The Pet Guide: High-Tech Tools & Toys

These products are smart choices when it comes to the care, feeding and entertainment of your pet.

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Can someone please do this for humans? If you have trouble figuring out how much food to give your pet, the Wagz Serve Smart Feeder does the work for you. It delivers the right amount of food based on your pet’s breed, environment and the activity levels measured by its smart collar. $249.

2 This tag is it. The Bluetooth-enabled Pawscout Pet Tag allows owners to set virtual outdoor boundaries for their pets and even notifies community members when your pet wanders off. Owners can choose from a variety of tag designs that include contact information. Best of all, you have no monthly fees. $19.95.

3 Sometimes your dog has to go when you’re gone. The Wagz Go Smart Door sends alerts to your smartphone and allows you to control your dog’s comings and goings. It also provides motion-sensor HD video so you can observe your pooch’s activity. $549.

Meet the enforcer. Want to keep Rufus off your couch while you’re gone? The Wagz Roam Smart Shield pairs with the Wagz smart collar to create invisible gates around off-limits areas by providing a shock-free correction when pets get within range. $49.

5 Play the day away. If you worry your pet gets bored when you’re not home, prepare to encounter your new workplace distraction. Smart iPET Robot allows you to interact remotely with your pet using a free app. Dogs and cats chase a laser pointer and can receive rewards from a dispenser. Plus the robot toy records and securely stores photos and videos you can share with family and friends. $299.

The “central nervous system” in a sweet suite of products. The Wagz Explore Smart Collar is your all-in-one invisible fence, activity tracker, bark deterrent, shock-free correction system and GPS. It’s the hub of the company’s suite of high-tech pet products, all of which can be operated with an app. $399.

7 It’s all the buzz. The waterproof, Bluetooth-connected Canicalm Smart Bark Control collar detects barking from vibrations in the dog’s throat and uses an acoustic warning and electrostatic stimulation to correct negative behavior. Owners control the level of stimulation via an app. $129.99.

8 The snuggle is real. Using a simulated heartbeat and heat source, Snuggle Puppy and Snuggle Kitty help pets through the weaning process or with crate training. The machine-washable stuffed toys also ease anxiety, such as with fireworks or Florida’s infamous thunderstorms. $39.95. PetSmart,

9 Your digital brag book. Gather and organize all your pet photos using a pet recognition app. Pet Photo Saver stores all your prized pet mugs in one location and can link to a digital photo frame or USB-enabled TV. You can also order prints and custom gifts from within the app. $89.99.

10 Here’s a scoop. Love your cat but hate cleaning litter boxes? PetSafe ScoopFree Ultra Self-Cleaning Litter Box self-cleans for weeks with no scooping. Your kitty enjoys the privacy of the covered box, which reduces litter tracking. Plus the crystal litter is more effective at odor control than conventional litters. $174.99.

11 Your pup can have a ball—or 20. When your dog drops balls into the top of this interactive toy, iFetch launches them to preset distances for endless games of fetch. $115.

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