The Quick and Easy Decorating Guide to Holiday Greens, Wreaths and Pine Cones

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Does your to-do list grow longer with the arrival of the holidays? It’s easy to get overwhelmed during this time of cheer and goodwill, given everything we want to accomplish: finding just-right gifts, taking time to make the season special for others, attending parties and hosting celebrations. If going all out to create a festive wonderland causes stress rather than joy, relieve pressure in the decorating department. Just pick up a few armfuls of aromatic evergreens, fresh lengths of garland and a simple wreath (or two or three) to place in key spots around the house for a simple yet effective way of bringing the holidays home.

Exterior trimmings. Getting your home ready to greet family and guests is as easy as hanging an unadorned yet beautiful boxwood wreath on the front door with a length of upholstery tape.

Instead of stringing lights all over the house, drape a few lengths of garland around the entry, with a wreath featuring pine cones and a bow at the door. Many grocery stores and warehouse food chains carry fresh evergreens at can’t-be-beat prices.

Play up any architectural features of your home with holiday greenery. An oversize wreath accentuates this sizable chimney next to the garland-wrapped door.

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Indoor wreaths and garlands. Thankfully, getting the interior set to welcome the holidays doesn’t require layers of decor. A cheerful berry wreath and a few red accessories are all it takes to make this kitchen feel festive.

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Use any existing decor to your advantage. Are there bowls of fruit on the island, candles on a table or a collection of decorative serving dishes on a sideboard that will become instantly festive with the addition of holiday greens? In this kitchen, lengths of garland are tucked among canisters and cake stands sitting on a hutch, with a wreath hung above by a black and white striped ribbon.

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Take advantage of the dining room chandelier if it provides a structure for greenery. Miniature wreaths tied to chair backs, along with a leafy garland draped at the top of a hutch, set the mood for a special dinner.

Successful holiday decor doesn’t need to be complicated to be special. Ornaments strung from a garland placed in the window are as charming as can be.

Lengths of fresh garland woven through the banisters without any further ornamentation look merry with a cluster of ornaments tied around the newel post.

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Container trees. You probably don’t have to go too far to find a miniature living Christmas tree ready to be taken home. Decorated simply, this little charmer can brighten any corner of the house for the holidays.

When it comes to trees, bigger isn’t always better, with small to midsize ones looking fantastic set in baskets. After stringing on a few lights and favorite decorations, you’re done.

Some trees in baskets are so handsome just as they are that no decorating is required, particularly if they’re set next to large platter filled with more greens, pine cones and a few brightly colored ornaments.

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Small touches. If you live in a warm climate or near the coast, holiday decor is best when it incorporates your locale. In this home in Tampa, Florida, evergreen sprigs are arranged with seashells and a starfish in a galvanized tin.

With fresh holiday greens, it really can be a simple and quick job to change your rooms from their everyday look to their holiday finery, giving you more time to focus on what will bring you and your family joy during this festive season.

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