The Best Cheap Colognes for Men 


Gentlemen gather ‘round. What’s the number one issue you battle when it comes to choosing cologne? Is it the exorbitant price tags holding you back? If so, this one is for you. 

Instead of filling your shopping cart with the cheapest colognes, we want to help you find cheap fragrances worth your money. When we say “cheap,” we really mean “luxurious, rich fragrance that’s also affordable and doesn’t cost most of your mortgage payment.” 

Cheap doesn’t have to mean tawdry colognes full of synthetic chemicals. No, no, good sir. Instead, we are referring to a category of colognes that are both good for your wallet and overall aroma. For this list, “cheap colognes” mean the best luxury colognes for $100 or less. 

We’re here to help you get your money’s worth with our list of the best cheap colognes for men

1. Blu Atlas Atlantis


Fragrant, wallet-friendly, and every frugal man’s dream, Blu Atlas Atlantis is our top pick. At $100, the scent made the cut-off. Straddling the line of luxury and “the scent every man wears,” Atlantis blends premium ingredients with men in mind.  

Blu Atlas is a brand that has taken the self-care industry by storm. With safe-for-skin and hair products, the business focuses on men and their needs. Men often get neglected when it comes to taking care of their looks. This is why brands like Blu Atlas make men the focal point of their work. 

Making a bottle of cologne with premium ingredients is more challenging than you think. A team of chemists must formulate a perfect mix of ingredients to distill drops into your liquid cologne. Atlantis from Blu Atlas is an enchanting elixir that reels men in and has them coming back for more. 

Atlantis is a welcoming aroma that is biting, sharp, and full of fresh scents. The initial burst of bergamot and lemon is a garden-fresh greeting to your senses. Strong but not overpowering, the fragrance mingles with the slightly deeper notes of ripe fruit. Peach, apricot, clary sage, and black currant illuminate the light top notes of citrus. Carrying the ever-fresh smells of summer and a light coastal wind. Bringing the scent a complete 360, darker notes of oak moss, musk, and ambrette seed make the fragrance a lightly masculine fragrance. 

As a versatile hand grenade of fragrance, you can wear the scent from the office straight to the club. Meaning you’ll get your money’s worth no matter where you need to go. 

Pro tip: You can save 10% by buying more than one bottle of Atlantis. There are plenty of reasons to stock up, especially with birthdays and holidays waiting around the next corner. 

2. Calvin Klein CK Everyone


Everyday offices are filled with this fragrance without anyone realizing it. The standard scent for the working man, Calvin Klein CK Everyone, is a fragrance that men buy once and end up wearing for the rest of their lives. The Eau de toilette is strong enough to last most of a working day but light enough not to give headaches to those sharing your office space. 

As CK Everyone is a unisex scent, it’s a fresh, bright smell that lightens up any room. Instead of the familiar dark, brooding, explosive scent of many men’s colognes, CK Everyone explores the quieter, more sensitive side of men who have nothing to prove and no one to answer to. 

Since the scent is made for everyone, its special notes mix with your natural oils and aroma. Clean, green, and always fresh, it’s a great pick for men who want a fragrance that’ll last and is kind to their wallet. CK Everyone usually hovers around the seventy-dollar mark. 

3. Snif Way With Woods 


Worn by men and women, this unisex scent is also one of the best cheap colognes for men. It’s hard to find truly great colognes under the hundred-dollar limit. As one of their top fragrances, Way With Woods is a travel-friendly cologne you can take wherever you want. 

The brand is perfect for men who want cheap colognes and are adventurous with their scent. With every bottle of Snif cologne, you can test out the fragrance and simply return it if it doesn’t work for you. 

Take a stroll through the woods whenever you spritz this friendly, attractive cologne. The aroma includes a dash of mandarin and white tea, a heavy dose of amber woods, sandalwood, musk, and vetiver. A scent that is earthy enough to give the edge of masculinity but also soft enough to be worn by everyone. Wearers of the fragrance say they love the light, woody scent.   

4. Everyman Jack Crimson Oak 


As a brand that believes in creating wallet-friendly products for men, Everyman Jack colognes are some of the best cheap fragrances. For less than forty dollars, you get 100ml of fragrance that should last up to a year of daily use. 

What started as the scent of their best-smelling body wash, Crimson Oak, was transformed into a cologne that can be your everyday aroma. Bergamot, oakmoss, and citrus essential oils are the potent heart of the scent. The fragrance is earthy with streaks of bright citrus scents. Men who spritz the fragrance daily say they love the rugged smell and regularly receive compliments on its inviting aroma.

Everyman Jack’s self-care products make the best stocking stuffers. Coming in at affordable prices, with high-quality ingredients, they’re sure to win many smiles and thanks. The cologne is also available in three more distinct fragrances, including Cedarwood, Sandalwood, and Sea Salt. 

5. Hawthorne Botanic and Woody Work Cologne 


Starting with a personal, customizable self-care routine, Hawthorne helps men find precisely what they need with a quiz that nails down the best products. If you’re interested in more than just cologne, Hawthorne has products such as body wash, deodorant, face wash, and more. 

But we know why you’re really here. You’re curious how Hawthorne’s colognes stack up to other affordable fragrances on the market. We’re happy to report their fragrance options are first-class. The brand has a “Work” and “Play” collection. The Work collection is perfect for, you guessed it, work and has six yummy fragrances to choose from. The Play collection features seven unique scents that range from masculine to floral aromas. 

Hawthorne’s Botanic and Woody Work fragrance is one of the most popular scents from the brand. Extraordinary for its rich florals and other unique notes, it is a clash of scents from a fresh, ripe garden and an ancient wood. Rose, a classic floral scent, brings the heavy richness of florals. Blue chamomile bridges the gap from garden to forest and delights the senses with fresh herbs. Saffron and suede cross into the great wood and bring a deep, earthy freshness to the fragrance. 

You can have a Work and Play cologne at only fifty dollars per bottle and stay under budget. 

6. JB™ Eau de Parfum


Like a well-curated playlist, the Jack Black scent is smooth, confident, and worth every penny. JB™ EDP draws its inspiration from modern men and classic colognes. The scent is a compelling aroma of citrus, musk, and woody, earthy tones. Top notes of peppermint, tangerine and black pepper give the fragrance a biting, fresh entrance. Middle geranium, eucalyptus, and orchid notes introduce a fun, floral, and plant scent. Base notes of black amber, papyrus, and blonde woods turn the fragrance into a strong, bold woody scent. 

Instead of crafting a cookie-cutter cologne, Jack Black took a different path to create a memorable scent. Too powerful for some men, the fragrance is best for men who want a seriously musky scent that tends to be slightly overwhelming at first spray. For less than one hundred dollars, Jack Black delivers a strong EDP that lasts as long as you need. 

7. Brickell Men’s Products Eminent Cologne for Men


All-natural men’s colognes under a hundred dollars are hard to find, which is why we had to include Brickell’s Eminent Cologne. It is an au naturel beauty made with safe ingredients that your body loves. It is stuffed with only the best organic or all-natural materials and is free from parabens, silicones, allergens, synthetic dyes, glycols, and phthalates. 

Marine and aqua fresh, just like the bottle, the cologne is a brew of sensational aromas. Spearmint and lavender give the scent a light, breezy sharpness that invites you to walk through a fresh herb garden. Aquatic, fresh notes bind with the woody, masculine ingredients to turn the scent into a perfect manly cologne. Working as a versatile day-to-night fragrance, it’s an ideal choice for men who are always on the go and need to reapply quickly before their next big event. 

An evocative scent that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, it’s the best option for men who want a safe, natural fragrance.  

8. Kiehl’s Musk Eau de Toilette Spray 


Even your grandpa never smelled this manly. While the scent draws inspiration from a Kiehl’s cologne from the 1920s, this cologne is a blast of modern masculinity. With the fragrance of musk at the core of the scent, the complementing notes turn the blend into a rich, complex aroma. You can have one of the best cheap colognes for men for less than fifty dollars. 

Let’s dive into the scent itself. The formula blends florals and masculine scents as a unisex fragrance. Orange blossom and bergamot nectar make the aroma fresh, bright, and inviting alongside the crisp scent, a bouquet of floral notes including lily, rose, neroli, and ylang-ylang tone down the strong musk fragrance. The dry-down includes tonka nut and white patchouli, which are rich, earthy scents. 

We think it’s a match made in heaven for those who want a mix of classic fragrance mingled with light, fresh modernity. 

9. Burberry Brit for Men


You don’t need to be a Brit to sport this daring fragrance. Burberry Brit is a warm forest scent perfect for all men. For guys who like rock climbing, for men who love golf, and even for the folks who enjoy reading all weekend. Versatile and enticing the fragrance is a blend that most men find appealing. 

This bottle charts the higher end of the price range but is still less than $100. As a luxury, high-end cologne, you might be scratching your chin and thinking, “How is this cologne less than $100?” Instead of selling men just an expensive Eau de parfum, Burberry created this cologne as an Eau de toilette, making it more affordable for everyone. 

The fragrance of Brit is a sharp amber inspired by classic British men. Key notes of nutmeg, wild rose, ginger accord, green mandarin, cardamom, tonka beans, and gray musk join together to make a cultural, sexy scent for men on every continent. 

As it’s not the cheapest cologne on our list, we recommend this fragrance for special events and important meetings. In a nutshell, it’s the perfect fragrance for the finer things in life at a price you can afford. 

10. C.O. Bigelow Elixir White Cologne


Save money and smell incredible with Elixir White from C.O. Bigelow. With the look of an apothecary bottle, the cologne evokes the rich feel of history. The brand has been around for almost two centuries and creates well-loved, popular items for both men and women. Free from artificial colors and parabens, the fragrance is safe for your body. 

Made by chemists at C.O. Bigelow, the scent is a contemporary fragrance that uses captivating notes. Mandarin, grapefruit, and bergamot are the fresh, crisp notes that round out the earthy, spicy notes of pepper. The tangy, peppery scent is perfect for fall and winter with its warming, rich notes. 

Wearers of the scent love the spicy, warm aroma and the incredible price. Cheaper than a trip to the movie theaters with your family, this cologne can delight your senses with every spray. 

11. Lacoste Blanc Cologne for Men


Cheap doesn’t have to mean boring, which is what Lacoste’s Blanc Cologne aims to prove. With a bright white bottle to match the sharpness of the scent, it’s a cologne that gets men talking. The Lacoste brand is known for its well-pressed, efficient polo shirts that cost a pretty penny. But you’ll be pleased to know Lacoste Blanc can be found at affordable rates, anywhere between fifty to one hundred dollars!

Now it’s time to examine the fragrance itself. An explosion of florals and earthy notes combine to make a fragrant scent that men enjoy. Deep base notes like suede, vetiver, and cedarwood envelop the fragrance in a powerful, manly aroma. Lighter notes of rosemary, grapefruit, and ylang-ylang mellow out the deep, rugged scent and turn the fragrance into an alluring, refined scent. 

Lacoste Blanc is the ideal cologne for men who want a luxury scent at a bargain price. 

The complete guide to cheap cologne 

Before spritzing on your new signature, learn more about cologne and how to truly get your money’s worth. Not all colognes are created equal. That’s why our walk-through guide gives the best examples and pointers to keep your skin and body safe.   

Get the most from your cologne 

Follow our guide to find the safest and best affordable cologne. 

Ingredients we love

Finding affordable, safe colognes is a tall task. But we’ll highlight some of the best ingredients in cheap cologne. 

Cheap isn’t synonymous with “bad.” Affordable colognes also use safe ingredients. A few safe ingredients are extracts from plants like rose, jasmine, orange blossom, bergamot, lemon, blackcurrant, blueberry, geranium, vanilla, cinnamon, tangerine, and eucalyptus. 

Ingredients to stay away from  

Cheap colognes are notoriously made with harmful, fake chemicals that make you cough, spurt and struggle to breathe after applying. Like noxious clouds of gas, they can take over all the air in the room and leave little for you.  

Common ingredients to avoid include ethanol, benzyl alcohol, acetone, ethyl acetate, and camphor. Some of the cheapest colognes in the grocery store contain these materials. It’s best to avoid them altogether if you see these ingredients. 

We also recommend opting for colognes that are “free from” harmful materials such as parabens, sulfates, phthalates, and silicones. 

Best time to apply cologne

To get your personal bubble smelling fresh and undeniably attractive, you’ll want to apply your cologne at the perfect time. Why does this matter? Using your fragrance at the ideal time will lock in a more, a longer-lasting scent that needs fewer reapplications. 

As we know, you’re a lad who loves saving time, and this hot tip is just for you. The best time to apply cologne is after thoroughly scrubbing, washing, cleaning, and drying your body as if your life depends on it. 

Cologne will “stick” more quickly to clean, washed skin, and the fragrance will shine through. Instead of competing for airspace with your natural body odors. 

If you ever find yourself in a rush for time and don’t have to wash but need to reapply cologne before an important event, quickly wash a pulse point, like your wrist, and then spray and dash on your way. 

How to apply cologne  

Our best tips and tricks will have you applying your cologne like a pro in no time, and no more wasting huge cologne by spraying in the wrong areas. 

The foolproof method of spraying cologne contains two words, pulse points. Your secret weapon when it comes to applying cologne, pulse points help trap a fragrance and release the scent throughout the day. 

If you’re not already in the know, pulse points are areas on the body where blood rushes close to the skin’s surface. In other words, places it’s easy to feel your heartbeat. Common pulse points include the neck and wrists. 

To give your fragrance extra staying power, swipe a bit of vaseline on your wrists or neck to help the scent last even longer.  

Cheap cologne 

Let’s unravel the intricacies of budget-friendly fragrances.

Stick to your budget 

We know you’re a money-smart kind of guy. The guy who saves money for Christmas presents in July and never forgets to buy extra groceries when they’re on sale. 

Knowing how to make and stick to a budget is a skill many Americans don’t have. Honestly, we get it. There are so many tempting products, fabulous vacations, and killer video games out there. Sticking to your budget is the best way to safeguard your family’s finances. 

What’s an ideal budget for cologne? Well, this depends on your lifestyle and how often you wear it—only wearing cologne for special occasions? One bottle of cologne for $100 or less will last up to two years. Making your yearly budget a crisp $50 bill. 

But if you’re a guy who needs to wear cologne during working hours and uses it for professional reasons, you’ll run through a bottle pretty quickly. A standard bottle of cologne is 100ml and hopefully lasts up to a year. Bringing your yearly budget to a grand total of $100 or less. 

Cheap cologne versus expensive cologne 

We know what you’ve been thinking during this read. Isn’t expensive cologne much better than cheap cologne? To be frank, no, it’s not. Pricey, high-end colognes are often made with the same ingredients as cheap colognes. 

The reason behind many eye-watering prices is due to the brand or label it’s coming from. Just as Apple sells iPhones at exorbitant rates, men’s colognes are priced at hundreds of dollars due to the brand, not the scent itself. 

While some men love the luxury of $500 cologne, it’s possible to snag a fragrance eerily similar to it for 1/5th the cost. So before you spend everything in your wallet on an outrageously priced cologne, do a quick search to see if any similarly scented colognes fit your budget. 


Eau de cologne (EDC), Eau de toilette (EDT), and Eau de parfum (EDP). While the names sound a bit confusing, it’s pretty simple. Each variation contains a different percentage of concentrated fragrance oil, meaning they have varying levels of lasting power and strength. 

EDCs contain the lowest percentage of fragrance at 2% to 4%. This means the scent won’t last long and must be reapplied. EDTs have a percentage of fragrance between 5% to 15% and can last between four to eight hours. EDPs have a 15% to 20% concentration and should last as long as needed. It won’t hurt to reapply if you want the cologne to stick around for more than eight hours. 

Many of the top cheap colognes are EDTs because they are more affordable than heavier fragrances like EDPs. If you do buy an EDP, the bottle will be much smaller and won’t last as long. But it will be a vibrant, deep fragrance. 

Frequently asked questions 

Can I wear aftershave and cologne?

It depends on how strong your aftershave is! While we love aftershave and recommend using one to keep your pores and skin feeling healthy and happy, they’re often heavily scented. Aftershave will compete with your cologne depending on how long your aftershave scent sticks around. Which one do you think is better smelling? Cologne of course!

Should I reapply my cologne after work? 

There’s a chance you’ll need to reapply your cologne, but you also may have become immune to your strong scent. Sometimes the scent you’re wearing is strong enough that your sense of smell needs to adjust and block some of it out. If you’re unsure if you need to reapply your scent ask a trusted friend or colleague if your cologne is still hanging out or if you need a pick-me-up. 

Is cheap cologne safe to use? 

This depends on what bottle you pick from the store. If you bring home a cheap $10 bottle of cologne from a grocery store, it’s probably full of unwanted chemicals that could disrupt your body. But if you do a bit of research, really, just a bit, and find your favorite fragrance on the list, it should be safe to use. 

Does cheap cologne expire? 

Yes, it does. Like all self-care products, Cologne has an expiration date, even if it’s not stamped on the bottle. Generally, colognes have a shelf-life of two to three years. If you’re a regular cologne user, your bottle should be empty way ahead of the expiration date. But if you’re saving money and spritzing only for special events, keep an eye out for changes in the cologne’s color, texture, and smell. These changes indicate that it is past its due date and you need to shop for a replacement.  

What’s the best cheap cologne for men? 

Smart guys enjoy saving money while smelling incredible. The best cheap cologne for men is Atlantis from Blu Atlas. The best thing about the fragrance is that it doesn’t look or smell cheap. It’s a high-quality cologne that Blu Atlas kindly makes affordable for all men. Curious about the scent itself? It’s a dreamy blend of bright citrus, earthy masculine notes, and sharp bursts of fruit. It’s a cheap cologne that can take you from your nine-to-five office job to dinner at a restaurant with friends. As a versatile scent, men find that they really get their money’s worth from each 100ml bottle. 

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