating your LLC at a minimal cost. In the LLC formation services industry, this corporation is a market leader.

LegalZoom offers low-cost pricing options with the flexibility to add extra on additional services. LegalZoom believes that every company deserves comprehensive legal protection and offers an impartial network of lawyers to provide you with the appropriate assistance. The DIY platform is simple to use and saves time and effort during the whole process without requiring you to leave your house.

How To Start An Llc?

Starting an LLC can require time, money, and processes. Follow these steps below to create your LLC quickly and efficiently:

Select a State

It’s important to note that you can start your LLC in any state, regardless of where you live. We recommend you start your LLC in your home state to avoid double costs and also to benefit from the fact that you understand your home state’s laws better. It’s also beneficial to be within immediate reach of government offices. Some LLC business owners prefer to start their LLC out-of-state due to favorable taxation rates, running costs, and other business-friendly factors.

Choose a business name for your LLC. 

Branding and marketing should be the priority when deciding on a name for your business. That said, it’s also essential you choose a business name that pertains to your business structure, “chosen state” laws and regulations. You can do a business name search on your state’s website.

Hire a registered agent 

Every LLC is required to retain the services of a registered agent in America. The job of a registered agent is primarily to receive official and Legal documents  (such as subpoenas and notices) on behalf of your LLC. When the registered agent receives such paperwork, they will forward it to the LLC’s manager.

File the Articles of Organization

Your business’s articles of incorporation must be filed with the state agency responsible for business filings to establish your limited liability company as a legal entity. The word articles of organization are used in most states, but some use other words such as certificate of formation. Each state has a different system of incorporation. So, look on the site you used to investigate potential business names to find the appropriate form for your state.

Create an Operating Agreement

Next, you have to draft an operating agreement. The operating agreement for your limited liability company (LLC) lays out the rules and procedures you will follow to manage your business. It lays out the rights of members in the event of the death or departure of another member, the conduct of meetings, the conduct of business, the distribution of profits and losses, and the rights of members in the event of the death or departure of another member, and the dissolution of the company.

Get an EIN

The state will issue a certificate or other document confirming the existence of your LLC after filing and approving the LLC’s formation documents. After getting the certificate, you can open a business bank account, apply for a federal tax id number ein, secure any necessary licenses, etc.

Best State To Form An LLC?

For most small businesses, their home state is the best option when choosing where to form a limited liability company (LLC). Most of your company’s activities occur in person or online.  

Although, We suggest either Delaware or Nevada if you’d instead not establish your LLC in your home state.

What Should You Know While Choosing LLC Services? 


There is no universal fee for starting an LLC, and the process can cost several hundred or even several thousand dollars. Pick an LLC service that fits within your budget. Inc file is the most affordable LLC service out there.

Turnaround Time

The business formation process ought to be quick and straightforward. Finding a company that can form your LLC quickly is best to get the peace of mind you deserve.

Registered agent services.

Services of a registered agent are typically included with or made available to members of LLCs for a fee. Depending on your company’s needs, hiring an LLC service company that provides registered agent services may be essential and warrant the additional cost.

Customer Contentment

The main factors contributing to satisfied customers are value for money and an enjoyable experience. Before hiringg an online business formation services, it’s critical to understand what other people think about them. Reputable LLC service providers will receive glowing testimonials from satisfied clients regularly.

Help and Support

We felt it was necessary to bring this up because we anticipate that you will face various challenges as you pursue your business goals. When clients are having difficulties, LLC filing companies should be able to provide solid support and assistance.

Final Thoughts

All seven of the best LLC services on our list are excellent choices. They all have reasonable pricing and are dependable and simple to use.

In general though, we prefer Zenbusiness.Their affordable costs, expertise, and positive client feedback make them an excellent pick for any business trying to have a good start. Furthermore, you will save a significant amount of money when compared to some other services on our list.


  • What exactly is an LLC?

A limited liability corporation (LLC) is a corporate organization in the United States. LLCs are legal company that combines the characteristics of a corporation, partnership, and sole proprietorship.

  • What are the dangers of utilizing LLCs?

No, there are far more significant risks to forming an LLC. A LLC formation website  assures that the firm is appropriately formed. These businesses produce hundreds of LLCs regularly, so they understand how to construct a legally binding corporate entity.

  • How might LLC filing services assist me?

These companies remove all the hassle and paperwork that comes with launching a business.

How to Register for an LLC Service

When done online, registration for an LLC service is simple and fast. In many cases, you may fill out all the essential information about your company and get your LLC without ever picking up the phone.

  • What is the most effective LLC service?

Zenbusiness is a top-rated business formation service with skilled customer support and various other advantages.

  • To form an LLC, how much money would be needed?

In general, you should anticipate to spend anywhere from $50 to $500 to form an LLC and another $100 or so each year to keep it running (including annual/biennial reports, state business taxes, etc.).

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