The Best Smelling Body Washes for Men


When you smell good, you are more likely to leave a good impression on the people you interact with at work, in social settings or at gatherings with friends. Smelling good doesn’t have to be an impossible mission to achieve. It starts with the most fundamental action: showering with an aromatic body wash.

A good-smelling body wash is all it takes to start your day on the right foot. With so many body wash products available on the market, it can be overwhelming to figure out which body wash to buy. Decision fatigue sets in for many people searching for the right body wash to add to their showering experience.  

We searched high and low for the best-smelling body washes for men. We reviewed scores of body washes, and only a handful made the cut. As well as smelling amazing, they are made with the finest ingredients that are healthy for the body and planet. Read on to find 14 of the best smelling body washes for men. 

1. Coconut Apricot Body Wash by Blu Atlas


Our top pick for the best smelling body wash for men is this Body Wash by Blu Atlas. Not only does this body wash smell incredible, but it is also an effective cleanser that takes excellent care of the skin. This body wash is formulated with green tea extract, aloe and sugarcane. It is a natural and soft exfoliant that removes gunk and grime from the skin while infusing it with anti-aging ingredients to ensure it looks radiant, hydrated and young. 

These highly effective ingredients are packaged with a delightful coconut apricot scent. This tropical fragrance will help you escape into bright summer days as you enjoy your hot shower. 

Blu Atlas is a premium skincare brand for men. Their entire selection of ingredients is carefully designed with clean ingredients sourced from natural origins. Like the other products, this Coconut Apricot Body Wash by Blu Atlas is vegan and free of artificial ingredients, parabens and sulfates. It is also a cruelty-free product, allowing you to take care of the planet while taking care of yourself. 

2. Mesmerising Oudh Accord & Gold Bath Shower Gel by Molton Brown


This Mesmerising Oudh Accord & Gold Bath Shower Gel is just the thing for those special moments requiring a bit more luxury. It is a rich shower gel that is beautifully fragranced with citrusy bergamot in its top notes, heady oudh accord in the heart and honeyed resins in the base. It is fresh yet seductive and masculine. These tones mimic the depths of fresh, spicy pine forests that will invigorate your senses. 

This shower gel contains 23.5-carat gold flakes that enhance the luxurious effect and will give your skin a healthy glow and sheen. With the help of these flakes, you will look and feel younger and more energized. 

Molton Brown has formulated a fantastic body wash that pampers the skin and the senses. This body wash is safe on the skin as it is formulated with a 100% vegetarian blend and is cruelty free. It is also free of parabens and other harmful chemicals. With its rich fragrance and gold flakes, this shower gel is as mesmerizing as the packaging promises.

3. Moroccan Oil Shower Gel


This Moroccan Oil Shower Gel is deeply nourishing and ultra-relaxing with its gentle and iconic fragrance. This body wash is a beautiful blend of light, fruity magnolia, sensual amber and warm wood. It is a fragrance you won’t forget, and one that will make you look forward to your next shower. 

Moroccan Oil Shower Gel has just the right blend of light fruity tones that are accentuated by wood and amber. Its deep, musky tones will ensure you feel clean and confident as you go about your day. 

The key ingredients in this body wash are just as impressive as its fragrance. Argan oil is extremely rich, providing the skin with a generous dose of vitamins, fatty acids, antioxidants and oils. These nutrients will infuse the skin with the nourishment and hydration it needs to stay youthful and healthy-looking. 

The glycerin in this body wash will help the skin stay elastic and moisturized. Even after many hours of using this body wash, you will feel comfortable in your skin because of its long-lasting moisture. 

4. Rosemary Mint Hand and Body Wash by Aveda


This body wash is for the man who isn’t a big fan of mornings. If you can’t sleep in as long as you want, you can still wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day’s tasks with the Rosemary Mint Hand and Body Wash by Aveda.

The combination of rosemary and mint is stimulating and invigorating, awakening the senses and giving you a pleasant start to the day. The cooling effect of mint combines perfectly with warm rosemary, allowing your entire body to come to life. 

The ingredient formulation of Aveda’s products is safe and sustainable. This body wash is entirely vegan and cruelty-free, giving us peace of mind that we are taking good care of both our bodies and the planet. The Rosemary Mint Hand and Body Wash is made with organic ingredients sourced from plants that are gentle and effective on the skin. 

5. Thymes – Eucalyptus Body Wash


The Eucalyptus Body Wash from Thymes is a body wash that will bring joy and excitement for the new day with its rejuvenating fragrance. The fresh blend of eucalyptus, lemongrass, bergamot and fir offers a therapeutic showering experience as you breathe in nature’s finest essences. These green aromatics will enliven the senses, helping you smell clean while caring for your skin. 

What is truly amazing about this body wash is that the ingredients don’t just offer a beautiful fragrance; they also offer healthful benefits to the skin. Eucalyptus oil has long been recognized for its soothing and antibacterial properties. It provides the skin with a healing treatment for rashes and gives it a chance to thrive. 

We also love the combination of supremely hydrating aloe vera and honey, which have nourishing properties. They will help heal any irritations while increasing and balancing the skin’s moisture levels. Because of these healthy properties and therapeutic fragrances, Thymes’ Eucalyptus Body Wash is one of the best on the market. 

6. Wild Pine Shower Gel by The Body Wash


Sometimes all a man wants to do is to hike through the cedar forest and be one with the nature around him. However, life and responsibilities continually beckon him to join the morning commute and head to the office for another day of work. However, regardless of his occupation, he can still take a piece of that fresh forest with him, thanks to The Body Shop’s Wild Pine Shower Gel. 

This shower gel is a dose of fresh pine and sandalwood that revives the senses and mind. The Wild Shower Gel’s fragrance will remind you of crisp, cool mornings out in the woods, where you hear the gentle rush of the river and birds singing in the distance. It is a fragrance that will help you get an energized start to your day and infuse your soul with joy. 

The Body Shop uses premium ingredients from natural, vegan origins. This body wash’s formulation is gentle and suitable for all skin types. 

7. Gypsy Water Gel Douche by Byredo


Gypsy Water Gel Douche by Byredo is more than just your average body wash. Inspired by the nomadic Romani culture, this Gypsy Water Gel Douche was designed with bright notes of bergamot, juniper, lemon and pepper at the top. As you work the shower gel into your skin, you will pick up middle notes of pine needles, orris and incense. These alluring notes will be intensified with the gentle touch of amber, sandalwood and vanilla. This sweet, spicy and fresh scent will bring out your masculinity and vitality with its sexy and colorful notes.  

This body wash is one to remember, with its showstopping fragrance and gentle cleansing formula. It is formulated with premium and vegan ingredients that are safe on the skin and pleasant to the senses. 

8. Oribe Desertland Replenishing Body Wash


It is not hard to pick Oribe’s Desertland Replenishing Body Wash out of the crowd because of its magical aroma that penetrates the air and lifts spirits. This body wash is like a warm embrace on a chilly day. As soon as you hit the shower, Oribe’s Desertland Body Wash will work its magic and wash away any worries and anxieties that have accumulated.

The fragrance in this body wash is a blend of bright juniper berries, balmy lavender and warm pine that will put you in a trancelike state and help you forget the stress. Warm touches of cedarwood will capture the soul and give it a new dose of life and joy. Before you know it, you’ll be stepping out of the shower, realizing that maybe those troubles weren’t so bad after all. 

The ingredients in this body wash deserve even more applause as they provide a deeply nourishing and healing treatment for the skin. With the help of sweet almonds, meadowfoam and starflower oils, you will experience a renewed skin complexion that is hydrated and plump with healthy moisture. There is also carrot root extract in this body wash, which brightens the skin, helping it heal from any irritations and fight off signs of aging. 

The impeccable formulation and mood-transforming fragrance of Desertland Replenishing Body Wash will be a life-altering addition to your shower regimen. 

9. Outlaw’s Blazing Saddles Natural Body Wash


This one is for the rule breakers, trailblazers and defiers of convention. If you enjoy pushing boundaries and questioning the norm, Outlaw’s Blazing Saddles Natural Body Wash will be right up your alley. In fact, it will serve as a propellant that will help you keep striding toward your goals with boldness and conviction. 

This boost of confidence is provided by a proprietary blend that will remind you of your favorite hero. It is a bold concoction that smells like leather, gunpowder, sagebrush and earth. Outlaw is perfect for the man who isn’t afraid to do the dirty work, fight for what matters in life and defy the odds. 

Outlaw’s Blazing Saddles Natural Body Wash is a cruelty-free body wash that is made of natural ingredients and recyclable packaging. Though Outlaw encourages men to step outside their comfort zone, they do so in an ethical and responsible way. The production practices by Outlaw are safe for the planet and all of its inhabitants. 

10. Zeus Body Wash


Zeus Body Wash is inspired by the powerful Greek god Zeus. Its lovely fragrance perfectly depicts the Greek legend with its sweet vanilla top notes, warming sandalwood in its heart, and spicy wood and musk at the base. This warm fragrance is powerful, with a scent that will bring out the boldness and confidence of any man seeking an extra boost of strength. 

Though the fragrance of this body wash will bring out a man’s rugged and strong demeanor, it is still moisturizing enough to give him a softened skin complexion. He will feel younger and even more attractive after experiencing the pampering effects of shea butter on his skin.

11. Nourishing Body Wash by Nivea


Nivea’s Nourishing Body Wash is for the man who puts in long hours at work and in the cold, drying weather elements. This body wash will melt into the skin and deliver its nourishing formulation. It will give the skin a reprieve from dryness with the gentle and enriched formulation of plant-sourced oils, lipids and vitamins that infuse skin with healing and lasting moisture. 

The benefits of Nivea’s Nourishing Body Wash are astounding, and we’re happy to report that its clean, floral scent isn’t one that you’ll forget soon. The soapy scent isn’t feminine, but is pleasant enough to give you clean and refreshed vibes after a long day of toil. Every hardworking man deserves the pampering that is offered by Nivea’s Nourishing Body Wash.

12. All-In-One Body Wash by Caswell-Massey


The All-In-One Body Wash by Caswell-Massey is for the determined man who is on a never-ending mission to achieve his goals. Such a man doesn’t have time to take extended breaks for complex skincare regimens. Luckily, the All-In-One Body Wash is perfect for busy men because it takes care of the entire body’s cleansing needs, including the face, hair and body. 

It isn’t common to find a body wash that caters to the face, hair and body safely and effectively, but Caswell-Massey has hit it out of the park with its gentle formulation. It is infused with plant-based conditioners that make multitasking possible. Your skin will glow with health, youth and vitality when you use this product. It will be nourished and fortified against environmental factors that cause damage to the skin. 

This All-In-One Body Wash is also a therapeutic experience with its energizing aroma of citrus and herbs. It is light and refreshing, providing the perfect amount of aromatics for a pleasant and quick shower. The best part? It gets the job done quickly without stripping you of any benefits that individual products would normally provide. So, don’t slow down or skip that shower, and pick up this best smelling body wash for men by Caswell-Massey. 

13. Black Reserve Body & Hair Cleanser by Jack Black


A good smelling body wash doesn’t have to be complicated, as is demonstrated by the wonderful Black Reserve Body & Hair Cleanser by Jack Black. This body wash has a sexy aroma that is provided by a blend of patchouli and coriander. The mix of pungent spices, bergamot and green herbs is just what you need for a refreshing aroma to lift your spirits. 

This body wash is an ultra-hydrating solution for the skin because it is formulated with highly moisturizing ingredients like aloe vera, jojoba protein, panthenol and shea butter. These ingredients will melt into the skin, providing it with soothing and healing properties. In no time at all, your skin will feel pampered, and any dryness will be treated with the softening body wash.  

As with all Jack Black products, this body wash is made of premium organic ingredients that are gentle on the body and safe for the planet. It is free from harmful parabens and sulfates, and contains highly effective ingredients that will make a difference in the skin’s health. This body wash is vegan and free from any artificial dyes that might irritate the skin. 

This Black Reserve Body & Hair Cleanser by Jack Black is a luxurious body wash that ticks all the boxes. The best part is that you can use it on both the body and the hair, saving yourself time and the hassle of buying an extra product. 

14. Dior’s Sauvage Shower Wash


Sauvage Shower Wash by Dior is an ultra-pampering body wash that any man is bound to enjoy. It was designed in conjunction with the Sauvage Eau de Parfum that smells of Calabrian bergamot and sweet amber. It is a sexy, masculine scent that will give each man the boldness and confidence he needs to accomplish his goals for the day. 

The body wash is a dose of moisture for the skin, providing a thorough cleanse without stripping it of its natural oils. If you want this fragrance to be even more powerful, layer the aroma of the body wash with the cologne and other products in this line. 

15. Invigorating Body Wash by Baxter of Californi


Baxter of Californi is a revitalizing body wash that will wake your spirit and ensure you feel clean and pampered. The citrusy aroma is blended perfectly with herbs and musk that accentuate a man’s masculinity and sensuality. It is a refreshing aroma that is good for the soul and mind. 

This Invigorating Body Wash is an expertly crafted formulation that contains aloe vera, vitamin C and jojoba oils. It is a plant-based product that cleanses your skin of all impurities and restores it with rich hydration. The base of this body wash is made of coconut, aloe vera and glycerin. Thanks to these nourishing ingredients, your skin will regain its elasticity and youthfulness. 

Baxter of California goes the extra mile to ensure that its body washes are of the highest quality. This Invigorating Body Wash is soothing on the skin and is free of all harmful chemicals like sulfates and parabens. 

How to Smell Your Best as a Man

Even though you go out of your way to find the best smelling body wash to use in your daily grooming regime, you may still have a hard time smelling good all day. Many men struggle with this, so don’t lose hope. We’ve rounded up some of the best tips for men to follow to keep smelling and feeling great throughout the day. 

Shower Daily

This goes without saying, but showering daily is the first key to smelling your best. Wash away all the dirt, excess sweat and grime accumulated throughout the day and allow your pores to breathe. Pick up one of the best smelling body washes for men we reviewed earlier and allow it to do its magic. Remember, a clean man is already a good smelling man. 

Trim Body Hair

Whether the odor is good or bad, it just loves to cling to the hair. If you have excess body hair and a body odor issue, trimming it may not be a bad idea. Doing so will help you wash out any smells and increase your ability to stay fresh. 

Eat Well and Drink Water

What you put into your body is what you will get out of it. A poor diet consisting of processed foods will create different body odors than a healthy diet of lean meats, fruits and veggies. Be sure to drink plenty of water to flush out all the toxins from your body that contribute to body issues as well. 

Wash Your Clothes Regularly

The fibers of shirts, pants, socks and underwear tend to trap body odors. Even if you’ve showered and used deodorant and other methods for smelling good, dirty clothing will negatively impact the way you smell. As a rule of thumb, be sure to wash your shirts after wearing them one or two times and your pants every two to three wearings. Don’t let your clothing let you down; smell your best in clean, washed clothing. 

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