The Best Shaving Creams for Men of 2022


Humans have been shaving for centuries, with tools appearing in prehistoric caves made from shark teeth, clamshells, and other sharp raw materials. Archaeologists have found razors made from copper and solid gold that date back as far as the fourth millennium! These razors were often used to shave off hair altogether, to stay cool and clean as well as stave off lice and bacteria. 

Fast-forward to 1919, when Frank Shields came up with an innovative product that would help cut through the thickest of beards, leaving skin feeling soft and supple. Barbasol Shaving Cream was a thick lotion that preceded the aerosol. 

Prior to shaving cream, men used soap made from animal fat and wood ash—which harked back to ancient Mesopotamia. It wasn’t until 1949 that expandable shaving cream became available. It was invented by the American healthcare company Carter-Wallace. 

While growing a luscious beard has been popular, on and off, throughout our varied history, the choice to be clean shaven is not always about modernity. Respect is often given to those with a clean-shaven face or tidy mustache. For a long period of time, teachers and doctors would stay clean-shaven to remain professional and even today soldiers are expected to have a short top and sides as well as a hair-free face. This particular trend may have begun in 330 BCE when Alexander the Great forced his troops to shave so that their enemies couldn’t grab at their beards during hand-to-hand combat! 

More recently, growing a beard has become quite popular in the hipster community, with worldwide events such as the World Beard and Mustache Championships (to be held in Germany next year), which includes ‘Best Dali mustache,’ ‘Goatee freestyle,’ and ‘Full Beard Freestyle,’ just to name a few weird and wacky categories. 

The beard trend was not always a popular one however; in fact, back in the 17th century, the Russian Emperor Peter the Great did what all great dictators love to do and found a good way to divide classes. He introduced a new tax on men’s facial hair and bearded men had to show a copper or bronze token as proof that it had been paid. Higher taxes were charged depending on your social status. The tax continued to be charged in England from the reign of Henry VIII to Elizabeth I. 

While it is not a taxable offense to grow a beard anymore, it is an expensive pastime if done properly. Products ranging from beard wax through to oil and soap can make beard- and mustache-growing expensive and time-consuming hobbies, which is why many of us choose to get that razor out and start shaving. 

For those who choose to take the naked approach, we’ve found the best shaving creams for men in 2022. Check them out below. 

1. Blu Atlas Shave Cream


$24.00 (Blu Atlas)

Natural products have become more and more fashionable as the average consumer starts to come to terms with the ingredients that big businesses slip into everyday health and beauty goods. Blu Atlas Shave Cream is filled with natural ingredients that nourish your skin and keep it healthy, without the concern of dangerous chemicals seeping into your system. 

Coco-caprylate—a derivation of coconut, is a thick and soft emollient that helps soothe the skin and allows the razor to glide across your skin, minimizing nicks and cuts. Tocopheryl acetate, a form of vitamin E, is a great antioxidant that helps fight free radical damage and allows for the skin to heal quickly. Blu Atlas Shave Cream is 100% vegan friendly, doesn’t use artificial fragrances, and only includes natural ingredients making it one of the best shaving creams for men.  

2. Triumph and Disaster Old Fashioned Shave Cream



With more than 100 shaves in every jar, Triumph and Disaster Old Fashioned Shave Cream packs a lot of punch from one small tin. The main ingredient, lanolin, is a natural emollient that moisturizes and hydrates skin intensely. Combine this with coconut extracts and fatty acids and this cream gives your skin a soft surface. 

Triumph & Disaster Shave Cream delivers a great shave with bright and fresh citrus tones, which leave your skin smelling fresh and masculine. Founded in New Zealand, Triumph and Disaster uses native ingredients from all over the world such as healing horopito oil and ponga fern from New Zealand, as well as jojoba extract from Mexico and Tamanu oil from Polynesia.  

3. Taylor of Old Bond Street Sandalwood Shaving Cream Bowl


Rewind to the days when you sat in a barber chair and got pampered with a close shave and friendly conversation. Taylor of Old Bond Street Sandalwood Shaving Cream Bowl brings back the traditional method of placing a brush in a bowl and applying the cream to your face in a luxurious lather. 

Filled to the brim with exotic fragrances and natural ingredients, this face-enhancing product includes sandalwood, cedar, lavender, and rosemary as well as jasmine and rose for a masculine scent. Lanolin oil keeps the cream soft and is highly moisturizing. This product is paraben-free and suitable for sensitive skin.

4. 18.21 Man Made Spiced Vanilla Shaving Glide


18.21 Man Made Spiced Vanilla Shaving Glide is a three-in-one shaving product that works as a preparation, shaving cream, and aftershave lotion. As a non-foaming lightweight gel, it can be applied and then shaved off, without the need for water. It is deeply conditioning thanks to the addition of nourishing jojoba seed oil. 

Spiced vanilla along with ginger, clove, and hints of coconut make this a delicious smelling shaving gel that includes base notes of star anise, amber, and tobacco. 

18.21 Man Made was originally inspired by the American Prohibition Act. Its name refers to the 18th amendment, which would later be repealed by the 21st amendment. 18.21 Man Made products are, in essence, “bootlegged” ingredients that are custom-crafted together to feel uniquely American. 

5. JS Sloane Gentlemen’s Shave Cream


JS Sloane is a product that suits the refined and distinguished gentlemen of the 21st century. This textured cream includes softening products such as chamomile, lavender, lanolin, and menthol, which work together to soften and brighten the skin. The modern-day grooming product revisits the old-fashioned routines that encourage modern men to take more time into their skincare routine. 

To get the best results out of this shave cream, begin by washing your face with a warm washcloth, apply JS Sloane Shave Cream with your fingertips, or stick with tradition and apply it with a shaving brush in a circular motion, until your whole face and neck is covered. Shave from the side of your face and work toward the center. Keep the blade clean at all times and rinse your face with warm water, before you pat your skin dry. Step back to the traditions that your ancestors enjoyed with this stylish shaving product. 

6. Kiehl’s Ultimate Brushless White Eagle Shave Cream


Kiehl’s Ultimate Brushless White Eagle Shave Cream provides a close shave without the need to lather thick cream all over your face. This lightweight lotion can be shaved off without adding water thanks to its all-natural ingredients including a rich combination of menthol, camphor, and sesame oil, which moisturizes and relaxes your skin while soothing any irritation or those pesky nicks and scratches. 

Squalene (made from shark liver oil), beeswax, aloe leaf gel, and palm oil combine to hydrate and protect the skin as well as assist in a better shave, leaving the skin silky smooth and easier for the razor to glide across.

Kiehl’s has been around for over 165 years and has an extensive range of knowledge surrounding the medicinal benefits of natural herbs and how they assist the skin. It makes perfect sense to invest in that knowledge. 

7. Proraso Green Refreshing Shaving Cream


Eucalyptus oil and menthol work beautifully together to enhance the shaving experience with Proraso’s traditional shaving cream which, much like the shaving creams of yore, is packaged in a handy squeezable bottle. 

The concept for Proraso first began in 1908 when Ludovico Martelli founded a cosmetic company in Florence, but it wasn’t until his son Piero took over in 1948 that the shaving line began to gain traction. During an economic boom in Italy, Piero invented the Proraso Crema Miracolosa in his Florence lab, which was a eucalyptus-based cream that helped soften the beard in preparation for a good close shave, as well as soothe irritation.  Since then the products have only improved thanks to continuous research into natural products. 

8. Bluebeards Revenge Shaving Cream


Live the pirate’s lifestyle with Bluebeard’s Traditional Barbershop Shaving Cream, a vegan-friendly cream that has been designed to deliver the best natural option with a bouquet of madagascan vanilla, sandalwood, and patchouli, put together in an eco-friendly aluminum tin that can be recycled and repurposed. SLS-, paraben-, cruelty-, and plastic-free, this is the perfect example of a health product with its consumers and the environment in mind, every time. 

This 150ml tin should provide up to 75 wet shaves per tin. Established just over a decade ago, Bluebeards Revenge was founded in the South Western coast of England and has since sold millions of products across more than 100 countries, thanks to a sustainable business model that includes all-natural products that work.

9. Primal Earth Sensitive Shave Cream


Reach in and touch that untamed spirit deep within your soul, with Primal Earth Natural Active Sensitive Shave Creme. This health-filled facial cream includes no harsh chemicals and is popular with both men and women thanks to its certified organic ingredients, which include aloe vera (excellent for cooling down irritated skin), green tea (a powerful antioxidant), jojoba oil (for brilliant moisturization). 

It also contains mamaku, a tonic derived from the Mamaku palm, which provides antioxidants and protects the skin from aging, dark spots, and sun exposure. Mango Oil also assists with moisturizing dry skin and calms down irritation. 

10. Wahls Traditional Barbers Shave Cream


Wahl has been producing high-quality grooming products and shaving creams since 1919 and Wahl Traditional Barbers Shave Cream is a perfect example of the luxurious products available under the brand. This creamy lotion lathers into a thick and softening cream, which works beautifully with a brush and helps lubricate the skin, in preparation for a good, close shave. 

The cream stays thick and luxurious thanks to its high level of coconut oil. Unlike most shaving creams, you will find no alcohol, ammonia, or gluten-based ingredients in this product. Achieve a smoother shave with the 200- or 400-gram pot—made of glass and tin for easy recycling or reuse. 

11. Taylor of Old Bond Street Peppermint Shaving Cream Bowl


Peppermint oil is a refreshing ingredient that naturally cleanses skin and includes both antiseptic and antibacterial properties that are perfect for calming down irritated skin. No wonder Taylors of Old Bond Street has used this as its main ingredient for one of the skincare organization’s most popular shaving creams. This thick cream lathers beautifully over short hair or beards and allows for the hair to soften and relax in preparation for a close shave. 

Taylor of Old Bond Street has been around since late 1854, when it was first founded on London’s fashionable Bond Street, where the products quickly became renowned for their nourishing botanical extracts—which do wonders for your skin.

12. Aesop Moroccan Neroli Shaving Serum


Sometimes simple is best, particularly when it comes to handling the biggest organ in your body—your fragile skin.

Aesop Moroccan Neroli Shaving Cream combines a powerful ingredient list that works together to encourage a close shave as well as relax and hydrate the skin—to decrease aging, irritation, and puffy skin. 

The main ingredient, neroli, is renowned for stimulating skin cells and assisting with healing scar tissue and nicks and scratches. This powerful shaving cream includes a heady mixture of exotic ingredients including sandalwood (improves elasticity and evens out the skin tone) and panthenol (retains moisture and hydrates skin). 

13. Weleda Shaving Cream


Weleda began operation over a century ago under the Austrian philosopher and natural scientist, Rudolf Steiner, Dutch doctor Ita Wegman and Oskar Schmiedel, a chemist and pharmacist from Munich in Germany. 

The group of founders believed strongly in the need to encourage skin hydration with organic ingredients and naturally-derived oils. Weleda Shaving Cream is formulated using a soft shaving soap and pure plant oils, which work together to encourage a creamy lather that assists with a close shave. 

Plant extracts such as Viola Tricolor (great for moisturizing) mixed with Goat’s milk and Almond milk assist in smoothing the skin; this keeps it supple and less irritated. This product is excellent for all skin types, particularly those with sensitive and irritable skin. 

14. The Art of Shaving Sandalwood Shaving Cream


Formulated with soothing sandalwood, The Art of Shaving Sandalwood Shaving Cream Hydrates your skin beautifully thanks to the high sandalwood, coconut, and glycerin content, which mixes well together to deliver a thick and calming product. Free from synthetic dyes and alcohol, this can be used with or without a brush.

The Art of Shaving specializes in natural hair removal and has been in business since 1996 when the first store was founded in Manhattan by Eric Malka and Myrian Zaoui. Growing up in Paris, Zaoui was inspired to develop a shaving cream when she noticed her father applied baby oil before shaving. With this in mind, she formulated a pre-shave oil that contained botanical extracts—resulting in an irritation-free shave for her father. 

15. Sukin for Men Shaving Cream


Check out this exotic blend of interesting ingredients! Tasmanian Pepper begins the list thanks to its high levels of antioxidants as well as antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory benefits that calm irritated skin. 

Tasmanian Pepper is native to the shrubs and woodlands of Australia and was used to treat scurvy when Australia was first settled. Baobab Extract originates in a deciduous Australian tree and the leaf and bark extracts help lighten and tone your skin. Combine these interesting ingredients with Sesame Oil and Chamomile and you’ll have smooth, calm, and hydrated skin along with a delicious scent that includes cinnamon and citrus notes. 

16. Arko Shaving Cream – Comfort


If you’ve ever visited Turkey, you’ll know what sticklers they are for a good clean shave at the barbers. Arko is a Turkish men’s grooming company with centuries of understanding around the best shave for men. 

With a combination of glycerin, aloe vera oil, lavender extract, and coconut, this foaming cream is a thick, moisturizing lotion that assists your razor in gliding across the skin, as well as keeping irritation and infection at bay. Used by barbers and loyal customers all over the world since 1957, Arko is a popular choice. 

17. Vanicream Shaving Cream


Vanicream Shave Cream is an effective moisturizer thanks to its emollient ingredients that are rich in vitamin E, aloe vera, and coconut oil, all of which help soothe the skin and calm irritation. Hyaluronic acid also calms inflammation and protects the skin from nicks and scratches. 

This non-lathering formula is free of chemical irritants and great for sensitive skin because it is alcohol-, dye-, lanolin-, and gluten-free. It also is free of fragrance and preservatives such as formaldehyde and parabens. For best use, wet your skin with warm water first. Apply a thin layer on the area to be shaved then begin shaving, but make sure you rinse the razor head frequently. 

18. Doers of London Shave Cream


It’s not easy to find an all-natural shaving cream that works hard at keeping your skin healthy as well as respecting the environment in which you live. 

Doers of London is filled with organic ingredients that nourish the skin plus assist you in getting the closest shave possible. 

Organic birch extract helps relieve redness and inflammation, while grape seed oil is a potent antioxidant that includes omega 6 linoleic acid—a great ingredient for restoring the skin barrier. Shea butter is rich in essential fatty acids and vitamins and moisturizes the skin beautifully. The cream is completed with the mystical smell of vetiver and myrrh oil, which has antiseptic properties and assists the skin in healing quickly. 

Vegan, cruelty-free, and made without sulfates, parabens, or artificial fragrance, this shaving cream is a winner in terms of sustainability. Your parched skin will be a fan, so you should be, too!

19. EOS Shave Cream 


Enjoy deep moisturization with this thick, non-foaming shave cream that is filled with natural conditioning oils, shea butter, and nourishing vitamins C and E to soften and enrich your skin. 

Thanks to the moisturizing capabilities of EOS Shave Cream, you can shave wet or dry, and rest assured that nicks and bumps are a thing of the past. 

EOS (Evolution of Smooth) was first founded in 2009 and only uses clean, natural, cruelty-free, and sustainable ingredients.

20. Harry’s Shave Gel


Harry’s Shave Gel is your stereotypical gel in a can, which lathers into an airy foam.  Unlike many other foaming shave gels, this doesn’t include pesky chemicals—just natural ingredients such as aloe vera and cucumber gel—which both calm and cool the skin, ensuring that irritation doesn’t occur. Thanks to its calming and natural ingredients, Harry’s Shave Gel is great for sensitive skin. 


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