Tips 4U

Seven suggestions for balancing screen time with family time.

1 Encourage your children to try a variety of activities so that, when the school day ends, they’re busy with Scouting, sports or other interests that engage them physically and socially. 
2 Establish blackout times during the week when everybody puts down the electronic devices, including Mom and Dad. Obvious times would be during dinner or homework. If the children need to be online to do their homework, then no other devices should be permitted. 
3 Designate specific hours for screen time, such as 30 minutes a night—after chores and homework are completed.
4 Gather around the Xbox as a family for video game night. Think of it as the 21st century alternative to the board game nights of yore.
5 As a family, watch the YouTube videos your kids think are funny. 
6 Schedule family activities, such as bike rides or movie nights, without the distraction of digital devices.
With teenagers, engage in conversation rather than trying to force them to give up their devices. Explain your desire for family time and ask for their suggestions on activities to do together.

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