The Find: Good Crowd

A new shop in the heart of College Park offers an array of unique gifts with a personal touch.

1 “Brushstrokes” small bag with tassel by Papaya!, $25

Mindfullness Cards by Chronicle Books, $16.95

3 Danica Studio linen half-moon “merman” pouch, $13

Creative Co-op stoneware measuring cups, set of 4, $22

5  Illume Coconut Milk Mango candle (also available in Gardenia and Fresh Sea Salt), $23-$31

6  Floor 9 marble serving board and spreader, $27

Three years ago, Sarah Johnson-Markve (at right) envisioned her future shop, filled with modern, trend-forward gifts that would fit the bill for every occasion. During College Park’s Spring Fest in May 2019, she opened the doors of Good Crowd on Edgewater Drive in the space formerly occupied by Alchemy Salon.

While the shop’s name “represents the vendors and makers we stock,” says Johnson-Markve, she also wants it to be “a place where people want to shop and learn something from the events we host. We want everyone to feel a part of the ‘good crowd.’ ”

The light-filled interior houses shelves of eye-catching merchandise, most of it $30 or less, such as a bottle opener that looks like a G.I. Joe action figure, stylish cosmetic bags and a small but mighty selection of greeting cards.

Her inspiration began when she and her sisters regularly visited their favorite store, Patina, in the South Minneapolis neighborhood where they grew up. “Shopping was our love language,” she says. “I didn’t always buy stuff, but I would be amazed looking at all the unique items on the shelves.”

In Orlando, Johnson-Markve developed a friendship with College Park business owners Brad and Christina Cowherd. “Brad asked if I wanted an internship at Infusion Tea buying his merchandise.” The two of them traveled to the trade market in Atlanta where Cowherd taught Johnson-Markve how to do wholesale buying. The next year she went on her own. When Cowherd learned that Alchemy Salon was vacating its Edgewater location, he asked Sarah, “When are you going to do Patina 2.0?”

Johnson-Markve’s next buying trip was to NY Now (the market show for home and lifestyle items) to scout merchandise for her new venture, Good Crowd. “I wanted an aesthetic that you can’t find on Edgewater Drive,” she says. When someone comes in and says, “This would be perfect for my [best friend, child’s teacher, brother],” she feels triumphant. “That is exactly what I intended.” 2812 Edgewater Drive, Orlando. 407-988-3630.

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1 “Danica Studio "Adventure Awaits" water bottle, $28

Danica Studio linen "Sea Spell" cosmetic bag, $22

3 Go Be Lovely 3.5 oz. hand creme in Citrus Crush, $17

Now Designs "Tea For Me" 16 oz. stoneware teapot and cup, $24

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