The Pet Guide 2018: Playful and Practical

10 of the Coolest Pet Products, Paws-Down.

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When your pet is happy, you’re happy. These pet products, among those featured earlier this year at the Global Pet Expo industry show in Orlando, are designed to please you both, providing a perfect two-fur.

1. Get the upper hand against shedding. If you haven’t tried grooming gloves, you and your pet are missing out. HandsOn grooming gloves gently massage and grooms any pet or furry farm animal—or zoo mammal, so we’re told. $24.99.

2. No more cone of shame. Keep your dog from licking his wound and keep your furniture intact with the inflatable ZenCollar. Your dog will maintain his dignity, and you both will retain your sanity. $16.99-$34.99.

3. Keeping it natural. Made with essential oils, non-aerosol Ruff on Bugs organic flea and tick spray repels ticks, fleas and mosquitos naturally so your pet doesn’t have to ingest pesticides. $11.99-$22.98.

4. Teepee your pet’s house. Your home doesn’t have to be the only abode that combines fashion with function. Provide a durable and stylish hideout for your cat or dog with P.L.A.Y.’s Pet Teepee beds. $69-$79.

5. “P” is for perfect lawn. Brown spots in the yard are every dog owner’s pet peeve. Put all-natural Dog Rocks in your pet’s water bowl to put an end to those nasty brown patches caused by dog urine by changing its pH. $16.99.

6. It just makes sense. Does your dog hate storm season more than you do? Agon CozyFur Dog Anxiety Vest combines a lavender scent and soothing music within a calming jacket. $39.99.

7. You won’t find this at your favorite smoothie shop. Smoothies are known for their nutrient punch, and CarnaForage freeze-dried goat milk super smoothie is no exception. This dog smoothie blend is packed with powerful nutrients and superfoods to maximize pet health. $24.75.

8. Yak it up. Made by indigenous people of the Himalayas, cheesy Platinum Pets Dog Chews are made with yak and cow milk, are grain-free, and are designed to promote dental health. $17.99.

9. A pet vacuum, as in for your pets. Wash and dry your pet fuss-free with Bissell’s BARKBATH QT portable dog bath, which uses no-rinse shampoos and holds enough water to wash an 80-pound dog. $149.99.

10. Let your cat get high and boogie. Put some catnip in the compartment of D.J. Whiskerz dancing cat toy, and wirelessly connect it to your device so your cat can dance to the music while you enjoy some much-deserved amusement. $29.99-$39.99. Available soon at

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